Chapter 196

Chapter 196 of 250 chapters

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Ling Han and Hu Niu both wreaked great havoc. With a punch and a kick, the mayhem began, starting from the main doors onwards. Whatever they saw, they destroyed, creating a path of ruin and destruction towards the Main Hall, leaving wreckage and damage behind them.

Of course, there were even more members of the Earth and Water Faction who had jumped out to stop them, but Ling Han had hired as many as one hundred Gushing Tier martial artists, and now was the time to make use of them. They too jumped out and blocked the incoming attacks, ensuring Ling Han’s safety.

When Ling Han led his path of destruction all the way to the Main Hall, what was originally a beautiful garden and an elegant corridor was already in complete disorder. Ruined flowers were here and there, broken pieces of the pillars were all over the floor… it was as if there was a demolition project going on in this place.

“Stop it!” A mighty voice was heard, and a tall, old man appeared. There was an endless frosty and powerful aura exuding from his whole body, filled with the forceful air of a person who had occupied a high social rank for a long time.

It was the Faction Leader of the Earth and Water Faction, whose cultivation level was in the fifth layer of Spiritual Ocean Tier.

Everyone could not help but stop moving. The reputation of a person was like the shadow cast by a tree. No matter what, Yang Tian Du was still the Leader of a Faction, and so naturally had his own influence.

However, it seems that his influence and reputation had no obvious effect on the demolishing duo.

Kuang! Peng! Guang!

Ling Han and Hu Niu were very much enjoying the process of spreading damage, and there were even more things that could be broken in the Main Hall, such as tables, chairs, vases, screens, and so on. Especially in Hu Niu’s case. She had been raised by a ferocious beast in the first place, so there was a thirst for blood and destruction flowing in her veins. This nature had only been temporarily repressed at Ling Han’s side, and was now being slowly set free. She bared her little canines, fully displaying her fierce nature, as if she herself was a little tiger.

“I told you two to stop!” Yang Tian Du shouted in fury. His voice became a ripple that swept out towards Ling Han and Hu Niu.

Hu Niu’s figure twisted and dodged, as if she could teleport, and actually managed to dodge the sound wave created by this shout miraculously. Meanwhile, Ling Han’s left hand moved, and the Blood Sucking Origin Gold transformed into a concave mirror. The power of the sound wave collected in front of it and was reflected back in a straight line. With a pu , it actually crushed the legs of a nearby member of the Earth and Water Faction into a foam of blood.

Ling Han withdrew the Origin Gold, shook his head and said, “Leader Yang is indeed unrivalled in your power. Merely one shout and you can actually liquefy the flesh and blood of a human being. You truly deserve the name of an elite in Spiritual Ocean Tier! However, why had you attacked your own people? Could it be he cuckolded you?”

Even if Yang Tian Du was a subtle person by nature, he could not help but turn green after hearing such words. He said coldly, “Brat, a loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble. You’re definitely going to die today!” He suddenly moved, moving as fast as a lightning bolt. With a single leap, he was right in front of Ling Han, and stretched out his hand in a strike.

“Get lost!” Guang Yuan moved, becoming a golden Buddha. He struck out with a palm strike, and golden light filled the air.

Peng !

The two elites clashed head on for a single strike, and both of them were slightly trembling from the force. Then they each took seven steps back. However, Guang Yuan’s expression changed slightly, and he took another step back and finally managed to steady his footing. This was because he suffered from an ailment. If not, he would definitely not have been at a disadvantage in this clash.

“Shatter a Mountain with Seven Punches, Guang Yuan?” With one glance, Yang Tian Du recognized his opponent.

“Sword of Rioting Shadows, Yang Tian Du!” Guang Yuan said calmly.

Yang Tian Du could not help but become cautious. Guang Yuan was also in the fifth layer of Spiritual Ocean Tier. Though the latter had been at a slight disadvantage in that clash of blows just now, if there was another person who joined forces with him, that would be enough to oppose him.

Ling Han had in total seven Spiritual Ocean Tier elites on his side, while he only had three on his side. In terms of numbers, he was at too much of a disadvantage.

“Brother Guang Yuan, why do you need to involve yourself with this nasty business? Why don’t you choose to stand by and do nothing, and in return, I shall owe you a debt. Agreed?” Yang Tian Du decided to restrain his displeasure for the moment.

