Chapter 213

Chapter 213 of 250 chapters

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“What’s going on here?” A few Imperial Guards arrived slowly. When they saw a headless corpse on the ground, their expressions immediately changed. They were responsible for maintaining order in this place, and now that someone has died, it would be difficult for them to make their report.

“Sirs, this man committed murder in public. We implore you, sirs, to act and apprehend him!” the four Guardian Deities all pointed at Ling Han.

When the Imperial Guards saw Ling Han, they couldn’t stop their faces from twitching.

They naturally knew who Ling Han was. Their superiors had already commanded repeatedly that they were definitely not to come into conflict with this person. But this brat really caused too much worry; how could he simply commit murder in public?

Ling Han scoffed, and said, “Firstly, there is a need for me to correct you. This is not the Imperial City. As martial artists, it is only a matter of course for us to have conflicts with each other in the wild. Just now, I had a bit of a conflict with that idiot, but in the end, this idiot was really too weak. Just one blow, and he was finished.”

Everyone stared blankly. Indeed, this was not the Imperial City; it was seven hundred miles away from the Imperial City. It was just the fact that everyone around here had come from the Imperial City and there were also the Imperial Guards maintaining order here which led them to still have the mindset that they were in the Imperial City.

Fights and battles in the wild were indeed much too common. The number of people in Rain Country who had died because of this every year was uncountable. If each and every case was pursued, then Rain Country would probably be finished, because every single party was more or less involved in such battles.

However, though that was the logic, why did it sound a bit strange?

“Don’t create any more trouble. Otherwise, we will be placing you under arrest. If anyone dares resist, he will be killed with no exception!” One of the Imperial Guards finally decided not to pass judgement on Ling Han’s life until he was dead.

“Agreed!” Ling Han raised his hand and said. He had already killed the person he wanted to kill, and what’d follow would be the four Guardian Deities going crazy. He had no intention to make a move at all.

The four Guardian Deities were so mad they could spit blood. Wasn’t this aimed at them?

“Let’s go. We’ll go into the mystery realm. Everything will be discussed after Milord returns,” the Wolf Guardian Deity said in a low voice.

“When Milord returns this time, he will be bringing with him supreme authority. Not even if the Rain Emperor appeared would he be able to save this brat!” The Tiger Guardian Deity nodded as well.

“Enter the mystery realm!” the Elephant Guardian Deity said through gritted teeth. They had once again failed to protect Feng Luo; who knows whether or not Feng Yan would vent his fury on them when he returned. Just the thought of him was enough to freeze their hearts in their chests.

The four Guardian Deities entered into the mystery realm one by one, and instantly disappeared.

It was only now that Qi Yong Ye and the others sighed in relief. They realized that there was a layer of cold sweat on their foreheads, and they could feel that their bodies were cold.

“Brother Ling, you are really too bold,” Baili Teng Yun said, having lingering fear in his heart.

“He’s just a smelly bug. If I’ve stamped him to death, then I’ve stamped him to death,” Ling Han said unconcernedly.

“Though Feng Luo is not one to be feared, but Feng Yan…” Qi Yong Ye merely began. Who did not know that Feng Yan was extremely influential now? He could practically do anything in the Academy, and just the thought of forming a deadly enmity with Feng Yan was enough to scare anyone.

“Ai, Little Ye Ye!” Ling Han suddenly waved at someone behind them.

Qi Yong Ye and the others all turned around to look, and saw that it was a young man who only had one arm. He was only one person with one saber, but it was like he was a master of nature, with a supreme aura circulating around him. Anyone would become extremely insignificant in front of him.

Can Ye!

But… Little Ye Ye?

Everyone’s expressions became a little strange. Could it be that there was some ambiguous relation that could not be revealed between these two men?

Can Ye walked over and did not show any objection nor discomfort at how Ling Han had addressed him. Only the saber existed in his heart and spirit. So what if the whole world slandered him or spoke ill of him? One slash from him, and everything would be silenced.

