Chapter 178

Chapter 178 of 250 chapters

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‘This had to be a special physical constitution,’ Ling Han said decisively in his mind. If it was not due to his special physical constitution, Feng Yan would have been blasted to pieces by the Eldest Imperial Prince by now. Though Feng Yan was at a disadvantage in their clash, he was still composed and calm. When he defended himself, he would also press forwards in attack, and every move contained a great explosive burst of power behind it.

What special physical constitution could that be?

Ling Han was observing very closely. The reason why special physical constitutions could be described as “special” was naturally because they had certain characteristics that made them special and unique. For example, Zhu Wu Jiu could recover from his wounds very rapidly, Hu Niu could transform whatever food she consumed into her own reserves of Origin Power, and he, with his acquired special physical constitution, could greatly increase his defenses, and like a dead tree, would feel nothing even when he suffered serious injury, not allowing the pain to affect him, and continue to display his battle prowess to the fullest.

So what special characteristic did Feng Yan have, then?

Hong, hong, hong. Feng Yan and the Eldest Imperial Prince endlessly clashed, and there was only brute force behind every fist, without any hint of technique. As the power behind their fists clashed against each other, the impact actually created a power wave that was visible to the naked eye, and this shockwave was spreading out in all directions, forcing the spectators to step back in retreat continuously.


Ling Han had noticed that Feng Yan’s complexion was becoming more and more brightly white, and this was definitely not due to the use of Origin Power—it seemed more like that was the real color of his complexion.

“Could it be… Mirror Light Body?” he mumbled. Though he was still dubious, it was almost confirmed for him.

The owner of Mirror Light Body had the ability to reflect any attacks he suffered, as if he himself was a mirror reflecting light. However, even a special physical constitution could be split up into different categories based on the purity of the bloodline. Thus, there were roughly three categories for Mirror Light Body. Weakest of all was the Bronze Mirror Body, which could only reflect about ten percent of every attack, and the next strongest was Silver Mirror Body, which could increase the rate of reflection to twenty percent, while the strongest, the Gold Mirror Body, could reflect about thirty percent of every attack.

Don’t underestimate the ten to thirty percent of attack that could be reflected. It not only would decrease the power behind an opponent’s attack, it could even become one’s own power that could be aimed back at your opponent. In a simpler example, at first, it was ten points of attack power against ten points of attack power. Then, even if it had only become nine points against eleven points, the gap would have increased by twenty percent, what more when it was seven points against thirteen. That was practically a hundred percent gap in power.

From the looks of Feng Yan, he should have a Silver Mirror Body, and was able to reflect about twenty percent of the attacks; it was exactly this twenty percent of power reflected back that compensated for the difference of two layers in cultivation level behind Feng Yan and the Eldest Imperial Prince. As a result, though Feng Yan was still at an obvious disadvantage, he was not defeated.

‘That’s not right!’ Ling Han shook his head. The twenty percent of power could possibly compensate for the difference in cultivation levels, but could not compensate for the inferiority of Feng Yan’s martial arts technique as compared to the Eldest Imperial Prince’s Son of Heaven Fist Technique, which most likely should have reached Black Grade high level.

It was not that this fist technique was of a high grade by itself, but with the instillation of power of the nation, it could have might that could compare to a Black Grade high level martial arts technique.

Since Feng Yan was able to stand against the Son of Heaven Fist Technique with a mere Black Grade low level martial arts technique, then he must definitely have had some other ability. Otherwise, he would at least have to be on the same cultivation level as his opponent, and depend on the Mirror Light Body to compensate for the gap in their respective martial arts techniques.

What could it be?

Ling Han could not help but become curious.

The Eldest Imperial Prince’s battle prowess was outstanding. Though he had been stuck on this ninth layer of Gushing Spring Tier for quite some years, it had also allowed him to fortify his foundations on this cultivation level to an unbearably sturdy level. His current battle prowess should be worth about twelve Battle Stars.

And it was obvious that neither side had played their trump cards yet.

At least, both these young men had formed Qi, but neither of them had used it yet. If Qi was taken into consideration, then their battle prowess could obviously increase further.

The spectators were all watching dumbfounded. The Eldest Imperial Prince was in the ninth layer of Gushing Spring Tier and was a Core Disciple in his time, yet Feng Yan could actually manage to not fall in a clash with him. This guy was really too strong.

The Third Imperial Prince, Zhao Huan, Can Ye, the current generation of Core Disciples, most likely were no longer able to match Feng Yan anymore, right?

