Chapter 167

Chapter 167 of 250 chapters

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“Which clan are you all from? How dare you be so bold to actually command Grandmaster Yuanchu to concoct alchemical pills for you! I really want to know if you all are from the Imperial Family or the Eight Great Clans!”

They were from the Wu Clan, one of the Eight Great Clans. Because the Eight Great Clans and the Imperial Family were all very familiar with one another, they naturally knew that none of these people came from one of these nine powerful parties, and since they were not, what other party would be more powerful than the Wu Clan in the whole of Rain Country?

In their minds, these people must have come from some backwater place and gone through some unknown relations to be able to enter into a side courtyard of Cherishing Flower Pavilion. Thus, they thought themselves superior to all others that they would even dare to be so insolent in front of Grandmaster Yuanchu.

“We, we…” Eldest Aunt was shivering so much she kept stuttering. Her eyes were filled with a strong fear as she had already recognized the clan insignia that these three men were wearing—the Wu Clan!

One of the Eight Great Clans!

Though she had married into a good clan, it was only a middle-class clan. Moreover, her husband was only a minor character with little actual power in the clan. If he knew that she actually offended the Wu Clan, it was practically guaranteed that he would cut off her head at the earliest opportunity and head to the Wu Clan to beg for forgiveness.

The Eight Great Clans had the authority to decide one’s life and death, and were only beneath the Imperial Family in terms of power!

“I, I, what I? Say it quickly, who gave you the audacity to actually dare shout commands at Grandmaster Yuanchu?” The three men of the Wu Clan pressed menacingly, smiling coldly at them.

Jiang Fei Yan’s father almost fainted in shock and terror. He had only heard his two elder sisters downplay the real situation, about how their request for Grandmaster Yuanchu to concoct alchemical pills for them had been refused. He had never imagined that his two stupid sisters would actually dare act so insolently to Grandmaster Yuanchu. He was completely pale by this point.

If a Black Grade middle level alchemist were to be angered, and the Wu Clan of the Eight Great Clans stepped out to punish the offender, the Jiang Clan was definitely going to be finished and no one would dare to speak a single word in their defense.

Wouldn’t that be the case? Who asked them to offend an alchemist in the first place?

Alchemists were an outstanding group of their own. They were a group of people others wanted nothing more than favor and goodwill of, and what do you do? You actually dare to behave so rudely to an alchemist. Who else were they going to kill if not you?

“Old Six, Old Eight, go and slap them. The mouths of these two b****** are really too smelly. Just now, because Grandmaster Yuanchu was there, we did not have enough fun slapping them. Go and continue slapping them!” a green-robed middle-aged man said.

“All right!” The other two walked forwards to grab Eldest Aunt and Youngest Aunt.

Both of them were in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier, and had outstandingly strong ability. Though Eldest Aunt and Youngest Aunt wanted to flee, how could things go their way? They were instantly caught.

Pa, pa, pa, pa. The two shrews with bad mouths were continuously slapped, and very quickly, their faces were completely swollen. They even spat out a few pieces of broken teeth, and this was still because the two men had pulled their punches. Otherwise, if they had really used their full strength, what could two mere weaklings in Body Refining Tier do?

Zhang Hua Lian and Tong Yuan did not even dare to say one word. They could only curl around one another and hide in a corner.

“I am a daughter-in-law of Duanmu Clan. Don’t kill me!” Eldest Aunt sobbed. Her face that used to be quite smooth and rounded was now completely covered with blood and tears, making for an indescribably ugly picture.

“Duanmu Clan?” the green-robed man humphed. “When has the Duanmu Clan become so awesome? I’d really like to get an explanation from Duanmu Xiang.”

Duanmu Xiang was the current clan head of the Duanmu Clan, but from the tone that this green-robed man was using, he obviously did not think that he was anyone important, causing Eldest Aunt to be filled with hopelessness. The emergency situation caused her brain to work faster, and she hurriedly called out, “Wuji! Wuji! Save me!”

“That’s right, Wuji. Since you can manage to reserve a side courtyard here, your status must not be beneath his. Announce your status to scare him to death!” Youngest Aunt suddenly called out as well, as if she had just woken up from a dream.

“Ha, haha!” the green-robed man laughed coldly. Someone actually wanted to use his status to scare him to death. Then he really wanted to know what person could be so awesome.

