Chapter 179

Chapter 179 of 250 chapters

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“Old Man Wu, don’t interfere with this matter!” Lian Guang Zu waved his hand. “I do not want to spoil our many years of friendship!”

“Nonsense!” Wu Song Lin instantly rebuked.

“This brat has, after all, dealt someone a crippling injury, so he must definitely be punished according to the Academy regulations!” Lian Guang Zu’s attitude also became unyielding.

“Wasn’t it just crippling a piece of trash?” Wu Song Lin dismissed lightly.

“Master Wu, please speak cautiously!” Feng Yan interrupted, actually carrying a hint of threat in his tone.

“Who do you think you are that you dare to reprimand me!” Wu Song Lin humphed, his right hand flashing out in a strike towards Feng Yan. He was an elite of Spiritual Pedestal Tier, so though this strike was only a very casual move, it held within it unbelievable power. Origin Power transformed into a gigantic hand that flew towards Feng Yan.


Lian Guang Zu moved in the nick of time, and managed to disperse the power behind Wu Song Lin’s blow. He frowned, and said, “Old Man Wu, are you intending to go against me?”

“As long as you don’t touch him, I naturally would not bother to fight you either.” Wu Song Lin took one step back.

Lian Guang Zu stared at Wu Song Lin, and Wu Song Lin also stared at him. Two old men, whose ages added together came up to a total of over one hundred fifty years, were thus stuck in a glaring contest with each other.

“All right, Old Man Wu, I’ll give you face this time.” Lian Guang Zu nodded.

“Headmaster!” Feng Yan spoke up, displeased.

“Heng, bring your brother with you, let’s go and see if we can still manage to reattach his arms.” Lian Guang Zu frowned in slight impatience.

Feng Yan did not dare to say anything else. He simply picked up Feng Luo and followed at the heels of Lian Guang Zu. One pair of the four Great Guardian Deities each carried one of Feng Luo’s arms, and the party left together.

A chaotic conflict thus ended in this manner.

Wu Song Lin gave Ling Han a light nod, and left directly. There were too many people here, so he did not want to reveal the relationship between himself and Ling Han. He only wanted to let them know that Ling Han was under his protection, and that was enough.

“Brother Ling, if you do not mind, why not join me for a cup of tea?” the Eldest Imperial Prince said to Ling Han, smiling.

Ling Han smiled, and said, “Many thanks for your help just now, Your Imperial Highness. This Ling Han is extremely grateful.”



The two of them left together, and when he passed by Li Hao and Zhu Xue Yi, Ling Han said, “The two of you go to the Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion and seek out Yuanchu. Just tell him that it was I who told the two of you to go, and stay at his place for a while.”

“Thank you, Big Brother Ling!” Li Hao and Zhu Xue Yi said, filled with gratitude.

Ling Han nodded. The reason why the two of them had been targeted by Feng Luo was because of him after all, so he would definitely not just stand by and watch as they continue to be victimized.

The Eldest Imperial Prince brought Ling Han with him to a tea shop and requested for an elegant room. The middle-aged man naturally stood guard outside the door, and only Ling Han and the Eldest Imperial Prince were seated inside.

“I heard that Brother Ling is very friendly with various Grandmaster Alchemists, and from what I witnessed today, that is indeed the case,” the Eldest Imperial Prince said. His eyes were slightly guarded, and there was also a sliver of heat in his gaze.

Ling Han knew very well that the Third Imperial Prince had, thanks to him, welcomed quite a few of previously hesitating neutral parties into his camp. As a result, the Eldest Imperial Prince could naturally not stay composed in the face of this, and similarly extended an olive branch towards him.

Before this, alchemists would never interfere in the competition for the throne as they stood completely above it. However, with Ling Han’s appearance, many different unpredictable variables were all of a sudden added into the balance.

If any Imperial Prince managed to gain Ling Han’s support, that would be equivalent to gaining the support of the alchemists of Rain Country. This was an incomparably terrifying power, and even if the current Rain Emperor wanted to pass on his throne, he would have to consider things carefully. After all, this could possibly disturb the roots of the Empire.

Thus, the Eldest Imperial Prince also hoped to maintain a good relationship with Ling Han. Additionally, Wu Song Lin’s previous attitude also reaffirmed this idea in his mind.

