Chapter 105

Chapter 105 of 250 chapters

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“Manager Yuan…” Xiao Ying called out to the middle-aged man in a low voice. Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion had its rules. The first rule was: never, ever be impolite to any potential customer.

The middle-aged man cast a displeased glance at Xiao Ying, waved his hand, and said, “Somebody, chase this poor brat out of here!”

Xiao Ying did not dare to say anything further. She simply looked sympathetically at Ling Han and Hu Niu. This middle-aged man’s name was Yuan Gang. He had previously only been an odd jobs worker here, but unexpectedly, a few months ago, his younger brother advanced to become a Yellow Grade mid level alchemist, causing Yuan Gang’s own position to rise, allowing him to obtain the position of a minor manager.

Because he had struggled at the lowest level for a long time, now that he was in a high position, Yuan Gang had become extremely arrogant, always thinking of new ways to show off his present superiority.

Ling Han was extremely unfortunate—he just so happened to be this guy’s target.

Two sturdy, well-built men walked over and stood behind Ling Han. One of the pair spoke, “Honored customer, please come with us.”

Ling Han have a sigh. Did he really have to use force?

“Ling Han! Ling Han!” It was at this very moment that a sweet voice was heard from behind him.

Ling Han turned around to see that the speaker was actually Qi Zhan Tai. Why was the Seventh Princess of the Royal House of the Da Yuan King here? When he took a closer look, it seemed that both Zhu He Xin and Zhang Wei Shan were here too. In that case, it was only natural that the girl was here too.

“Yo, never thought that a poor brat like you would have such a pretty wife!” Yuan Gang gave an envious look, then said to Ling Han, “Poor brat, lend me your wife for me to play with for a single night, and I could give you a twenty percent discount? Haha!”


His face suddenly suffered a slap, his feet stumbled and he directly fell onto the floor.

The one who had slapped him was, of course, Ling Han.

“Bastard, you actually dared to hit me!” Yuan Gang got up to his feet in a single movement, his face filled with thunderous rage.

“So what? Can’t you be hit?” Zhang Wei Shan walked over with a cold smile.

“And who are you!” Yuan Gang did not even think, and immediately raised his finger to point directly at Zhang Wei Shan’s face. “Wha, what!” He gasped in shock. There was astonishingly a silver badge hanging on this newcomer’s breast.

Perhaps there would still be some people who may not recognize this, but definitely not him, an “experienced senior” who had been working at this Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion doing odd jobs for over ten plus years.

A Black Grade low level alchemist!

“S-Sir!” He hurriedly bent his knees in a bow, an obeisant expression on his face. The only reason he was in the position of minor manager was because of his younger brother, yet his younger bother was only a Yellow Grade mid level alchemist. Compared with this esteemed Black Grade low level alchemist in front of him, the latter was on a complete different level.

“Master, this guy was very bad!” Qi Zhan Tai said immediately.


Yuan Gang instantly choked. This beauty was actually the disciple of a Black Grade alchemist, and he had actually dared to flirt with her; wasn’t that practically seeking his own demise? He scowled miserably, and said, “This Young Miss, apologies for my smelly mouth, only knowing how to speak nonsense! Deserves to be hit! Deserves to be hit!”

He began to slap himself repeatedly with a “pa, pa, pa” sound.

“Young Friend Ling!”

“Young Friend Ling!”

Zhu He Xin had also walked over, and together with Zhang Wei Shan, they raised their clasped hands in Ling Han’s direction in greeting.

“Grand-Grandmaster Zhu!” Yuan Gang had only at this moment spotted Zhu He Xin, and was so scared at this point that his whole face had turned pale. Unlike Zhang Wei Shan, who stayed long term in Da Yuan City to oversee the Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion Branch there, Zhu He Xin had previously always been in the Imperial City. How could Yuan Gang not recognize him?

Yet these two Black Grade alchemists actually performed such a respectful greeting to Ling Han. How could this not scare him witless!

“The two of you are here just in time. Help me call over Fu Yuan Sheng!” Ling Han said with a smile.

Zhu He Xin took one look at Yuan Gang, then said, “Young Friend Ling, we don’t have to trouble the Pavilion Master just to deal with a nasty character like this, right?” He was a Black Grade low level alchemist. He only needed to say the word, and this mere minor manager would be dealt with, no questions asked.

