Chapter 127

Chapter 127 of 250 chapters

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“Let’s set out!” One of the old monsters gave a wave of his hand. Previously, the youths of his own Clan were not here, so he naturally could not allow anyone else to pass through that opening first. But things were different now.

Whatever reminders needed were already given, and no one was now wasting their time on pointless chatter; they all entered the river’s waters.

They all passed through one by one, entering into the hidden area behind the Light of God.

Ling Han’s expression instantly became serious. If a place had the Light of God, then even he—someone who had once been an ultimate warrior of Heaven Tier in his last life—had to proceed cautiously lest any careless move on his part caused his death. The reason why he had been willing to create an opening and allow so many people entry was also because he intended to have these people enter first to scout out any possible dangers.

Of course, fateful encounters were always accompanied by serious danger. If one wanted to obtain great rewards, one would of course have to prepare to face great risk. This would be fair to every single person.

After the opening still lay a stretch of the underground river. They continued to advance, and soon, a piece of land appeared in front of them.

At this moment, they should be deep within the Blood Gushing Mountain, yet it was actually empty inside, containing a gigantic empty space.

They all stepped onto land. It was not too dark here, as there was a mysterious light flickering in the area that lit up the belly of this mountain. However, they were not able to see too far ahead, as if there was something that was hindering their sight.

A lot of them separated from others and left. Even those who were from the same Clan had divided themselves into quite a considerable number of teams.

Firstly, this was to not put all their eggs in a single basket, and secondly, even those who came from the same Clan may not be completely united and close to each other. In that case, it was best not to stick together. If they encountered danger, they not only would not help each other, they may even hinder each other.

Very quickly, the group of people separated into their own groups and went towards all the different directions.

“Brother Ling, I shall take my leave first!” The Third Imperial Prince raised his clasped hands in Ling Han’s direction, with only the crimson-haired beauty by his side.

Ling Han gave a nod, and watched the Third Imperial Prince leave.

All of a sudden, the area had become deserted, and only Ling Han, Liu Yu Tong, and Li Si Chan were left behind.

“Where should we go?” Liu Yu Tong asked. This place looked like a plain. Aside from the underground river behind them, every other direction was absolutely empty. She really did not know which direction they should decide on that would be the right choice.

Ling Han took out the treasured saber and used his divine sense to communicate with the scrap of consciousness in the saber, wanting to incite the instinctive reaction of the treasured saber to find the remains of Jiang Yue Feng.

Yet, there was absolutely no reaction from the treasured saber.

How strange!

Ling Han frowned slightly. If Jiang Yue Feng had really joined the ranks of Heaven Tier, then even if he had been dead for over ten thousand years, his body would still not decay. The ultimate warriors of Heaven Tier had already walked a very long way on the path of martial arts, and their martial intent was deeply carved into every drop of blood, every piece of flesh, and every bone in their bodies.

From a certain point of view, the remains of these ultimate warriors could also be considered as a kind of Spiritual Tool—in truth, a large number of Spiritual Tools were made from the bones of extremely powerful demonic beasts. Human bones could also be used, of course. But that was much too terrifying, so practically nobody dared to do such a thing.

Thus, the remains of the user and his Spiritual Tool contained the same martial intent, so they should be attracting each other, yet why was there completely no reaction at all?


Ling Han’s expression took a swift turn. Unless there was nothing left of Jiang Yue Feng’s body! Then, naturally there would no reaction from his Spiritual Tool at all.

But what had actually happened at that time that even the remains of an ultimate warrior of Heaven Tier had completely disappeared?

“Let’s just walk somewhere,” he said. They didn’t know which direction was the best anyways.

The three of them advanced and after they had walked for a while, Ling Han suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Liu Yu Tong asked.

Ling Han did not say anything. He went off slightly to the side of the direction they were heading in and came to the side of a huge boulder.

