Chapter 218

Chapter 218 of 250 chapters

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So sharp.

Ling Han nodded. If destructive power was the only thing in consideration here, this pair of bull horns had surpassed the sword he was using now. Of course, if he was able to use a suitable Spirit Tool, then the destructive power at his disposal would definitely not be beneath this pair of bull horns.

“Burp!” Hu Niu burped and patted her little tummy in satisfaction. She had really not eaten much today because the beef of the Fire-Eyed Bull contained too much nutrition—even she would not be able to take it if she had eaten too much.

Ling Han was also very full. Though he had the ability of a martial artist in the first layer of Gushing Spring Tier, he was still in Element Gathering Tier in truth. Thus, the meat of a Level Three demonic beast was also extremely nutritious to him. Unfortunately, he had not brought any Spiritual Herbs with him. Otherwise, he would be able to make a pot of soup, and allow the various essences to mingle. That was what a really nutritious meal would be like.

He sat down and began to digest his meal, whereas Hu Niu began to run around. This was one of her own methods to absorb nutrition—the other was naturally to sleep.

After about two hours, Ling Han stood up and smiled. ‘There has been a slight improvement to my muscles and blood vessels, whereas my cultivation has increased quite quickly.’ Obviously, the more precious an item was, the more it could help to improve one’s base. Those that could only increase cultivation could only be considered scraps.

‘If I eat some meat of the Fire-Eyed Bull everyday, and swallow some alchemical pills as well, I should be able to truly reach the peak of Element Gathering Tier in about ten days. Then I will break through to Gushing Spring Tier and unravel the secrets of the Black Tower.’

After he had dealt with the rest of the Fire-Eyed Bull, he stored everything in his Spatial Ring.

The two of them then continued on their way to the Ring-shaped Mountain.

On their journey, there was gradually more and more trees. There were even some villages, but they had been long abandoned, and there was no sign of life in them.

There were even some villas in the villages. They were very luxuriously decorated. Unfortunately, they were completely deteriorated, because who knows how many people had come to plunder them within these few thousand years; so, even if they had once been in a perfectly good condition, they would have been dug up and turned upside down later on.

It was said that the Great Clans of the Nine Nations of the Desolate North began to rise up after they first ventured into the Devil Sky Mystery Realm, and even managed to establish powerful nations, creating a base that endured for a few thousand years.

There were always those who were not willing to give up, and still continued to hunt around in the village. Who knows, they might be really, really lucky and discover a treasure that everyone else had somehow missed. There were also those who had ill intentions and lay in ambush in the village in order to rob those who had actually managed to find something.

In case of Ling Han and Hu Niu, one adult and one child, they didn’t even have any baggage on them, looking completely impoverished. Thus, they didn’t actually encounter any ambushes. They advanced smoothly on their way, and after another few days, they had arrived at the foot of the Ring-shaped Mountain.

Was this really a mountain?

Ling Han raised his head to look up, and doubt appeared on his face. That was because the slope was much too steep. Rather than calling it a mountain, it looked more like a wall.

But what kind of wall would be as tall as 1000 feet?

Was this the creation of an almighty warrior of Shattering Void Tier?

He sighed. He had never entered into a mystery realm in the past; otherwise, with his cultivation level of Heaven Tier, he would definitely be able to investigate the truth behind this place.

Because it was not easy to identify directions here, Ling Han and Hu Niu circled around the mountain. Anyways, there were only four ravines here, so they would at most only have to walk a quarter of a circle.

Two days later, they had still not managed to reach the ravine. Instead, there appeared a small lake in front of them, and Hu Niu instantly exclaimed about wanting to take a bath.

Ling Han had a Spatial Ring, so he could stuff all his clothes, food, and necessities inside, but he couldn’t possibly bring along even his bathwater and bathtub as well. That would occupy too much space. They had already been in the mystery realm for five days. Hu Niu used to be filthy and hated bathing, but after hanging around with Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan for so many days, she grew to love bathing. Everyday, she would shamelessly wash herself clean, what more after five days of not taking a bath.

“Let’s see if it’s safe or not first,” Ling Han said. He feared that there might be some dangerous demonic beast in the lake, or perhaps even the lake itself was a huge danger.

With a splash, the lake waters split open and a slender figure that had an astonishing beauty appeared.

Ling Han hurriedly pushed Hu Niu down and sat, thinking that he was probably going to get sties. He actually accidentally saw a woman bathing. He lowered his voice, and said, “Niu Niu, let’s wait for a while.”

Hu Niu did not understand, and her small mouth was instantly pouting to express her displeasure.

There were bushes all around the lake which provided very good cover. When the adult and child sitting on the ground, there was no need to worry that they would be discovered. However, after a while, there was a sha, sha, sha, and the bushes shook. A man actually appeared.

The guy’s backside was protruding, and he was half lying on his stomach on the ground. He kept looking in the direction of the lake, and crawled around in the meantime, seeming to be switching to different angles. As he peeped, he salivated and mumbled, “Indeed, one needs to change to different angles to admire a beauty to really enjoy it!”

Ling Han took a look, and could not help having a strange expression as he said, “Brother Pervert, why have we met again?”

The man was the self-proclaimed magnificent pervert, Gu Feng Hua.

Caught red-handed, Gu Feng Hua almost jumped up in his hiding spot. He turned around and spared Ling Han a glance, and a puzzled expression appeared on his face as he said, “How do you know I am a pervert? Could it be that my perversion is already as luminous as the sun, and has reached the level where others can spot it with one glance?”

“Brother Pervert does not remember me anymore?” Ling Han asked with a smile.

Gu Feng Hua stared at Ling Han for a while, then shook his head repeatedly and said, “You’re not a beauty, so how could I possibly remember you? Yi, could it be that we share common interests?” His eyes lit up and he pointed in the direction of the lake.

“Brother Pervert is talking so loudly; are you not scared you will alert that young miss?” Ling Han asked, smiling.

Gu Feng Hua hurriedly covered his mouth and said, “You almost spoiled my big business. If that girl had discovered me, then wouldn’t my efforts of tailing her all this while and taking advantage of her moment of distraction to scatter a handful of Itchy Powder on her, forcing her to have no choice but to take a bath, be completely wasted?

Ling Han’s mouth twitched as he said, “I am very deeply impressed with your determination, Brother Pervert! You are indeed very perverted!”

Gu Feng Hua looked very pleased with himself, and could not hold himself back from laughing out. Moreover, his laughter was getting louder and louder, and very hearty too.

“Who!?” The girl who had been bathing in the lake was naturally able to hear such a loud commotion. Shua , a white figure flashed past, and she had already dived into the bushes. She stretched out a delicate hand and instantly grabbed the clothing that she had hung on them.

After only a while, a flash of Sword Qi shot over, and the slash scattered sliced pieces of leaves flew all over. A young girl also arrived in a leap. There were still some droplets of water dripping down her hair, and her pretty face was filled with killing intent.

Ling Han picked up Hu Niu and leaped away together with Gu Feng Hua, avoiding this strike.

“Is every time you peek such a massacre, Brother Pervert?” Ling Han asked with a smile.

“Hey, don’t wrong me! I am only a pervert, not a bad man. A thing like peeping has naturally nothing to do with me!” Gu Feng Hua said seriously, waving his hands around fiercely, pushing away all blame.

“Yo, if you two big brothers like me, then just say it. Seeing as big brothers are so handsome, I may not be unwilling to have some fun with big brothers, so what need is there for you to peep so secretly at me?” The girl did not get any results with her attack, and actually withdrew her murderous air, her expression all smiles.

She was not a virtuous girl.