Chapter 214

Chapter 214 of 250 chapters

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There was no other option but to flee. If there were less than ten of them in the early stage of Gushing Spring Tier, Ling Han could still somehow manage to fight them. But there were about twenty of them here, more than enough to drown him to death, what more when there were some that were in the middle stage and one in the late stage of Gushing Spring Tier.

If Ling Han had really charged forwards, that was not called battle. That was called delivering himself up to die.

He began to run, while those rabbits behind him refused to give up chasing after him.

Previously, it was Hu Niu who had been chasing after the little rabbit. Now, their positions were switched, and it was them now who were running like crazy.

Hu Niu was not anxious at all. She kept smacking Ling Han’s shoulder, and saying, “Run faster! Run faster!”

This little girl!

How could Ling Han spare the time to chastise the little girl? He could only channel all his energy into running for their lives. But the rabbit demons were well known for their speed in the first place, what more when there was an old rabbit monster that was in the late period of Gushing Spring Tier. Thus, in just a few moments, they were right behind Ling Han and opened their mouths, ready to bite.

As the old saying goes, if forced into desperate straits, even rabbits would bite. The two front teeth of that old rabbit demon were like hoes, long and sharp, flickering with cold light.

Ling Han transformed the Blood Sucking Origin Gold into a shield and blocked this attack. A powerful shock wave shook him, causing him to feel so bad he practically wanted to spit out blood. And with such a pause, the large number of rabbit demons who were right behind had come nearer.

From the way things were going now, he would definitely be unable to escape.

Ling Han sighed, drew out a Swift Cloud Talisman and slapped it onto his body.Weng , this ordinary-looking talisman paper suddenly shone brilliantly, and an indescribable power gushed into his body.

Xiu , he once again began to run furiously, and his speed had immediately increased tenfold.

“Zhi! Zhi! Zhi!” The rabbit demons released squeaks of anger, but Ling Han was getting farther and farther from them. Finally, Ling Han had left them completely behind him, and there was no sign of him left in their eyes.

Once a Spiritual Talisman was used, there would be no way to stop its effects. Ling Han did not want to waste it, so he continued to run forwards, and only when the effects of the Swift Cloud Talisman were completely spent did he stop. He took out an alchemical pill and swallowed it to heal the internal injuries he had suffered when he had clashed head-on with that old rabbit demon just now.

The Indestructible Heaven Scroll was circulated, and his injuries were healing at a visible rate.

‘As long as it’s not a major injury to my nerves or bones, I would be able to recover my injuries in the time for a cup of hot tea.’ Ling Han smiled. ‘However, even if I had suffered heavy injuries, I still have a drop of Indestructible True Fluid.’

“Fun! Fun!” Hu Niu said happily.

“Little girl, just to let you have a little fun for that short while, I actually used up a Swift Cloud Talisman!” Ling Han shook his head, petted Hu Niu’s head, and said, “This is a very dangerous place. Niu Niu, be good and don’t run around anymore.”

“En, Niu is a good Niu, will be good!” Hu Niu nodded her head earnestly, looking very serious.

Ling Han laughed. Just now, if Hu Niu had not gone to chase after that little rabbit, then would they still have disturbed those demonic beasts when they passed by the lair of the rabbit demons…? The answer was: who knows. That was because the rabbits lived underground, and were very sensitive to the tremors above the ground. Moreover, those red-eyed rabbits were obviously very ferocious; perhaps even if they had not disturbed them, they would still have gone berserk.

“Now, where should we go?” He drew out the map.

The entire Devil Sky Mystery Realm was very big and was rumored to be comparable to a country in size. This map only marked the outermost zone, which was roughly about one tenth of the area of the whole mystery realm.

…Which also meant that the Nine Nations of the Desolate North had only managed to make it this far, while the area beyond that was much too dangerous and there was no way to access it.

But it was also possible that some great party had made it into a deeper area but, to keep the benefits for themselves, did not share that information with anyone else.

