Chapter 227

Chapter 227 of 250 chapters

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“You guys go first!” Ling Han said to Qi Yong Ye and the others.

“And you?” Liu Yu Tong asked hurriedly.

Ling Han smiled. “I won’t go for now, but I’ll quickly catch up to you guys!”

“Hahaha, you won’t be able to leave!” Rong Huan Xuan’s droning voice came from inside the bronze casket. “You all must die and become my Corpse Soldiers’ food!”

Ling Han ignored him, and said, “You guys go, that way I won’t have to worry!”

Qi Yong Ye and the rest nodded and left. They didn’t know why they believed Ling Han firmly; it was as if this boy had an ineffable charisma that made them involuntarily follow what he said.

When they backed Ling Han, part of it was due to his charismatic personality.

“Kill, don’t let a single one go!” Rong Huan Xuan yelled from inside the bronze casket.

The Silver-Armored Corpse immediately cast aside Uncle Fu and stood guard at the exit, killing whoever thought to escape. It had battle power of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, even exceeding nine stars in battle prowess. While it couldn’t use any techniques, it had lethal corpse poison instead, which was even better than techniques against people who were at lower tiers—one sweep killed an entire crowd.

“Stop it!” several Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivators yelled out. The juniors here were from their country; moreover, it involved the blood sacrifice problem. If it prompted the Blood Zombie to appear, then it truly would be a big incident. Thus, Eight Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivators fought the Silver-Armored Corpse together. “Everyone, leave the large hall immediately, and if you see other people on the way, tell them to change paths and head to other central halls!”

With the eight people blocking the Silver-Armored Corpse, the other people finally got the chance and fled continuously out the hall.

“Go!” Ling Han said to Liu Yu Tong.

“If you don’t go, then I won’t go!” Liu Yu Tong clenched her teeth as she said.

“Hmph, quite affectionate!” Ao Yang Ming sneered. “Uncle Fu, take them down!”

“Yes, Young Master!” Uncle Fu quickly nodded and stared coldly at Ling Han, approaching step by step.

“Time to go! Hold onto me!” Ling Han carried Hu Niu in one hand while yelling out to Liu Yu Tong.

Liu Yu Tong’s face reddened, but she clung onto Ling Han without hesitation. Smelling his strong and manly smell, she felt her heart thump fiercely, almost jumping out from her throat.

“Go? Where do you think you’re going?” Uncle Fu sneered. He was already blocking their way to the hall’s exit—was Ling Han still going to force his way through?

Ling Han dashed swiftly; with only a few steps, he was already at the edge of the hall. This hall had no surrounding sidewalls, and he could jump out whichever way. Only the direction of the entrance had flights of steps, as for the other three directions… well, sorry, that’s several thousand meters height; below was the concrete plaza, and jumping down from this height led only to death.

“Uncle Fu, bring them back!” Ao Yang Ming yelled out at once. Ling Han’s death didn’t matter, but if a beautiful woman like Liu Yu Tong were to fall and turn into a bloody mess, how unfortunate would that be?

“This old servant understands!” Uncle Fu scuttled to the edge of the hall. He reached out with his hand, forming a massive hand made of Origin Power, grabbing at Ling Han at an incredible speed. Spiritual Ocean Tier was Spiritual Ocean Tier after all; as his hands opened up, he already reached Ling Han’s back.

Seeing this, Liu Yu Tong grit her teeth and revealed a determined expression.

Ling Han noticed it, and said at once, “Don’t be reckless!”

However, Liu Yu Tong ignored him, and pushed Ling Han with both hands. Xiu , Ling Han fell faster, and she rammed into the large hand. Ding , she unleashed her sword, and sliced at the massive hand made of Origin Power.

The difference in strength was just too great. That massive hand clenched and Liu Yu Tong was easily captured. However, due to her action, Ling Han was already out of the massive hand’s furthest reach, so it could only roll back with Li Yu Tong in hold.

Pa , Uncle Fu threw Liu Yu Tong offhandedly to the ground and said to Ao Yang Ming, “This old servant has failed you, please punish me, Young Master!”

“No matter, that guy will face certain death anyways!” Ao Yang Ming scowled. He only cared for Liu Yu Tong; so what if Ling Han fell into bits? The ancient record wouldn’t break from the fall, so he could just pick it up from the corpse later.

However, his face instantly revealed an astounded expression, because Ling Han opened up a large umbrella as he fell and the speed of his descent slowed immediately; it was as if a cotton wad was floating in the air and into the distant forest.

Now, with this detour, even if Uncle Fu immediately chased out the hall, Ling Han would’ve already fallen into the forest. That was a natural barrier, and how would he find Ling Han after that?

“Damn it!” he immediately hollered, but when his gaze swept pass Liu Yu Tong, a smirk appeared at the corner of his lips. With this hostage in hand, he wouldn’t have to worry about Ling Han hiding forever and not coming out!

In the distance, Ling Han’s gaze was as if it could penetrate space, falling on Ao Yang Ming’s face.

At this moment, a fierce killing intent was born in his heart.

Ao Yang Ming automatically felt a chill within, but he immediately thought that with his identity, he had no need to fear this boy. Thus, he straightened his back at once.

Ling Han mouthed a few words, and didn’t look again, falling into the forest.

“Look, you risked your life for him, yet he didn’t even look back once more,” Ao Yang Ming said to Liu Yu Tong. This was naturally the time to drive a wedge between them.

Liu Yu Tong was unmoved and looked deridingly at Ao Yang Ming, and said, “He’ll come save me!”

“Oh, save you on what basis?” Ao Yang Ming sneered, “A mere trash with cultivation in the Element Gathering Tier.”

Liu Yu Tong said no more, as if holding Ao Yang Ming in contempt.

Ao Yang Ming was furious and about to flip out, but heard Uncle Fu say, “Young Master, it’s dangerous here. Let’s talk after we leave!” Ao Yang Ming could only nod, and say, “Go!”

The party left the large hall. They heard from afar the fierce sounds of the battle between the eight Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivators and the Silver-Armored Corpse, and a worried expression surfaced on their faces.


Ling Han put away the Blood Sucking Origin Gold, his expression gloomy as he walked along. Hu Niu sensed the rage hidden underneath Ling Han’s calm expression, and bared her teeth as if about to bite someone.

‘I can’t not save my attendant! However, if I go as I am now, it’s equivalent to suicide!’ Ling Han thought as he walked. ‘The only way is for me to break through to Gushing Spring Tier and obtain the Black Tower’s one-time power-up blessing. With the power of the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, I’ll find a chance to activate 10,000 Techniques Return to One, killing that old dog with a strike!’

10,000 Techniques Return to One cultivated to an extreme was essentially forging a thousand sword strikes into one, which allowed Ling Han to kill someone above his tier. However, this move required a terrifying amount of Origin Power; it was impossible for Ling Han to perform now, but with Spiritual Ocean Tier’s power, it was definitely possible.

“No matter what, I must break through to Gushing Spring!”

Ling Han set his resolution, found a covert place in the thick forest, and began the last power accumulation.

Within his Dantian, the origin nucleus hadn’t reached the extreme, but he needed at most only three days. He now was charging through with full force, and it was very possible that within two days he would reach Element Gathering Tier’s true extreme.

Two days, he only needed two days time!