Chapter 192

Chapter 192 of 250 chapters

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That was because the words written on the sign that Ling Han had put up were indeed a bit shocking.

“Recruiting people to go to the Earth and Water Faction for a fight. Rewards are as follows: Gushing Spring Tier, 10,000 silver coins per day, Spiritual Ocean Tier, 100,000 silver coins per day, Element Gathering Tier need not apply.”

Go to the Earth and Water Faction for a fight?

What kind of a place was the Earth and Water Faction? It had a Spiritual Ocean Tier elite to oversee things, and was at the same level as a middle-class clan. Going there to fight, then that would mean having to stand against a Spiritual Ocean Tier elite! There were only so many Spiritual Pedestal Tier elites in Rain Country, and underneath Spiritual Pedestal Tier, the strongest would be Spiritual Ocean Tier. Who would dare go to make trouble?

However, on the other hand, the rewards that Ling Han promised were indeed enough of a shock themselves. A Gushing Spring Tier martial artist would be able to earn 10,000 in one day, while a Spiritual Ocean Tier martial artist could earn 100,000 per day.

Earning 100,000 per day; that would mean earning 3 million in a single month. What kind of unbelievable concept was that?

Even if it was a Great Clan like one of the Eight Great Clans, their net monthly income would not exceed 10 million. And now a single person would be able to earn 3 million. That was comparable to one third of the monthly income of a Great Clan. How shocking was that?

Moreover, the Eight Great Clans were only able to earn so much profit because they had Spiritual Pedestal Tier elites in their ranks, and now three Spiritual Ocean Tier martial artists would be able to earn about the same amount!

All of a sudden, this attracted the attention of a lot of people, but all of them were merely watching. None actually approached to get the exact details of the mission. After all, Ling Han was really much too young. Who would believe that he would be able to produce such a massive sum of money? Moreover, the Earth and Water Faction was nothing to play around with.

Thus, everyone merely chose to stand by and watch at this point in time.

“You can’t simply set up a sign here. If the contract has not obtained the acknowledgement and guarantee of the Heaven Military Hall, everyone will not believe that you really have such wealth,” Liu Yu Tong reminded.

“All right, then. Let’s go inside then.” Ling Han strode towards the Heaven Military Hall.

He came to a free window, and said, “I would like to post a mission.”

“Young Master, what mission would you like to post?” the young girl who was in charge of registering missions asked. She was quite a pretty girl.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “Going to the Earth and Water Faction for a fight.”

The young girl’s pretty face twitched uncontrollably. She was naturally aware of what kind of place the Earth and Water Faction was. She shook her head quickly, and said, “Young Master, don’t joke around. The Earth and Water Faction is a party of the Imperial City. Putting aside whether you have such ability, Young Master, even if you do have, the imperial guards will still stop you from going there to make trouble. The Heaven Military Hall will not accept such a request.”

“Then, how about this?” Ling Han thought for a moment, then said, “Change it to going to the Earth and Water Faction for a walk, recruiting people to protect me.”

For a walk?

The young girl’s mouth once again twitched. Who would simply allow intruders to enter into their home to take a walk?

“There’s no problem with this kind of request, right?” Ling Han asked, smiling.

On the surface, there was naturally no issue with going for a walk, but anyone would know that this going for a walk was actually going for a fight. The young girl grimaced, then said, “There is indeed no problem, but, Young Master—”

“If there’s no problem, then hang up the mission for me. You do not have to bother about any other things.” Ling Han smiled, handed over some monetary notes, and said, “The rewards are as follows…” He recited the rewards list, then added, “Ten Spiritual Ocean Tier martial artists would be enough, and Gushing Spring Tier… a hundred should be good enough.”

The expression of the pretty young girl immediately changed. What a humongous expense was this? Her first reaction was that Ling Han must be joking, but there was nothing false about the monetary notes that he had handed over. The total amount was 6 million. It was enough to hire such a group for up to three days.

This young master… was an extremely rich young man.

She hurriedly registered Ling Han’s request. Anyways, as long as there was no breach of the Heaven Military Hall’s rules and the rewards were paid, then however weird or bizarre a request it was, it would be announced to all the members of the Heaven Military Hall.