Jin Wuji only felt a layer of cold sweat covering his body. He was only the Third Young Master of the Jin Clan of Da Yuan City. In Da Yuan City, this identity was indeed enough to scare a lot of people to death, but when in the Imperial City,pei , it was nothing!

“What Wuji are you?” The green-robed man smiled coldly. “I am standing right here. Tell me your name, and see if you can scare me to death?”

“This sir must be joking. This is all just a misunderstanding!” Jin Wuji said, raising his clasped hands politely in greeting. “These two seniors have drunk too much, and that’s why they had so boldly went off to look for Grandmaster Yuanchu. I would very much like to ask for forgiveness from all of you as well as Grandmaster Yuanchu.”

“Hehe, do you know what this shrew actually called Grandmaster Yuanchu?” There was a sliver of a mocking smile about the corners of the green-robed man’s lips. “Old dog! Did you hear that, they actually dared to call Grandmaster Yuanchu old dog! I have lived for so many years and this is the first time I’ve seen someone actually dared to insult Grandmaster Yuanchu as old dog!”

Jin Wuji and the other three members of the Jiang Clan all turned pale. They had almost leaped forwards to strangle these two shrews to death!

If they wanted to die, then they should just die on their own! Why had they come back to drag others down with them?

Eldest Aunt and Youngest Aunt were both filled with absolute regret. Part of the reason they dared to behave so arrogantly was because they had suddenly been able to sit within a side courtyard of Cherishing Flower Pavilion, making them feel as if their social status had shot up all of a sudden. But the more important reason was because they were indeed drunk.

Otherwise, no matter how idiotic they were, they would not have dared to so rashly request for alchemical pills from Grandmaster Yuanchu, what more insult him as old dog after being refused.

But now, it was all too late!

“Nothing more to say, right?” The green-robed man crossed his hands behind his back, his eyes sweeping over the surroundings, and gave a humph, as he said, “You country bumpkins are indeed arrogant. I’ve already been here for such a long time, and there is actually someone who still dares to remain seated!”

He had finally spotted Ling Han.

Ling Han did not even spare him a look. He only focused all his energy on fighting with Hu Niu over the food. He was naturally just playing with the little girl, because even if he had managed to successfully grab any food, he would not eat it. He was already full.

“How insolent. Seeing your father here, you still dare to remain seated?” The green-robed man glared, and a domineering pressure emanated from him.

Ling Han’s eyes turned cold, and gave a wave of his hand. The bone in his hand immediately flew towards the green-robed man.

The green-robed man stretched out a hand to grab the bone, but just when his hand was about to come into contact with it, the piece of bone actually miraculously turned in a different direction, passed his hand, and with a pa , hit his face.

Firstly, he had underestimated his opponent, and secondly, Ling Han had tossed it in a strange way, which was what allowed for such a thing to happen.

“You, are, seeking, death!” the green-robed man roared furiously. He leaped forwards towards Ling Han and brandished his fist, preparing to give Ling Han a thrashing.

Ling Han’s feet pressed down on the ground, and he had shot backwards. Using the Exiting Cloud Steps was something that he could do easily.

A weakling of mere Element Gathering Tier actually could act so calmly when under the assault of a Gushing Spring Tier elite?

The green-robed man did not manage to hit his target, but when he still did not manage to take Ling Han down after a few moves, a serious expression came over his face. He stopped his attack, and said, “Brat, who are you?”

“Slap yourself ten times first. Then I’ll talk to you,” Ling Han said calmly. This man actually dared to call himself Ling Han’s father right in front of him, how could he let him off without a thrashing?

“What arrogance!” the green-robed man humphed coldly, and once again began attacking Ling Han.

Xiu , Hu Niu quickly scrambled down from the chair and shot towards the green-robed man at an extremely fast speed.

“Yi!” The green-robed man had not taken Hu Niu into account at first. But when the little girl moved, he experienced a sudden shock that this little girl who was only 5-6 years old was actually in Element Gathering Tier!

Who would dare believe it?

But due to his extreme fury, he decided to do something very underhanded. Since he could do nothing to Ling Han, then he’d just hurt this little girl instead! A cold smile appeared on his face, and he suddenly delivered a punch that made its way ruthlessly towards Hu Niu.

“You dare!” Ling Han roared in anger. This man would actually cause such heavy injury to such a little girl, he was practically inhumane! He quickly leaped forwards, intending to block this punch for Hu Niu.