Chapter 228

Chapter 228 of 250 chapters

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Ling Han charged toward the bottleneck with full force. Hu Niu also seemed to have received a shock; surprisingly, she wasn’t raucous and started cultivating too.

The two were both on the freakish level—Ling Han spent two days to reach the peak of the Element Gathering Tier, whereas Hu Niu reached the peak of the seventh layer of the Element Gathering Tier, not far from where Ling Han was.

“Break!” Ling Han took out a few medicinal pills and threw them into his mouth all at once.

He didn’t need to comprehend the next tier; as long as he had enough energy to support him, the door to Gushing Spring Tier would open.

“Break!” Hu Niu’s tender and sweet voice followed, and she began to charge toward the eighth layer of the Element Gathering Tier in a similar manner.

Within Ling Han’s body, an earthshaking change was happening.

A small tier’s increase was only the difference of one more origin nucleus. Even if he reached the tenth layer of the Element Gathering Tier, fusing nine large origin nuclei into one super-large origin nucleus, that was still a change in origin nuclei.

However, from Element Gathering Tier to Gushing Spring Tier, it was a qualitative change—a completely new change.

Transforming origin nucleus into a spring of Origin Power, a gushing Origin Power.

Crossing this step, a martial artist’s power would increase ten times!

Power didn’t equal battle prowess, but it made up the core of the battle prowess. Without strong power support, how could one form battle prowess that overwhelmed all others?

Ling Han had enough knowledge of the next tier, so breaking through to Gushing Spring Tier was supposed to be easy, but the truth was not so.

…That was because he had only one origin nucleus.

His experience was based on the breakthrough with nine origin nuclei in his previous life, but now it turned into one. That changed it completely, and all his experience became useless. However, knowledge of the next tier was still useful; it was just the method that needed adjustment.

The method was essentially the same—turning the origin nucleus into a spring; but, what was different was that while breaking through with nine origin nuclei, one could use the other eight nuclei as supportive power. Now, he could only use one, and his power source became a problem.

His personal strength couldn’t be used, so he could only shove medicinal pills down his throat.

Ling Han waved his hands continuously while ingesting medicinal pills, and the medicinal power came into effect within his body, forming a massive power like a tsunami that could crush mountains.

Waves of abstruse power rushed into Ling Han’s body. This was because his tier was sufficient, and so was his comprehension of the next tier. Heaven and earth resonated, continually softening his origin nucleus like the ripples of water.

The power of heaven and earth already came into effect; next, it was all up to him.

Turn into a spring!

Ling Han initiated the Five Elements Mix Chaos Lotus to absorb the surrounding spiritual qi, and on top of the medicinal pill’s power, he continued to attack the origin nucleus, attempting to liquidize it into the spring’s eye, the source of power.

This step was very hard, unlike in case of the normal Element Gathering Tier with eight other nuclei as supportive power which made it much easier. Now, he could only rely on medicinal pills and spirit base to absorb power; it was truly too little.

It was his own decision to break through to the tenth nucleus that gave him immense strength, so he naturally had to pay a corresponding price.

Shua, shua, shua, Ling Han kept shoving down pills, even taking in the Four Transformations Pill that could only be used at Gushing Spring Tier in order to provide the terrifying amount of energy needed to transform the super-origin nucleus into a spring.

Normal people’s origin nuclei turned into a spring one by one, and the last nucleus transformed at ninth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier. At that time, there would be eight springs of Origin Power to provide power, and one truly only needed tier comprehension—power needs were nothing important.

However, Ling Han’s one and only origin nucleus was larger than other people’s nine origin nuclei combined, and not just by a tiny bit, for his large origin nucleus was made up of nine origin nuclei, which in turn comprised five small nuclei, totaling forty-five!

The energy needed was simply like that vast ocean.

Eat! Eat! Eat!

Ling Han swallowed Four Transformations Pills continuously. Crack , under the violent energy’s rush, his skin cracked and veins popped, seeping out large amounts of blood. Four Transformations Pills were used to increase cultivation at the Gushing Spring Tier, but taking it now was almost equivalent to suicide—even Dead Tree Body could not withstand their power.

Lone Wolf’s Blood, activate! Indestructible Heaven Scroll, activate!

His body was quickly recovering, but at the same time, the violent rush of medicinal effect constantly damaged it. This sort of pain was definitely not endurable for normal people, but Ling Han didn’t even frown a bit and just withstood it while gritting his teeth.

How could the road to the peak of martial arts be a smooth one?

If he couldn’t even withstand this bit of pain, then how could he speak of shattering void to become a god?

Moreover, the harder it was to break through, the stronger would be the power gained after he suceeded.

This time, the Black Tower didn’t help, and just quietly floated up and down within his Dantian, surging with mysterious brilliance.

Ling Han, neither happy nor sad, just kept attacking.

Dripping water could penetrate a rock—under his continuous efforts, the origin nucleus finally began to liquidize.

With a pop, the origin nucleus dissolved entirely, turning into a tiny spring eye with torrents of Origin Power gushing out.

He succeeded!

Ling Han, however, did not stop. The spring eye was just the start, and he needed to stabilize his cultivation; otherwise, this spring eye would soon dry up, turning into an origin nucleus again and dropping him back to Element Gathering Tier.

At this point, there was no difference compared to normal Gushing Spring Tier… expanding the spring’s eye until the limit, it could transform into a vast ocean of Origin Power, thus known as Spiritual Ocean Tier.

Other people needed to transform their origin nucleus one by one into a spring eye, and then connect nine spring eyes into one, expanding them into an ocean. However, Ling Han only had one origin nucleus and could only form one spring eye, so how would his tier be counted?

Ling Han couldn’t help but think to himself that others were probably always going to think of him as first level Gushing Spring Tier, right?

Whatever, he needed only strength.

The spring eye opened up, continuing its expansion until Ling Han’s spirit power was fully used.

Gushing Spring Tier!

Weng , the Black Tower gently whirled as if sending some sort of signal. On the tower’s body, infinite threads lit up, forming a pattern of simple characters that he couldn’t read. Yet, it contained an indescribable marvel profoundly inscribed.

Ling Han was excited; was the Black Tower finally opening up to him, revealing all its secrets?

For him, there was nothing more that he thirsted for than to understand the Black Tower’s secrets, for this arrogant idler killed him in the previous life and kept him in an ineffable condition for ten millennia. It would be truly odd if he didn’t feel anxious.

Xiu , Ling Han felt his spirit spasm slightly, finding himself inside an unfamiliar space.

This place looked very much like a farmland. There were chunks of mud on the ground, but this place had no plants, appearing extremely infertile. The sky was very high, but there was no sun nor clouds to be seen. It was somewhat similar to a mystery realm’s sky.

Where was this? How did he suddenly end up here?

Ling Han was amazed. He lifted his hand to touch his face, which felt extremely real.

In other words, it wasn’t just his spirit that came here!

How was that possible!

Ling Hang was somewhat muddled. Could he have instantly been teleported here by the Black Tower? The Black Tower had a teleportation function?