Chapter 108

Chapter 108 of 250 chapters

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Ling Han, carrying Hu Niu in his arms, stepped out of the room with Qi Zhan Tai accompanying them.

However, Fu Yuan Sheng was still a powerful warrior of Spiritual Pedestal Tier after all. At the very moment the group of three stepped out the door, he immediately came back to reality, and with a quick leap exited as well and said, “Young Master Han, are you leaving?”

“En, my role’s over, so of course I’m leaving.” Ling Han waved around the pill bottle that contained the seven Second Star Pills, looking very pleased.

“Please allow me to see you off, Young Master Han!” Fu Yuan Sheng said in a very sincere tone. He was already completely convinced by Ling Han’s incredible skill in alchemy.

Ling Han smiled and nodded. If Fu Yuan Sheng wanted to see him off, that was fine with him.

They walked down the stairs, and right when they reached the beginning of the stairs, a servant boy approached and said, “Pavilion Master, the Third Imperial Prince expressed his wish to meet with you.”

“Oh?” Fu Yuan Sheng stared blankly for a moment, then said, “I was just about to go down, so don’t concern yourself with this anymore.”

“Understood!” The servant boy nodded quickly. He had just spotted Ling Han and Qi Zhan Tai, which caused him to be lost for words, because they actually had Fu Yuan Sheng leading them downstairs, which was an extreme shock to him.

That was Fu Yuan Sheng, one of the few most powerful and most respected people of Rain Country!

The three of them soon arrived at the ground floor and saw there was a young man and woman standing there. The two of them were standing upright, showing absolutely no sign of impatience.

The man and the woman both seemed to be about twenty-five or twenty-six years old. The man was quite tall and had thick, black locks. His eyes were bright and expressive, and held a penetrating gaze as if he could look into the secrets hidden in the deepest parts of the heart of anyone his gaze fell upon.

The woman had a very shapely, tempting figure, [1] able to cause any normal man’s mouth to start watering. Her face was very beautiful and her skin was as fair as white jade. Her hair was actually an unusual crimson shade of fire, which granted her a very unique charm.

The man was naturally the Third Imperial Prince, Qi Feng Yun, but who was this woman?

Ling Han was slightly surprised, because this woman was astonishingly in Gushing Spring Tier.

…In Rain Country, this kind of a small place, a martial artist that had managed to reach Gushing Spring Tier before reaching thirty years old had indeed made an astonishing accomplishment. She definitely could be categorized as a genius.

“Pavilion Master!” The Third Imperial Prince performed the proper formalities of greeting an elder upon seeing Fu Yuan Sheng. It was true that he was an Imperial Prince, but even if he had inherited the throne and was crowned the Emperor someday, he would still have to treat Fu Yuan Sheng with utmost politeness and courtesy.

“Zhan Tai hereby greets Third Elder Imperial Brother!” Qi Zhan Tai bowed slightly to greet the Third Imperial Prince.

“En, wait here for a moment. Just let me see off this very honored guest first,” Fu Yuan Sheng said, nodding at the Third Imperial Prince.

Very honored guest?

The Third Imperial Prince could not help casting his gaze at Ling Han, because there were only three people standing behind Fu Yuan Sheng—Qi Zhan Tai belonged to the Royal House of the Da Yuan King, so naturally it was not possible that she would be worth such prioritized treatment from Fu Yuan Sheng, and Hu Niu was too small.

This young man… who was he that he was addressed by Fu Yuan Sheng as ‘very honored guest’ and make Fu Yuan Sheng actually personally see him off?

That was strange. He had obviously gotten hold of all the relevant, important intel of the Imperial City, so how was it possible that such an awesome character would suddenly appear out of nowhere?

“Please go ahead, Pavilion Master!” He said quickly.

As Fu Yuan Sheng escorted Ling Han out the door, he kept repeatedly inviting him to frequently come over and visit him at the Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion before finally turning back round and leaving. He seemed to be slightly impatient—he was very much in a rush to study the Four Forms Seal closely.

Ling Han walked together with Qi Zhan Tai, while Hu Niu waved her little hands around excitedly, and kept saying, “Meat! Meat! Meat!”

“That Brother ahead!” The Third Imperial Prince had caught up with them.

Ling Han paused and looked over at the Third Imperial Prince, and said, “Yes?”

Wasn’t the Third Imperial Prince looking for Fu Yuan Sheng? Why had he chased after them? The answer was very simple. There has suddenly appeared a person that even Fu Yuan Sheng would respectfully escort in the Imperial City—as the Third Imperial Prince, he would of course want to get to know this kind of person at the first opportunity.

