Chapter 225

Chapter 225 of 250 chapters

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Ao Yang Ming looked at Ling Han with a faint smile at the corner of his lips and said, “Ling Han, shouldn’t you return the ancient record I lent you earlier?”


Ling Han smiled as well, and asked somewhat surprised, “Lent? Old Brother Yang Ming, could it be that you forgot this was the price for saving you? And, weren’t you just calling me Young Master Han here and there? Now you’re directly calling me by name, aren’t you too quick at changing your attitude?

Some things were unspoken rules that everyone secretly knew, but it couldn’t be laid out on the table, like when Yang Ming pretended to be an underling because he lacked in strength. If he still acted like a great young master, then it was guaranteed he’d be killed in seconds.

…Oh, you say you’re the direct disciple of Winter Moon Sect? Show me the proof.

Not to mention the ability to produce the proof, even if it was possible, since he offended Moon Winter Sect’s disciple, why not just kill him instead of inviting trouble?

Therefore, Ao Yang Ming naturally acted humbly, and everyone understood why; however, Ling Han laid it bare in public, not giving him any face.

Ao Yang Ming’s face suddenly had a hint of haze; the old man known as Uncle Fu was burning with murderous spirit, taking a step out to say, “Young man, what nonsense are you saying? Speak carelessly and offend my family’s young master again, and I’ll definitely spill your blood all over!”

“Hehe!” Ao Yang Ming softly stopped Uncle Fu, and said, “Uncle Fu, Ling Han walked alongside with me. He can talk nonsense, but I can’t forget our old friendship.”

“Yes, Young Master is generous. This old servant admires you greatly!” Uncle Fu said with a bow, looking just like a slave.

This old man was a Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivator. In this small world, he was one of the top-notch cultivators, and as long as they flaunted their identity as Winter Moon Sect, even Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivators needed to give some face.

Qi Yong Ye and the others frowned. This old man completely submitted to Ao Yang Ming, and if Ao Yang Ming were determined to oppose Ling Han, then the situation would be far from good. This Ao Yang Ming was truly shameless. Clearly, Ling Han saved him; forget it if he wasn’t grateful, but he went as far as to point the muzzle at Ling Han!

Don’t burn the bridge after crossing it… he was a typical base person.

Ao Yang Ming looked again at Ling Han, and said indifferently, “Ling Han, hand over the ancient record and we’re still friends, otherwise…” He didn’t continue, but Uncle Fu showed a terribly ferocious look, displaying most vividly his dog-slavish appearance.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, “When you’ve got problems, you call me young master Han, and when you don’t, you call me Ling Han. Could you be a chameleon? Ao Yang Ming, since when were you my friend? Are you fit to be?”

Ao Yang Ming’s expression changed abruptly, and Uncle Fu step forward again, ready to strike, but Ao Yang Ming reached out and halted him. This young man’s expression was cold like water as he looked towards Qi Yong Ye and the others, and said, “Everyone, you’ve all seen Ling Han’s arrogance. Do you still want to walk down the shady path? This young master will give you all a chance to sever your connections with Ling Han, and stand behind this young master. Otherwise… you’ll be enemies of Winter Moon Sect!”

Those were quite some big words—Winter Moon Sect’s enemies? Even those who controlled the eight large families would feel a chill in their hearts, let alone Qi Yong Ye and these juniors. That was a superpower with Spiritual Infant cultivators, and them dispatching a random Flower Blossom Tier could create a massive disturbance for Rain Country.

Although Ao Yang Ming couldn’t truly represent Winter Moon Sect and move Flower Blossom Tier cultivators, Uncle Fu, who stood behind him, alone could suppress all of them.

Moreover, Ao Yang Ming could attack absolutely unrestrained, yet would Qi Yong Ye and the others dare to harm him? If Ao Yang Ming didn’t reveal his identity, then killing him would be nothing—no one would know, or have to worry about Winter Moon Sect’s revenge. But how many people were in the large hall now?

Especially with Fire Country’s martial artists, they would be extremely happy to see Rain Country’s people and Winter Moon Sect come into conflict, and better yet, draw out Winter Moon Sect’s elders, wiping away Rain Country with a single hand.

Only able to take a beating and with no way to retaliate—how would one fight a war like that?

Ao Yang Ming sneered. He wanted Ling Han to taste betrayal and isolation, then physically attack him, making him break down completely.

Qi Yong Ye and the others were indecisive, but Jin Wu Ji was the first to stand by Ling Han’s side, his expression resolute.

Only with Ling Han’s great assistance was he able to get together with Jiang Fei Yan—if he betrayed Ling Han now, would he still be called a man?

Can Ye walked over with an emotionless expression. He honored his words; a promise was like the weight of a mountain. Since he agreed to be Ling Han’s sidekick, before he could kill Ling Han with one slash, he’d never betray Ling Han.

With the two as an example, Qi Yong Ye and the others were naturally affected; considering that they all had a great social status, Ao Yang Ming wouldn’t be so rampant as to kill them all, would he?

With that thought in mind, they all stood by Ling Han, giving no face to Ao Yang Ming.

Watching one after another walk to Ling Han’s side, Ao Yang Ming’s expression fell, and his eyes seemed to be about to spout fire.

Were these people blind, rejecting a direct disciple of Winter Moon Sect and instead clinging onto Ling Han? Although Ling Han certainly was a bit weird, possessing a strong battle power, he was still an Element Gathering Tier martial artist when all was said and done.

“Good! Good! Good!” Ao Yang Ming planned to upset Ling Han by making him feel betrayal, thinking Ling Han would lose himself, and in this way, Liu Yu Tong’s positive feelings about Ling Han would definitely drop.

But now, the one who was humiliated was instead him.

How could he stand this emotionally?

“Ling Han, you’re not going to hand over what’s mine, right?” he said threateningly with murderous aura like a saber.

“Wrong, that was money used to buy your life. Want me to hand it over? Fine, but exchange for it with your life!” Ling Han said indifferently. As a former Heaven Tier cultivator, the pride and unyieldingness in his bones was tougher than anyone else’s. Moreover, Ao Yang Ming was also a Winter Moon Sect’s disciple that could be Ao Feng’s son, so he had even more reason not to be polite.

“How dare you!” Uncle Fu immediately yelled out with fury in his eyes, filled with murderous aura.

This time, Ao Yang Ming did not stop him and instead placed his hands behind his back, appearing extremely pretentious.

Uncle Fu understood, and approached Ling Han slowly step by step; his murderous aura was getting fiercer and fiercer. He intentionally tried to give Ling Han enormous pressure, attempting to make this junior collapse under the pressure.

Qi Yong Ye involuntarily took a few steps back. Though they were on Ling Han’s side, their relationship wasn’t so good as to fight a Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivator; that was simply suicide.

Ling Han didn’t have such intentions either. He already prepared a Swift Cloud Talisman, and at the crucial time, he was ready stick it on and run.

“Ah…” Just when things were about to ignite, a tragic scream came from below. A dark shadow rushed into the crowd, peng, peng, peng , the nearby people were shaken like rice straws, limbs and blood splattering everywhere.

Rong Huan Xuan’s figure appeared. He was still dragging three bronze caskets, but all three corpse soldiers were already out and on a killing spree!