Chapter 187

Chapter 187 of 250 chapters

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The Eldest Imperial Prince breathed out a gasp of relief. The other bidder had finally raised the bid and now, his 20 million was safe.

Ling Han laughed, and said, “Old dog, if I suddenly changed my mind and decided not to continue bidding now, would you instantly faint from the shock?”

“Heng, that is only a mere 20 million. It’s not a big enough sum of money yet that I would consider it seriously!” In such a public setting, there was no way that Chen Yun Xiang would abandon his face and cower, so he instantly calmed his heart and countered in a steady tone.

“This esteemed guest of the third floor, are you going to make a bid? If you are not, then please do not interrupt,” the auctioneer reminded.

“Of course, I am. Money is merely an earthly possession.” Ling Han smiled. “30 million!”


The Eldest Imperial Prince had just taken a sip of tea to calm himself down from such a scare, but when he heard the bid of 30 million, he instantly spat out the mouthful he had just drank. Thankfully, he managed to turn his head in the nick of time. Otherwise, if he had actually spat out the mouthful of tea on the female attendant waiting on him, then his reputation would really be completely ruined.

“Cough, cough, cough!” He coughed uncontrollably, his whole face completely red, and said, “Young Master Han, did you just make a bid of 30 million?”

“That’s right. I assumed that, with the wealth of Your Imperial Highness, a loan of 30 million would simply be a light drizzle to you,” Ling Han said, laughing.

Drizzle your sister! That was 30 million silver coins we’re talking about here, not 30 million drops of rain!

“Young Master Han, are you trying to kill me?” the Eldest Imperial Prince asked grudgingly. If Ling Han was not able to produce that sum of money, would this debt fall on his head? That was very possible, since they were in the same private room.

30 million… just the thought of it caused the Eldest Imperial Prince’s face to turn black. He would be able to earn only 10 million after five years.

“Hehe!” Ling Han smiled, but did not explain.

In the private room on the second floor, Sun Zi Yan laughed loudly, and said, “This spoilt profligate master, how idiotic! He has simply dumped 30 million into the water just like that! Hahahaha, come, continue the bidding!”

Chen Yun Xiang also looked at Sun Zi Yan with hidden bitterness in his eyes. ‘One word from you, and I have to increase the bid?’ That was 30 million here… if Ling Han really decided not to continue bidding, then he would have to sell off at least one third of the properties under the Chen Clan’s ownership.

By that time, he would be even less able to sustain Ling Han’s malicious low-priced competition.

“3…. 31 million!” Chen Yun Xiang said through gritted teeth. After making this bid, he could feel his heart was beating unusually fast, as if it was about to jump out of his throat.

He had been alive for so many years, but had never spent 30 million in one go like this. No, he had never even spent 10 million in one go like this. Such a sum caused all the blood to rush to his head, and his face was completely red; it was possible that his head would explode at any moment.

The Eldest Imperial Prince once again let out a breath in relief. When he stretched out a hand to rub his forehead, there was actually cold sweat on his forehead. 30 million… not just him, maybe even the current Rain Emperor would have to consider seriously before spending such a sum of money.

It was great that there was an idiot who decided to pick up the baton.

He stared at Ling Han and decided that if Ling Han showed any hint of continuing to bid, he would act to stop the latter.

Ling Han smiled. If he decided to stop bidding now, Chen Yun Xiang would definitely want to die. This was a very good opportunity to destroy the Chen Clan, but Ling Han did not want to miss out on those three Swift Cloud Talismans because of this.

“40 million!” As swift as a sudden clap of thunder which leaves no time for covering one’s ears, he made a new bid.

With a pa , the chair under the Eldest Imperial Prince’s backside actually shattered. This was because he was too agitated, and lost control of his Origin Power that slipped out of his body. The loss of control over his Origin Power actually shattered a chair made of high-grade sandalwood.

“Young Master Han, your joke is too much.” The Eldest Imperial Prince shook his head. He was definitely unable to produce an astronomical sum of 40 million. Thus, if the Spirit Treasures Pavilion came forward forcefully to ask for their payment, he would only be able to draw a clear line between himself and Ling Han. Anyways, it was Ling Han who had made the bids, so of course, the money should come from him.

He was feeling on edge here, while over there, Chen Yun Xiang naturally gasped out in relief. This time round, he was not going to increase the bid anymore, no matter what.