“All right, since everyone in our group is here, let’s go!” Ling Han said, smiling.

When had Can Ye become one of their group?

Qi Yong Ye and the others were all astonished, but they did not say anything more. Instead, they kept close behind Ling Han and walked towards the teleportation door. As for the problem of Feng Yan, it was best to leave it to be discussed later.

Xiu, xiu, xiu. They passed through one by one. Ling Han was carrying Hu Niu, and in the instant he passed through the vortex, he felt as if even his soul was about to torn apart; time seemed to have lost all meaning, forever stagnating in that one moment.

He had just barely finished that thought when he suddenly appeared in an unfamiliar world. The green grass was laid out like a mattress, as if it was an ocean. As a breeze blew past, the grass would sway slightly, as if a gentle wave had passed through. There was an indescribable beauty to this place.

However, aside from Hu Niu, who was carried in his arms, his surroundings were completely empty. There was not even a ghost around.

Random teleportation.

Ling Han frowned. He had asked many questions, but this was the only thing he had not asked about. In the end, it was an absolute waste for them to have gathered before, and there was no point to it at all.

Thankfully, Hu Niu was clinging to him all along. Otherwise, who knows where this little girl would be sent to. Without him there to control her, who knows what kind of trouble the little girl would get into, especially with her ferocious nature.

“Wa!” Hu Niu jumped down from Ling Han’s body. Using all four of her limbs, she began to race around madly.

She had grown up in the forest since she was a child, and this kind of world was where she truly belonged.

Ling Han walked ahead, whereas Hu Niu was racing around happily. At one moment, she would be in front of Ling Han, and in the next, she would be behind him. Sometimes, she would be to his left, while at other times, she would be to his right. Even Ling Han was infected by her happy mood, and could not help but smile.

“Danger!” He was suddenly alerted, and hurriedly leaped towards Hu Niu.

Xiu , a small, white creature suddenly jumped out. It was a rabbit. It had been chewing on the grass, but Hu Niu’s running around had scared it out, making Ling Han think that it had been an enemy.

He smiled and stopped walking. Hu Niu, on the other hand, perked up and immediately tried to capture it. She raced after the rabbit, her mouth open wide, and kept trying to bite it.

Obviously, Hu Niu did not think the rabbit was cute at all, and merely thought of it as prey.

Xiu , the rabbit fled very quickly, but Hu Niu was not too slow either. She chased after it quickly, and Ling Han’s yell did not manage to stop Hu Niu, so he could only follow at her heels.

After a while, the rabbit scrambled into the grass, and there was no sign of it left. It seemed that it had fled into a rabbit’s hole. Hu Niu immediately began to dig at the ground with both hands, intending to capture this rabbit at all costs.

“Forget it, though that little guy is very fat, with your appetite, it’s not even enough to be an appetizer.” Ling Han picked Hu Niu up. The little girl was very displeased, pouting her mouth to show her displeasure.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, xiu. It was at this moment that a lot of rabbits jumped out from the rabbit’s hole. However, these rabbits were not cute all. They were as big as dogs, and had bright red eyes, exuding a bloodthirsty aura.


Ling Han cursed internally and could not help but be cautious. That was because these rabbits were actually in Element Gathering Tier, and there were even two of them that were in Gushing Spring Tier.

Thirty, forty, fifty… their numbers increased further and further. Finally, a giant rabbit that was about the size of a human being jumped out, and this last rabbit exuded an aura that would only come from someone in the late stage of Gushing Spring Tier.

Some people would say that they’ve poked the hornet’s nest, but now, it’s become the rabbit’s nest 1 .

Ling Han’s eyes swept over and he had done his calculations mentally: one was in the late stage of Gushing Spring Tier, seven were in the middle stage of Gushing Spring Tier, twenty one were in the early stage of Gushing Spring Tier, and there were even as many as a hundred rabbits in Element Gathering Tier.

He immediately realized there was no way to win, then hurriedly picked up Hu Niu and fled.

Since there was no way to win, then he’d just have to flee. That was the easiest way out.