Ling Han smiled, and said, “Does the Eldest Imperial Prince know what means that Feng Yan has obtained that even Headmaster Lian would be so partial towards him?”

The Eldest Imperial Prince frowned, and revealed a furious expression. He could not help but smack a hand on the table, and said, “That traitor!”

He might not hate Feng Yan so much, but it was obvious that Feng Yan and Ling Han were deadly foes. Thus, he naturally would not mind presenting a slightly exaggerated front in order to form a closer relationship with Ling Han.

“This man has a special physical constitution, and is also very powerful in battle. However, if it was just that, he could only at most obtain Lian Guan Zu’s recognition, but would definitely not be able to command the latter. But from the looks of Feng Yan’s attitude, though he looks respectful on the surface, in truth, it seems as if he is Lian Guang Zu’s superior. This is indeed strange,” Ling Han murmured.

The Eldest Imperial Prince sank into a pensive state as well. What power had Feng Yan obtained that could actually cause an elite of Spiritual Pedestal Tier—a highly revered old headmaster at that—to practically obey his commands?

As the Eldest Imperial Prince of Rain Country, he actually had no idea about any of this, and this caused a kind of unease to rise up in him.

“I will begin investigating this matter,” the Eldest Imperial Prince said, then looked towards Ling Han and continued with a serious expression, “Brother Ling is a smart man, so I will not beat around the bush and waste time.”

“What do you want to say, Your Imperial Highness?” Ling Han said with a slight smile, though he already knew why the Eldest Imperial Prince had paid him this visit.

“I would like to ask you to assist me to ascend to the throne!” the Eldest Imperial Prince said. Suddenly, the aura of a ruler exuded from him, and his eyes shone with a powerful light.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “What ability do I have that I could actually help Your Imperial Highness ascend to the throne?”

“Hahahaha, Brother Ling, you are being too modest!” The Eldest Imperial Prince laughed loudly before he suddenly changed the topic, “If I successfully ascend to the throne, the Ling Clan would be a loyal subject that has performed an outstanding service for me. I would be able to name you a King!”


If these words were heard by the members of the court, they would definitely be shocked numb by the weight of this promise.

In the history of Rain Country, there had never been anyone who had rendered such outstanding service that they would be named as a King, even if they were not members of the Qi Family. For royal subjects, this could be considered as the highest honor they could attain in their lifetimes.

As a result, the Eldest Imperial Prince’s face was filled with expectation. He believed that Ling Han would immediately agree. However, he was very quickly disappointed, as there was no hint of change in Ling Han’s expression at all. His eyes were clear and deep, as if great imperial power was only a fleeting scene in his eyes.

Ling Han slowly opened his mouth, and said, “I do not have any bit of interest in power.” In his last life, he had been one of the strongest existences in this world after all, what more when he had also been the Alchemy Emperor. How could a mere mortal emperor compare to the power he had in his grasp at the time?

In this lifetime, he only had one target, and that was to become a Grandmaster of martial arts, shatter the void, break through his mortal chains and become a god.

The Eldest Imperial Prince was actually a very good speaker, but now he suddenly felt a kind of awkwardness that came from not knowing how to continue the conversation. This was because he had already revealed his best trump card, yet Ling Han did not even spare him any consideration.

Could it be that he had to yield the imperial throne itself to Ling Han? That has got to be a joke.

He considered for a moment, and said, “Brother Ling, if I manage to ascend to the throne, I will allow you to have the chance to break through to Flower Blossoming Tier!”

Ling Han could not help but put on a strange expression, casting a look at the Eldest Imperial Prince.

In Rain Country, due to the restrictions placed on martial arts and cultivation techniques, no matter how highly talented one was, they would still be unable to break through to Flower Blossoming Tier. Thus, this oath of the Eldest Imperial Prince could be considered to be unbelievably shocking. Even the Elders of the Eight Great Clans would most likely be moved by this promise.

However, for Ling Han, what was so difficult about breaking through to Flower Blossoming Tier? He was an elite of Heaven Tier in his last life!

“Though I am not sure about the exact details, but it should have some relation with power of the nation, right?” Ling Han was indeed quite curious, and asked the Eldest Imperial Prince with a raised brow.

The Eldest Imperial Prince was instantly struck dumb.