Though they were on opposing sides, Ling Han could strongly agree that Feng Yan was indeed powerful. This guy was indeed a genius of martial arts, not only having mysterious means but also a terrifyingly strong understanding of battle, and as he continued to watch, he would often nod in approval.

Feng Yan just barely made the cut to being worthy enough to be trampled by him.

The Eldest Imperial Prince was like an Emperor, while Feng Yan was like a Demon God who freely displayed his domineering attitude, unreasonable and insolent. However, the two of them managed to keep their clash on even standing. In the condition when neither side was willing to play more of their trump cards, the battle had come to a deadlock.

“Stop!” An old voice rang out, though this voice held within it incomparable might.

Feng Yan and the Eldest Imperial Prince both stopped stopped attacking, though they still looked at each other fiercely, their battle spirits still high, as if wanting to continue battling to their heart’s content.

Lian Guang Zu appeared, and the aura of an elite of Spiritual Pedestal Tier spread out, causing everyone to feel as if there was a gigantic rock pressing down on their hearts. They could feel that their feet were strangely heavy and an urge to kneel down. He took one look at Ling Han, shook his head, and said, “Little fellow, you really know how to make trouble!”

Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, “Headmaster, it’s not that I am really good at making trouble, but this blind fool actually came to look for trouble purposely with me. Thus, I could only slice him up a bit to give him a lesson. But I am still very merciful, and did not take his life.”

He was a little curious. Previously, Lian Guang Zu was obviously very optimistic about his martial arts talent, and looked practically like he wanted to cultivate Ling Han like a disciple, yet there had suddenly been no news from him at all, and now there was obviously a drastic change in attitude from him.

“What a sharp mouth that is skilled at overturning facts. Do you think everyone is an idiot? You crippled my brother’s arms, and this is already a breach of Academy regulations. According to the rules, you should be killed for your crime!” Feng Yan said darkly.

“Feng Yan, though I have just come here, and did not see the start and finish of this whole matter clearly, but it seems as if it was your brother who had threatened to slice someone else’s arm first, right?” the Eldest Imperial Prince interrupted.

“Since you did not see clearly the start and the end of the matter, then shut up!” Feng Yan cast a cold glance at the Eldest Imperial Prince.


Everyone was shocked speechless. Did Feng Yan actually reprimand the Eldest Imperial Prince? A younger member of a minor clan actually dared to openly reprimand the eldest son of the current Rain Emperor; what kind of outrageously bold act was that?

Immediately, the Eldest Imperial Prince’s face turned ashen, and a powerful killing intent was brimming in his eyes. As the saying goes, when the Emperor goes into a rage, blood could flow over ten thousand miles. Though he was not the Emperor yet, as the Eldest Imperial Prince, he was still very powerful and mighty.

“You didn’t see the start and the end of the matter either, so what are you blabbering so excitedly about!” Ling Han opened his mouth and said to Feng Yan in castigation.

All right, this was an awesome guy too.

Everyone else felt like they were about to lose their minds. Whether it was Ling Han or Feng Yan, where had they gotten such strong confidence to dare to create such a commotion?

“Headmaster, please apprehend Ling Han and hand him over to me to be dealt with!” Feng Yan turned and said to Lian Guang Zu. Though his words were polite, it seemed as if he was requesting Lian Guang Zu to do as he requested.

To make a request of an elite of Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and someone who held the revered position of Headmaster of the Martial Arts Department?

The others were all in disbelief. Though Feng Yan had offended the Eldest Imperial Prince previously, the latter was still in Gushing Spring Tier, after all. In this world where the most important thing was martial arts ability, the Eldest Imperial Prince was far from being able to compare to Lian Guang Zu in terms of status.

Lian Guang Zu’s status was only below the current Rain Emperor in Rain Country, and was able to stand on even ground with the Clan Heads of the Eight Great Clans.

Commanding Lian Guang Zu?

The others could not help but gather a layer of cold sweat on their bodies.

“Headmaster!” the Eldest Imperial Prince interrupted, looking at Lian Guang Zu.

Lian Guang Zu sighed, and said, “Please do not interfere in this matter, Eldest Imperial Prince!”


When they heard his words, did that mean the Lian Guang Zu was going to obey Feng Yan’s command?

“Heng, Old Man Lian, if it was me who wanted to interfere, are you planning to stop me too?” Wu Song Lin appeared, looking coldly at Lian Guang Zu.

‘Hiss, here comes another big boss,’ everyone thought.