Chapter 197

Chapter 197 of 250 chapters

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Kuang! Kuang! Kuang! Ling Han moved and mercilessly went back to his path of destruction. Hu Niu had already returned to Ling Han’s side, to avoid being ambushed by the Earth and Water Faction. If she were captured and held hostage, then Ling Han would still be slightly troubled.

“Stop!” The men of Earth and Water Faction once again tried to stop him. But one move from them, and Guang Yuan and his group would move as well, creating a domino effect and once again inciting the start of a battle royale.

“Please do not make things difficult for us, fellows,” Guang Yuan and his group said.


There were already some men of the Earth and Water Faction who had spat out blood in their overwhelming rage. It was this brat who had first come to their place to make trouble, but why were they the ones being advised not to make a move and create trouble for him? Was there any such logic in this world?

Whatever Ling Han saw, he would smash. Hu Niu had transformed into a creature of violence and destroyed the furniture and ornaments in the place, reducing them to an indescribable state. Though there were only two of them, one adult and one child, but how could the destructive power of Gushing Spring Tier be taken lightly?

“En, this vase is not bad!” Ling Han picked up a vase, and with a kuang , it had shattered into a hundred pieces. He shrugged, and said, “Aiyo, my hand slipped.”

Kuang , and another delicate vase was shattered.

“My hand slipped again.”


“Why is my hand so slippery today!”

“Great Leader Yang, whenever you have made the decision to compensate me, you can come over and discuss it with me!” Ling Han said with a smile as he smashed a painting that had been hanging on the wall of the Main Hall into pieces, causing Hu Niu to clap her hands in delight.

Because the painting depicted a fierce tiger with white eyes that had been hung up. It had obviously offended the little girl.

Yang Tian Du’s face was dark and cold. After gritting his teeth for a moment, he said, “Make a report to the Imperial Guards. Tell them that someone has trespassed into our residence illegally and is committing a crime here!”

“Leader!” The members of the Earth and Water Faction all exclaimed in shock. If they actually reported this to the Imperial Guards, then what would be left of their reputation? They were a great Faction, and were actually forced by a young man to the extent that they had to get the Imperial Guards to solve the issue. If this news spread out, then what pride would they have left?

“Do you think that it’ll help our pride to have this kind of situation continue?” Yang Tian Du humphed.

The rest all immediately fell silent. That’s right. Ling Han was currently very much enjoying his destruction and devastation, yet they could only stand by and watch helplessly. If the situation continued, was this anything to be proud of?

“I’ll go!” Lu Yue gritted his teeth and accepted this mission. He really could not bear to just stand by and watch helplessly as Ling Han continued on his path of devastation, so he might as well leave. What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.

“Then it’s up to you, Elder Lu,” Yang Tian Du said.

Lu Yue left. Now that they were at this level, the people of the Earth and Water Faction decided they might as well get over it, and simply wait for the Imperial Guards to deal with Ling Han. One had to know that the Empire had its own laws. Publicly destroying the private residence of another was also quite a serious crime.

After only about half an hour, Lu Yue returned with a troop of several dozen Imperial Guards. Though they were not a large number, and the one walking in the lead was only in Gushing Spring Tier, their identity as Imperial Guards was still there. Would Guang Yuan and his group still dare to go against these Imperial Guards?

If they dared to make a move, that would mean becoming an enemy of the Empire, and that equated to a major offense of treason!

The men of the Earth and Water Faction had never been so desperate to see the Imperial Guards until this moment. Their eyes had turned red in their excitement and they went up to receive them. Their greetings and reception were so warm that the Imperial Guards experienced a bit of a shock. These guys were smiling in a way that was a bit scary. We’re all men here. Why are you grabbing onto my hand, and still not letting go? Could it be that you’re interested in me?

“Captain Zuo!” Yang Tian Du greeted the minor captain of the Imperial Guards, and said, “There is a mad man creating great damage in this place of mine, and disregards the laws of the Empire entirely. Please arrest him, and punish him severely according to the laws!”

Captain Zuo looked strangely at him, and asked, “With your ability, you are still unable to apprehend this mad man, Master Yang?”