“Grandmaster Zhu, please forgive my blindness!” Yuan Gang hurriedly began to beg for mercy. But after speaking these words, he realized that the deciding factor in this matter should be Ling Han, so he quickly turned back around, and said, “Young Master Ling, Young Master Ling, please be generous, and have mercy on me just this once.”

“Hehe, you’ve forgotten, we have a bet going on between us!” Ling Han laughed, “Grandmaster Zhu, please help me go and inform Fu Yuan Sheng, and ask him to come over.”

“Young Master Ling?” Zhu He Xin stepped forwards, and said in a low voice, “You know Grandmaster Fu?”

“Yes, I do. Help me call him over. I have something to discuss with him,” Ling Han nodded.

“Then I shall immediately go call him for you,” Zhu He Xin said quickly, turned around and left to do what he said.

Within moments, Zhu He Xin and Fu Yuan Sheng were walking quickly over towards them. Naturally, Fu Yuan Sheng was walking in front, while Zhu He Xin followed behind.

“Haha, Young Master Ling has arrived. Yet I did not come out to receive you personally, please forgive my slight!” Fu Yuan Sheng said hurriedly.

Yuan Gang’s face had paled to a whole new level. So it was not just Zhu He Xin that revered Ling Han so much—even Fu Yuan Sheng treated him with such respect. Who was this brat? He was a little too awesome, wasn’t he?

Ling Han smiled at Fu Yuan Sheng, then looked over at Yuan Gang, and said, “This bet should be counted as my win, right?”

“Of course, it’s your win, Young Master Ling!” Yuan Gang took advantage of the change of topic and immediately said in a flattering tone.

Ling Han nodded, and said, “All right, then you can start eating!”

“Ah!” Yuan Gang found himself suddenly tongue-tied.

“What is it, do you need me to add some seasonings and cook it for you? All right, so do you want it braised or steamed?” Ling Han said with a smile.

“Young Master Ling is really such a joker,” Yuan Gang laughed awkwardly.

“I may joke around with my friends, but you are not my friend,” Ling Han said calmly.

“What is going on?” Fu Yuan Sheng interrupted, his tone already filled with strong displeasure.

He and Wu Song Lin had just benefited from Ling Han’s teachings the day before, which allowed the two of them to see a flicker of hope to break through to become Earth Grade alchemists. For the two of them, Ling Han could even be considered as half their Master.

And now Ling Han was obviously expressing his dissatisfaction, so he naturally was also extremely unhappy.

It was not very appropriate for him to ask Ling Han, and he would not be asking Yuan Gang either, so he directed his gaze at Xiao Ying.

Yuan Gang instantly began to signal repeatedly at Xiao Ying with his eyes, hoping that she would be merciful with her words, and speak a few good words on his behalf. However, Xiao Ying pretended she had not seen his desperate look and recounted all that had happened earlier from start to finish.

Fu Yuan Sheng was instantly enraged, and pointing at Yuan Gang’s nose, he said, “How dare you! So you are already in the position that you can speak for me? Since it was your own words, then go ahead and eat!”

Yuan Gang’s face twitched uncontrollably. This time, it was the command of the Pavilion Master of Rain Country’s Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion. Even the Rain Emperor himself would have to give him some face. Looks like there was nothing to be done; whether he liked it or not, he was going to have to eat.

But still, how was he supposed to force himself to eat a table?

He found his resolve, and with a “pa” ripped off a table leg, put it in his mouth and began to chew. “Kacha, kacha.” He was in the ninth layer of Body Refining Tier, so his teeth and strength were not too weak. It was easy for him to chew the table leg to bits.

When the other staff members saw this, they all hid a smile.

Yuan Gang was a nasty character that had been acting high and mighty after getting this position. There were quite a few people in Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion who did not like the way he did things, but they did not dare oppose him publicly. They were naturally happy to watch the show of him struggling to stuff the table leg down his throat.

Ling Han, on the other hand, was not interested in watching the magnificent feat of Yuan Gang eating the whole table. He said to Fu Yuan Sheng, “You should just fire this kind of person. This young girl is quite able, so just let her take over the vacant position.”

“I shall listen to Young Master Ling’s arrangements,” Fu Yuan Sheng said very humbly.

Xiao Ying instantly looked overjoyed, and when she looked at Ling Han, her eyes were filled with gratitude.