The two girls followed in his footsteps, but did not see anything particularly interesting about this boulder. There was only a stalk of grass growing at the side of the boulder. If they had not examined it clearly, they would have thought that it was a piece of bone.

“What kind of grass is that?” They were both very surprised.

“This is Bone Eating Grass, and it will only grow on a dead body,” Ling Han explained. There was something else that he did not say, and that was that only the dead bodies of at least Deity Transformation warriors would cause the growth of the Bone Eating Grass.

“Ya!” The two girls instantly turned pale. Though the two of them were martial artists and death should be something very common to them, women would still be women. If a woman heard that she could possibly be stepping on a dead body, her heart would definitely skip a beat.

Ling Han struck with a palm, and the huge boulder was flung away with the force of his strike.

“Ah!” Both girls gasped in shock, for there was a skeletal hand extending out of the ground. The pure white finger bones emitted an eerie feeling.

“Don’t be afraid. He has been dead for over ten thousand years,” Ling Han said.

The two girls immediately rolled their eyes at this. This young man was highly intelligent, had exceptional talent in martial arts, and was impossibly capable in alchemy, yet he was an absolute idiot when it came to his EQ! If they were afraid of this dead body, how could they still jump out to wound others in martial arts? Of course they were not afraid!

Ling Han took out his sword, and carefully dug away the soil around the skeletal hand.

With the physical strength of an Element Gathering Tier martial artist, digging some soil was of course a piece of cake. Very soon, after the skeletal hand appeared a skeletal arm, followed by the shoulder, and quickly there appeared a skull that was in an upright position.

“Why is it not lying down?” The two girls asked curiously. After death, it should be impossible for one to maintain a standing position. Could it be that someone had buried him standing up after this person had died?

“When the power of a martial artist has reached a certain level, and his martial intent is threaded through his entire body, then he would be able to remain standing for a few hundred years even after his death,” Ling Han explained. “My guess is that this person died from battle here, and kept maintaining this pose. Afterwards, after an uncountable number of years, perhaps something happened on the surface, causing some rocks and soil to fall from the cave ceiling which completely buried his body.”

The two girls were both very astonished. A person would still be able to remain standing even after death? At least they had never heard of any powerful warrior of Spiritual Pedestal Tier being able to do that kind of thing.

Ling Han continued to dig, and soon, the complete remains were in front of their eyes.

This was obviously a male, and there was still a suit of purple-colored embroidered robes that had not yet rotted on him. However, there was shockingly a hole on the chest area of the robes—this should be the location of the wound that had caused this person’s death. Additionally, the rib in front of where the heart should have been when he was alive was broken.

They could imagine that he had been embroiled in a fierce battle with another person, and his opponent had crushed his heart with a single punch, causing all life signs to be washed away from him after this blow.

Yet, Ling Han directly removed the embroidered robes from this skeleton, causing the two girls to exclaim in disgust. This was something that had been worn by a corpse.

“Unfortunate, it’s really too unfortunate!” Ling Han sighed continuously, “This is a secret treasure woven from Purple Jade Silk. It’s unfortunate that an extremely powerful blow has destroyed all its abilities, ai!” He gave a light tug, and the embroidered robes were easily torn open.

“What is this Purple Jade Silk?” Liu Yu Tong asked.

“The Purple Jade Heaven Silkworm is a Level Nine demonic beast, and the Purple Jade Silk is the silk that is spat out by it,” Ling Han explained very simply.


The two girls both inhaled sharply, a Level Nine demonic beast…. then wouldn’t that be equivalent to Heaven Tier! A piece of clothing that is woven from the silk that is spat out by a Level Nine demonic beast, that should be the ultimate kind of treasure!

“Such protective armor should be able to withstand at least over a hundred continuous attacks from a Heaven Tier warrior before being destroyed, yet from the looks of this hole, it was pierced open by a single punch.” Ling Han raised his head, and looked up with a burning stare, “This proves that the Shattering Void Tier indeed exists in this world!”