This was very possible, because the deeper into the mystery realm, the higher the Grade of the cultivation and martial arts techniques would have to be, so why did they have to share that information with others? Why should they not leave it for themselves to exploit?

However, the Devil Sky Mystery Realm would rarely open, once in dozens of years at least, or a few hundred years at most. This was not very good to arrange. There were some parties that had been extremely influential the last time it opened, but may probably have declined to unimaginable levels the next time it opened.

‘My current location… er, the outermost zone is a plain, and has been named as the Grassy Plains. As long as I walk towards the center, there will be a Ring-shaped Mountain, which has a total of four ravines through which I can enter. And at the end of every ravine, there is a center hall.

If I want to enter the deeper areas of the Devil Sky Mystery Realm, I must pass through the four ravines—unless I am able to scale this Ring-shaped Mountain. However, it is said that this mountain is 1000 feet tall and is extremely steep, so there is no way to climb up the mountain.

Then I should find a ravine first. I am very curious about the depths of this mystery realm. What could be concealed inside?’

Ling Han looked into the distance, and indeed, he was able to see a dark shadow at the horizon. That would be the Ring-shaped Mountain, and it was so tall that it looked like it was connected to the sky.

“Let’s go!” Hu Niu acted like an adult, tugged on Ling Han’s hand and walked forwards.

They began their advance towards the Ring-shaped Mountain.

Ling Han very quickly discovered that there was no night in here, and though the sky was bright, there was no sun. This was not a complete world. Instead, it was “carved out” from the real world by an almighty person with supreme methods, so it was naturally not the same as the real world.

This was his first time entering into a mystery realm and he could not help but be astonished, feeling everything was very novel.

After journeying for about half a day, the little girl began to exclaim in her hunger.

Ling Han was also feeling a little hungry. Thankfully, he had a Spatial Ring, and had already readied a supply of food which was stored inside. And in order to satisfy Hu Niu’s monstrous appetite, he had also prepared some demonic beast meat. It was also a piece of meat, but it contained tenfold the energy that could be gotten from eating normal meat.

…The higher the grade of the demonic beast, the more energy and power was contained in their blood and bones.

The little girl had a very big appetite as her body required a colossal amount of energy, but there were also times when she had eaten too much—such as the time when she had eaten the root of that Divine Medicine. It directly transformed Hu Niu into an egg.

After eating their meal, they journeyed for a while longer before stopping to rest. They set up a tent on the grass and after enough sleep, they once again continued their journey.

There would be people of the Nine Nations gathered here as well, and the highest cultivation level that could enter was Spiritual Ocean Tier. Thus, they had to ensure that they were in prime condition at all times. Otherwise, if they were killed off, whom should they cry out their grievances to?

“The random teleportation is really detestable!” Ling Han sighed. Otherwise, he would have Guang Yuan by his side and would also be able to command Can Ye, so he would not have to be so cautious like how he was now.

Though they could not see the change from day to night here, Ling Han was still keeping track of the passage of time in his heart. After about three days, they could finally see the true form of the Ring-shaped Mountain ahead of them, and not the black lump they had been seeing for the last few days.

By this point, there was also gradually more trees, and it was no longer purely grass being the dominant plant species around them. These trees were all purple in color, scattered throughout a green plain that stretched as far as the eye could see; it was a unique scenery.

“Stand right there!” A voice was suddenly heard from the top of a tree.

Ling Han raised his head and saw that there was a person hunched down on top. The person was continuously waving a hand at him, signaling at him to stop going forwards. His eyes were sharp enough to see that the brand on the other’s arm was the same as his.

“Why?” Ling Han questioned.

That man looked a bit defiant, but he was more afraid that Ling Han would spoil things, so he could only say, “We are getting ready to kill a Fire-Eyed Bull, and this is the encirclement zone we have set up. That Fire-Eyed Bull is about to be tempted over, and if you enter, you may ruin our plans.”