When Sun Zi Yan saw this, a cold smile curled up the corners of his lips, and he said, “Mister, I’d like to ask, if one who had made a bid cannot produce the payment, how would the issue be handled?”

“Naturally, according to the rules of our Pavilion, the offender would have his cultivation completely crippled, and not be allowed to step into the Spirit Treasures Pavilion forever!” the auctioneer immediately replied.

“Good!” Sun Zi Yan humphed coldly, and said, “I suspect that honored guest on the third floor is unable to produce this sum of money, and has been engaging us in a malicious price war all this while!”

“En?” The auctioneer’s eyes grew grim. “Since Young Master Sun has spoken such doubts, then let me go to confirm.” He turned around and left, walking into the backstage area.

The face of the Eldest Imperial Prince instantly darkened. If they were chased out of here because of involvement in a malicious price war, what would be left of his reputation? Wait, this brat could not have purposely done it, right? Purposely causing public shame to him, and helping his Third Younger Brother to clear all the obstacles in his path?

He had just barely finished that thought, when he saw that the auctioneer had returned. The latter said, “I have just confirmed with one of the senior officials of our Pavilion. That esteemed guest is definitely able to produce 40 million. Additionally, even if that esteemed guest does not have a single copper coin on him, our Pavilion is willing to give him a credit limit of 1 billion.”

“Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!”

Everyone choked, and began to cough uncontrollably.

A credit limit of 1 billion… what kind of concept was that?

Ling Han did not have to spend a single cent and would be able to simply take home an auction item worth 1 billion, as the Spirit Treasures Pavilion would advance funds for him first. Such an honor…. would even the Clan Heads of the Eight Great Clans be able to enjoy this honor?

The Eldest Imperial Prince was gaping widely in shock, a powerful astonishment in his eyes.

The Spirit Treasures Pavilion looked too highly on Ling Han, didn’t they? They not only gave him the use of a private room on the third floor, but even gave him a credit limit of 1 billion. When he thought about it, even he felt extreme envy at such priority treatment.

Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, “Since my wealth is confirmed, then to be fair, your wealth should be confirmed as well. I am also suspicious whether you two are really poor and simply engaging me in a malicious price war.”

When these words were heard, Sun Zi Yan and Chen Yun Xiang’s expressions instantly changed. They were definitely unable to produce 30 million in cash.

“Heng, I am a member of the Sun Clan. So how could it be possible that I would not be able to produce a mere 30 million?” Sun Zi Yan said very forcefully.

“If these words were spoken by the Clan Head of the Sun Clan, that’s fine. But for a mere junior of the Clan, being able to produce 3 million would already be impressive enough.” Someone laughed mockingly. It was of course one of Sun Zi Yan’s rivals.

“That’s right. It must be investigated. Otherwise, it would not be fair!” Another person joined in on the excitement.

A young and quick-tempered person like Sun Zi Yan would have naturally made quite a few enemies. However, most of them would waver in the face of the power of each other’s respective Clans and not push the issue. Thus, at this time, there were of course people ready to hit him when he was down.

“Please cooperate, Young Master Sun,” the auctioneer said. Since Ling Han’s wealth was confirmed, then it was natural that Sun Zi Yan and Chen Yun Xiang had to be investigated as well. Otherwise, it would not be fair.

The most important thing in the auction was to be fair, and what everyone hated the most was a malicious price war.

Immediately, someone from the Spirit Treasures Pavilion entered into the private room of Sun Zi Yan and Chen Yun Xiang. After a while, the auctioneer said, “From the results of our investigation, the total sum of cash that Young Master Sun and Old Master Chen can pay is 9 million, which is very far from their bid of 30 million.”

When these words were heard, quite a number of people smirked coldly. If they were not elites of Spiritual Ocean Tier, and had come specifically for the Foundation Building Pills, who would actually have more than 10 million on them?

This time, Sun Zi Yan had really ruined his whole reputation.

Sun Zi Yan and Chen Yun Xiang were immediately cast out of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion. Because it was Chen Yun Xiang who had made the bids, and he did not have any form of cultivation at all, there was no cultivation to be crippled. However, there was no way that the two of them would be allowed to enter into the Spirit Treasures Pavilion again for the rest of their lives.