One had to understand that the Rain Emperor had seventeen sons in total. Out of these seventeen sons, there were at least five that were qualified to compete for the throne. The Third Imperial Prince would naturally befriend capable people with utmost patience in order to accumulate a power base for the day when he would be joining in the competition for the throne.

“I am Qi Feng Yun. If I may ask, could you tell me your respected name, Brother?” The Third Imperial Prince behaved in an extraordinarily polite manner.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “My name is Ling, Ling Han.”

“Brother Ling, I still have some matters to deal with so it is really not convenient for me to talk too long. I hope that Brother Ling will accept this item as a gift from me; I believe that, in this Imperial City, a lot of people would give you a bit of face because of this item,” The Third Imperial Prince handed over a violet-shaped badge.

“Thank you,” Ling Han did not make any pretenses of modesty and accepted the badge from the Third Imperial Prince.

“Brother Ling, when I am done dealing with these matters, I will definitely seek you out for a chat,” the Third Imperial Prince said, raising his clasped hands in Ling Han’s direction before once again leaving in a rush with that beauty behind him.

Ling Han smiled as he weighed the badge in his hand, and placed it into his pocket.

“Ling Han, this is a token of the Third Imperial Prince. According to the rumors, the holder of this badge can eat at any restaurant of the Imperial City and not pay a single cent. Everything will be paid for by the Third Imperial Prince,” Qi Zhan Tai said enviously.

Ling Han was stunned for a short moment, before suddenly breaking out into loud laughter.

Qi Zhan Tai was curious, so naturally asked him why he had laughed.

“I think that the Third Imperial Prince will definitely regret this,” Ling Han said.


“Because there’s a real glutton right here!” Ling Han said as he rubbed Hu Niu’s head.

Qi Zhan Tai was still baffled. Hu Niu was just a little girl. Even if she ate from morning to night, how much could she eat?

“There really are good people in this world!” Ling Han said ruefully.

The three of them left to have a meal at a restaurant. When she saw Hu Niu’s terrifying appetite, Qi Zhan Tai finally began to worry about that clansman of hers. There was a real chance that Qi Feng Yun would be driven to poverty at the rate that Hu Niu ate.


Hu Yang Academy, Feng Luo’s room.

“Bastard! Bastard! Bastard!” Wei He Le was pacing around in the room like a maniac, his eyes bloodshot, looking very surly. He finally stopped pacing, and said to Feng Luo, “Do you believe it? Do you believe it? Headmaster Wu actually expelled me from the Alchemy Department!”

Feng Luo’s mouth twitched a few times. This was not the first time that Wei He Le had complained and grumbled to him. He counted internally—this should be the thirty-seventh… or was it the thirty-eighth time? Previously, he would still offer a bit of response and comfort Wei He Le a bit, but now he was completely not in the mood for it.

Having lost Wu Song Lin’s regard, a mere Yellow Grade low level alchemist naturally would not be someone looked upon too seriously by him.

“It’s all because of that bastard, that damn brat!” Wei He Le’s eyes looked like they were about to spit fire.

He had been so glorious, able to boast and basking in the spotlight as a genius of alchemy. Even those from the royal or noble families had to treat him politely and with courtesy. But now, it was as if he had dropped down from this extremely high position all the way to the bottom of the pit. His future was bleak and dark.

…A person who had been chased out by Wu Song Lin, what alchemist would still dare to take him in as a disciple?

Moreover, alchemy skill depended very much on imparted knowledge. If it was simply dependent on self-learning, what could he even manage to accomplish?

Which meant that he was completely done for.

Feng Luo saw all this happen, and could not hold back a cold smile from turning up the corners of his lips before saying, “Young Master Wei, I have a suggestion that would really cause some serious trouble for that brat.” He had lost a considerable number of teeth, so he was forced to speak with a lisp now. One had to cautiously decipher his words before being able to understand what he was trying to say.

“Oh, what suggestion would that be?” Wei He Le immediately turned to look at him. The current him had lost practically everything, so he had become absolutely crazy. As long as he could get his revenge on Ling Han, he was willing to do whatever insane thing it was.

“Here, it’s this!” Feng Luo took out a badge carved in the shape of a violet.

“What’s this?” Wei He Le said blankly.

“This is a token of the Third Imperial Prince,” Feng Luo said with a very devious smirk, “This is something that the Third Imperial Prince gifted to my brother. Tell me, if I said I lost this badge, yet this badge was discovered in Ling Han’s place, how would the Academy deal with him? And how would the Third Imperial Prince react?”

Wei He Le’s eyes lit up in understanding: frame Ling Han!