Because the reward for this request was so colossal, it instantly became the focus of attention.

“What, hiring bodyguards to go for a walk at the Earth and Water Faction? Is this some kind of joke?”

“Don’t care whether it’s a joke or not. Now that it is posted, then that means that there is absolutely no problem with the validity of the reward.”

“Hiss, a day equals 10,000!”

“If you’re in Spiritual Ocean Tier, you can even earn 100,000!”

The whole plaza became lively. Some of them recalled the signboard that Ling Han had put up previously, and they went over to find him.

Ling Han was already standing there, and those people immediately began enquiring him about the details of the request.

“Young Master, I am in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier, and have one foot into Gushing Spring Tier. How about it? I only want 5000 silver coins.”

“I am in the eighth layer of Element Gathering Tier, and I only require 4000 coins.”

Those enquiring were mostly all in Element Gathering Tier, and were only there to join in on the excitement. Meanwhile, those Spiritual Ocean Tier elites were merely observing. After all, the Earth and Water Faction was not something to joke about.

Ling Han merely pointed at the sign that he had put up. What did he need Element Gathering Tier martial artists for? He himself was in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier, and gathering a bunch of lackeys at this level was not impressive enough.

His eyes swept over the surroundings, when a smile suddenly appeared on his face. He walked forwards, where a middle-aged man was sitting on a stone lion. There was a wine gourd in his hand, and he kept pouring wine into his mouth endlessly.

“Yi, this brat has quite good eyes, to actually fix his eye on Master Guang Yuan!”

“What, the Master Guang Yuan who is known to be able to shatter a mountain with seven punches?”

“That’s right. He’s one of the top ten strongest warriors of our Heaven Military Hall!”

“Hiss, his cultivation level is the fifth layer of Spiritual Ocean Tier. In the past, he was also considered as a genius of martial arts, but for some unknown reason, has been stagnating on the fifth layer of Spiritual Ocean Tier for such a long time.”

“Are you an idiot? Every step in Spiritual Ocean Tier is as difficult as climbing to heaven. It is not uncommon for some to be stuck for their whole life in this tier.”

When they saw that middle-aged man, everyone exclaimed in shock.

Ling Han naturally did not know that this large man’s name was Guang Yuan. He had only noticed the latter’s cultivation level, and so had decided to approach him. However, as his attention became more focused, he found out even more information, and he could not help but smile.

“The more you drink to forget your troubles, the more troubled you will feel,” he said to Guang Yuan.

“What does a little brat know about troubles?” Guang Yuan asked calmly, not even turning around to look at Ling Han.

“You’re cultivating the Large Sun Heaven Heart Scroll, right?” Ling Han lowered his voice considerably, only loud enough for just Guang Yuan to hear.

Guang Yuan’s expression changed drastically, and he could not help but stop his actions of continuing to drink. He looked towards Ling Han, and similarly lowered his voice to a whisper, and asked, “How did you know?”

“I not only know that you’re cultivating the Large Sun Heaven Heart Scroll, I also know that you have made some mistake in your cultivation. At present, isn’t the third bone on your spine faintly aching?” Ling Han asked calmly.

This time, Guang Yuan could no longer maintain his composure. He suddenly leaped up from the stone lion, stood in front of Ling Han, and asked, “Who are you?” It was only in this year that he had discovered there was a problem in his cultivation, and the symptoms were exactly like what Ling Han had pointed out, the third bone of his spine would faintly ache.

“Come, come, come. Accept my request, and I will give you a very fortunate opportunity. It will not only solve your current problem, you may even be able to advance further,” Ling Han said, smiling faintly, like a demon bewitching a human.

It was only now that Guang Yuan saw the sign that Ling Han had put up; he could not help but wear a strange expression, and said, “You have quite a bold personality.”

“Not too bad. That’s why I’m looking for a few bodyguards!” Ling Han said, smiling.

A thoughtful expression appeared on Guang Yuan’s face. Since Ling Han could tell that he was cultivating the Large Sun Heaven Heart Scroll, and could also tell that he had encountered a problem in his cultivation, then that would imply that there was a very high chance that Ling Han could solve his problem.

He decided to take the gamble.

“All right then. I’ll accept this request!”