Guang Yuang laughed disdainfully, and said, “Is the Great Leader Yang not aware of the grand reputation of the Earth and Water Faction? I dare not accept a debt from you!”

Yang Tian Du was so angry he was shaking. This was completely ridiculing him!

“However!” Guang Yuan’s words took a swift turn. “We are only hired to protect Young Master Han. As long as Young Master Han is unharmed, we would of course not make a move. Thus, why won’t the Great Leader Yang give us all some face and let Ling Han take a walk around here and go for a look around, and we can just enjoy some tea and chat in the meanwhile. How about it?”

‘How about it your sister!’

All the members of the Earth and Water Faction looked like they wanted to commit murder. This walk of Ling Han was not the slightest bit peaceful. From the moment he had entered, he had started his path of destruction, and was even worse than a gang of bandits suddenly set upon them. If they allowed him to walk around for a while, then would there be an undamaged tile left in the headquarters of the Earth and Water Faction?

Yang Tian Du’s eyes swept over the group, and his eyes suddenly lit up. He asked, “Everyone, you only need to ensure the safety of this young man, right?”

“Naturally!” Guang Yuan and the others nodded.

“Then this young girl and the little girl should not be included in your protection, right?” A cold smirk curled around the corners of Yang Tian Du’s lips.

He was talking about Liu Yu Tong and Hu Niu.

“Indeed, no!” Guang Yuan and the others shook their heads.

“Good!” Yang Tian Du gave a wave of his hand, pointed at Liu Yu Tong and Hu Niu, and commanded, “Apprehend the two of them!” He calmed down and lifted his tea cup for a sip, feeling that everything was back under his control.

“Yes, Faction Leader!” The members of the Earth and Water Faction all got the wind back into their sails. They had finally found a weakness, and could finally turn the tables and get back into control!

Ling Han laughed, and said, “Allow me to introduce! This beautiful young Miss has the surname of Liu, and the given name of Yu Tong. She is the princess of the Liu Clan of the Eight Great Clans! Hehe, I am really impressed, Great Leader Yang. You are indeed very brave to actually dare to make a move on even the Young Miss of the Liu Clan! Awesome, there would definitely be no one else with such overwhelming courage like you!”


Yang Tian Du instantly spat out a mouthful of hot tea. How could Lu Yue, who had been beside him, foreseen such a ‘sneak attack’? As a result, his whole face was covered with tea. His eyebrows, hair, and beard were all stuck onto his face.

“S-stop!” Yang Tian Du did not have the time to comfort Lu Yue and hurriedly shouted at his underlings to stop. If they actually dared to come to blows with the princess of the Liu Clan, then most likely, the powerful elites of the Liu Clan would soon come over and turn the whole Earth and Water Faction upside down.

“It is indeed the Young Miss of the Liu Clan. I’ve seen her once before.”

“She’s one of the Twin Pearls of the Imperial City. Who would not have heard of her? She is indeed shockingly beautiful.”

“Why would she be with such a detestable brat?”

The people of the Earth and Water Faction mumbled amongst themselves. Even the princess of the Liu Clan was involved… they seemed to smell a scent of danger—could it be that the Liu Clan was displeased with them, and had deliberately sent Ling Han over to give them a little punishment?

“Don’t misunderstand!” Ling Han smiled slightly, and took the initiative to explain, “This has nothing to do with the Liu Clan. The reason I came today is actually very simple. Last night, you guys crashed my… Yu Tong, how many of our stores have been crashed?”

“Forty-seven,” Liu Yu Tong instantly answered.

“You guys crashed forty-seven of my stores, so I have come today to get some justice.” Ling Han grinned. “How much do you intend to pay to compensate for my loss?”

‘F***, you came to make damage and destruction at the Earth and Water Faction, and actually want us to give you an explanation?’

The people of the Earth and Water Faction were all furious at this. They usually bullied the commoners and acted tyrannical on the streets, doing all kinds of bad deeds. They could be considered quite shameless people themselves, but now they realized that compared with Ling Han’s shamelessness, they paled in comparison.

“You came to make trouble at our Faction, and still want our Faction to pay you compensation?” Yang Tian Du was so extremely furious that he laughed, his tone cold and dark.

“Not paying?” Ling Han grinned. “Then I’ll just continue to spread destruction!”