Chapter 115

Chapter 115 of 250 chapters

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Team Seven of the Discipline Committee had a few female members and before they left, they all cast tender gazes at Ling Han.

For them, Ling Han was definitely a great material for a husband—someone who could even command around the Third Imperial Prince, how many such people were there in the whole of the Rain Country? If they could actually manage to score this kind of Prince Charming, then it would have completely been worth living in this world.

“Brother Ling, I had never imagined that you have such high accomplishments in the field of alchemy that even Grandmaster Fu is filled with utter respect for you!” The Third Imperial Prince said to Ling Han with a smile after everyone else had departed.

The reason why he had chased after Ling Han and had even presented the latter with his own personal token was because he had noticed that Fu Yuan Sheng valued Ling Han greatly, but the truth was he had completely no idea who Ling Han was. But when he went back to visit Fu Yuan Sheng again, he attempted to ask about Ling Han in a roundabout manner.

Though Fu Yuan Sheng did not exactly reveal anything solid, the few words that he had spoken gave birth to great shock in the Third Imperial Prince’s heart.

Thus, even though only one night had passed, he had immediately come to pay Ling Han a visit—for someone like him whose ambition was to one day inherit the throne and become the Emperor, Ling Han was too valuable an asset!

Actually, he did not yet know that Wu Song Lin himself was also completely subdued by Ling Han’s superiority in alchemy. If he did, he would definitely be even more astonished, and place even greater importance on maintaining a good relationship with Ling Han.

Ling Han only smiled softly. The Imperial Prince of a mere small country would naturally not be taken too seriously by him. However, he was indeed not very strong currently, so he would not mind borrowing the power of this Imperial Prince. At most, he would repay this favor by helping this Third Imperial Prince climb onto the throne in the future.

A person like the Third Imperial Prince was of course a good conversationalist and an expert at manipulating the atmosphere, so their conversation continued in a relaxed and easy mood. When their conversation ended, the Third Imperial Prince excused himself and departed. Personal relationships would of course not be established and strengthened in a single day.

When it was noon, Wu Song Lin arrived and delivered ten monetary notes, each one million silver coins in value.

“Thank you, Young Master Han!” Wu Song Ling wore an expression filled with absolute gratitude.

If anyone who did not know the whole story saw this, they’d definitely be confused, wondering secretly whether Wu Song Lin had gone crazy. What person would deliver money to another and even thank them? But for Wu Song Lin, that Major Origin Spirit Replenishing Technique could never be valued with mere money. Even if Ling Han had asked for a hundred million, or a billion, he would still think of some way to collect the money.

Ling Han gracefully accepted the money. He was indeed lacking funds right now, and furthermore, the Major Origin Spirit Replenishing Technique was indeed worth this amount. Moreover, money was only important when his cultivation level was low, but by the time he reached Flower Blossom Tier, who would still use such worldly stuff?

However, money was still very useful to him now, so Ling Han smiled in satisfaction.

When Wu Song Lin saw this, he immediately took advantage of the opportunity to ask Ling Han for guidance.

Ling Han simply gave him a bit of guidance. Being able to become a Black Grade high level alchemist, Wu Song Lin was indeed quite talented. There were a lot of problems that only required a few pointers from Ling Han, and he would be able to understand the theory behind them. Otherwise, Ling Han would really not have the patience to teach him.

Wu Song Lin had just barely left, and Liu Yu Tong had brought Ling Zi Xuan over. Ling Han did not bother to venture out of the Academy to eat, and decided to simply use whatever ingredients he had on hand to prepare lunch.

Because there was an extreme glutton present, the amount they prepared was terrifyingly excessive. If anyone who did not know the true reason saw this, they would think that they were preparing a celebratory feast.

“I’m sorry!” Liu Yu Tong said all of a sudden.

“Why are you apologizing so suddenly?” Ling Han asked nonchalantly, not thinking too deeply about why Liu Yu Tong was apologizing.

“That Chen Yun Xiang has a bit of a background, and I haven’t managed to deal with him.”

“Who?” Ling Han turned to her and asked.

Liu Yu Tong could not help but press a hand to her forehead, and said, “You are really quite forgetful. Could it be that you’ve forgotten that an old guy attempted to snatch Xuan Xuan and Hu Niu away just the day before yesterday?”