The members of the Earth and Water Faction all flushed, while Yang Tian Du simply said composedly, “We are all good citizens who obey the laws, so how could we so easily resort to force? Our first reaction was naturally to make a report to Captain Zuo, and get the Imperial Guards to arrest the criminal. This is the natural course of events, and abides by the laws of our nation.”

Tsk, tsk, tsk. How nice these words sound.

Captain Zuo’s face twitched violently. He was naturally aware of the kind of characters that were in the Earth and Water Faction. When he heard Yang Tian Du call himself a good citizen, he suddenly felt an urge to throw up. Thankfully, he managed to repress this urge. Otherwise, if he had really thrown up over Yang Tian Du, then it would not be easily explained even if he were a minor captain of the Imperial Guards.

“Hahaha, Leader Yang’s tolerance is really impressive, making me think of an animal called the tortoise!” Guang Yuan laughed loudly. “If Leader Yang returns home one day and sees a lecherous criminal trying to do that to your beautiful little concubine, would Leader Yang still abide by the laws of the Empire, and first make a report to the Imperial Guards?”

“Naturally!” One of the other lone cultivators laughed as well.

“But is it really good to be cuckolded like this?”

“Who knows, perhaps Master Yang has never had any children all these years, and so would bear being cuckolded just to become a happy father?”

“Hahahaha!” The rest of the lone cultivators did not hold much respect for anyone in the first place, so they too joined in on the raucous laughter.

Yang Tian Du was so enraged he was shaking. However, he only pretended he had not heard anything, and said, “Captain Zuo, please uphold justice!”

“All right!” Captain Zuo agreed. This was part of his duties. “Where is the mad man?”

“There!” Yang Tian Du pointed at a place where smoke and dust was wafting out from. Obviously, Ling Han was currently creating damage there.

Captain Zuo waved his hand, and brought his men over. After a moment, he finally spotted Ling Han and Hu Niu who were in the midst of their fun and delighting in their destruction. Instantly, his heart trembled.

He had seen Ling Han’s portrait before. That was when a strict command had come from his superiors. As long as Ling Han did not do something atrocious like committing murder, then no matter what other things he did, the Imperial Guards were to turn a blind eye to it, and if he encountered any danger, they were to even help him out.

“Captain Zuo, please act quickly, to avoid a greater loss,” Yang Tian Du said from the side, for there was suddenly no movement from Captain Zuo.

Captain Zuo gave a sigh, shook his head, and said, “I don’t have the ability to deal with this issue!”

“What?!” Yang Tian Du had a sudden urge to go on a rampage. Not even the Imperial Guards were able to deal with this, are you messing around with me?

“Master Yang, you’re on your own!” Captain Zuo revealed a meaningful smile. “Additionally, let me give Master Yang a word of warning. You must definitely not injure this person. Otherwise… I would have no choice but to arrest you.”


Yang Tian Du was currently feeling very depressed. He invited the Imperial Guards over to help him out, but now they were actually all on the other side. How could he endure this?

Captain Zuo did not say anything else. With a wave of his hand, the several dozen men all stood at one side, as if they were there to keep Yang Tian Du under surveillance.

All of a sudden, the members of the Earth and Water Faction cursed Captain Zuo and all his ancestors. How could they be bullied to this extent?

Peng! Peng! Peng!

On the other side, Ling Han and Hu Niu were still causing great damage and destruction, and from the looks of it, they would not desist unless the whole Earth and Water Faction was destroyed.

Yang Tian Du sighed, closed his eyes, and curled his hands into fists. Because he had used too much strength, his hands were slightly trembling. After a moment, he snapped open his eyes, and said, “Young Master Han, let us come and discuss the matter of compensation!”

He decided to yield.

There was no other way. If it was a clash of power, Ling Han had seven Spiritual Ocean Tier elites and a hundred Gushing Spring Tier martial artists behind him, which was enough to dominate the Earth and Water Faction. If they went the official route, Ling Han was even more awesome. The Imperial Guards not only did not deal with the issue, but would also step up to protect him.

What else could he do then?

“Hahahaha!” Guang Yuan and his group laughed loudly. “Leader Yang’s divine art of the tortoise is indeed practiced to the point of perfection. You can really pull back so smoothly and so easily!”

“I’m impressed!”

“I definitely wouldn’t be able to learn this art!”