“Oh!” Ling Han finally remembered who Chen Yun Xiang was. He had not taken this kind of minor character to heart in the first place, and Liu Yu Tong had also declared that she would handle the issue, so he had of course completely put this old lecher out of his mind. He had never thought that even with the power of the Liu Clan, there was still no way to deal with him.

“Chen Yun Xiang has a daughter who is Sun Zi Yan’s concubine,” Liu Yu Tong explained.

“Sun Zi Yan?” Ling Han could not help laughing at this. How could anyone name their child that? Weren’t they afraid that the child would be addressed by others as “Sun Zi” in the future? [1]

“The Sun Clan is one of the Eight Great Clans of the Imperial City, and Sun Zi Yan is the most outstanding member of their younger generation. He should be about twenty five years old this year, and has just broken through to Gushing Spring Tier, so he is very much valued by the Sun Clan,” Liu Yu Tong explained.

“And so, the Liu Clan does not wish to make an enemy out of the Sun Clan, and thus will not continue pursuing the matter?” Ling Han asked.

Liu Yu Tong sighed and said, “Indeed. Sun Zi Yan dotes very much on Chen Yun Xiang’s daughter. My Clan had just made a move on the Chen Clan, and Chen Yun Xiang immediately went to seek the help of the Sun Clan. Sun Zi Yan stepped forward personally, and bailed Chen Yun Xiang out.”

Ling Han gave an “Oh” at this. No wonder Chen Yun Xiang dared to collaborate with the Earth and Water Faction to kidnap young girls in broad daylight. So it was not just that he was outrageously bold because of his lust, he also had a Sun Clan to support him—even if anything actually happened, there would be someone to cover for him.

“Since the Liu Clan can do nothing to him, then I shall act personally,” Ling Han said. In any case, Chen Yun Xiang in his eyes was no different than a flea. One stomp from him and he’s dead.

Liu Yu Tong looked very ashamed. She had promised that she would handle the issue, yet in the end, did not manage to fulfill her promise.

“Hahaha, don’t look so down, you’re a great beauty! Come, give me a smile!” Ling Han said with a laugh.

“Snicker!” Liu Yu Tong did not smile, but Hu Niu did. She had currently stuffed her mouth full of meat, and this smile of hers did not even reveal any sign of her teeth.

“Puchi”, when Liu Yu Tong and Ling Zi Xuan saw her smile, they both broke into laughter.

“Yi, are you eating?” A melodious, gentle voice was heard. A pretty figure walked in. The figure was an extremely beautiful girl.

“Li Si Chan!” Liu Yu Tong was very surprised. She never thought that she would see Li Si Chan appear here.

“Liu Yu Tong!” Li Si Chan was also slightly shocked. The Princess of the Liu Clan actually deigned to eat with Ling Han? If this spread around, most likely no one would believe it. Who in the Academy did not know that Liu Yu Tong was a well-known icy beauty? It was really impossible to imagine that she would behave so intimately with a man.

“Oh, so you know each other. That’s good, then I don’t have to introduce you,” Ling Han said with a smile.

Liu Yu Tong looked at Li Si Chan, and Li Si Chan looked at Liu Yu Tong. Combative flames flickered in the eyes of these two extraordinarily beautiful girls.

Though they were collectively known as the Twin Pearls, in actual fact, they did not interact much with each other. It was only that the both of them were too beautiful, as well as that one was extremely talented in martial arts while the other was very accomplished in alchemy, that they were collectively known as the Twin Pearls.

They were both clever girls, and seeing the other appear at Ling Han’s courtyard, what did that signify?

For some reason, a slightly sour feeling appeared in their hearts.

“Have you eaten?” Ling Han asked Li Si Chan.

“No!” Li Si Chan had already eaten, but just as she was about to say that, she changed her mind.

“Then come join us for a meal,” Ling Han invited with a smile.

Li Si Chan accepted the invitation without any reservations. She took a pair of chopsticks and a bowl, and slowly began to eat.

“Oh, right, were you looking for me for something?” Ling Han asked.

“Oh, I came here especially to inform you that a small earthquake happened a few days ago, and an underground river was revealed because of it. Moreover, there actually appeared ancient Spirit Tools that floated out with the river’s flow!” Li Si Chan revealed a very big piece of news.