Chapter 230

Chapter 230 of 250 chapters

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This was only the first level of the Black Tower’s abilities.

Ling Han was utterly shocked. It was no wonder Small Tower said to strictly keep the Black Tower’s secret, because once leaked, the entire world’s strongest cultivators would chase his butt to fight for the Black Tower.

“Say, we’re already so familiar, could you give me more one-use power-up chances?” Ling Han cottoned up to Small Tower.

“No!” Small Tower trembled lightly, as if to shake its head.

“Why, we’re all on the same side, you don’t think it’d be taken by someone else?” Ling Han patiently continued with his persuasion.

Small Tower shook again, and said, “That’s not so. The power-up process is actually remolding your body once, you can only endure it once per tier. One more will hurt your foundation. The third time is certain death.”

“I cultivate the Indestructible Heaven Scroll, it shouldn’t be a problem,” Ling Han said.

“The Indestructible Heaven Scroll is imparted by the Black Tower, so how can you rely on what the Black Tower imparted to resolve the pressures the Black Tower adds onto you?” Small Tower said.

That made sense.

Every tier, he could only get one power-up.

“The later it is, the better for a power-up, as it increases your physical qualities more,” Small Tower said.

Ling Han nodded. With regards to this, Small Tower was the expert, and he could only comply. He couldn’t help but be depressed, since he originally thought that after he struck up a relationship with the spirit, he’d have full control of the Black Tower; he never thought that he’d only be able to enter the first level.

Fortunately, the first level’s functions already made him overjoyed, and he looked forward to finding out just how surprising the abilities of the second and third level would be even more.

Only after Hu Niu ran a circle did she stop by Ling Han’s side, and looked at Small Tower whilst tiling her head, appearing extremely curious. “Niu wants to play!” She pounced towards Small Tower.

Xiu , her figure went right through Small Tower’s figure, as if Small Tower didn’t exist.

Duh. A spirit was originally an existence like a soul spirit, so how could it be touched?

“Time to find Ao Yang Ming for some revenge!” Ling Han flashed out of the Black Tower. Although he didn’t fully control this treasure that was far beyond a spiritual weapon, it didn’t matter. His thoughts and the Black Tower were connected, and Small Tower could contact him at any time.

He first returned to the central hall to see if he could find the whereabouts of Ao Yang Ming’s party.

On the way, Ling Han listened to Small Tower describe some details regarding the Black Tower. For example, if he entered the Black Tower, then it was equivalent to perfect protection. No amount of power could hurt him, and no perilous environment could hurt him either.

Of course, this was only limited to this world.

Ling Han was certain that above this world was a greater world, which was the world that Shattering Void Tier cultivators entered after reaching the extreme. However, the two worlds obviously had an obstruction that was extremely hard to cross separating them; at least, in Ling Han’s previous life, he never saw a ‘god spirit,’ and never even saw a living Shattering Void Tier.

Anyways, it was impossible to encounter such a strong being right now. There was no need to worry.

Besides, inside the Black Tower, he had absolute power because he was the master of the god tool… he could fly; he could teleport; he could change the rules within the Black Tower at will, as if he were the Heaven Tier cultivator in former days!

No, even more badass than a Heaven Tier, because Heaven Tier’s wouldn’t have the ability to teleport and couldn’t change rules.

It could be said that even Sword Emperor’s life would be at Ling Han’s mercy, unless Sword Emperor’s strength already transcended that of the Black Tower.

Ling Han soon arrived at the central hall. Looking from afar, the crowded tide of people was already no longer present. Presumably, Rong Huan Xuan hadn’t left, and was currently waiting for opportunities.

Ling Han wouldn’t want to use his one chance of power-up on a Corpse Soldier, and the pressing matter was to save Liu Yu Tong.

He circled in the vicinity, but couldn’t find Ao Yang Ming’s whereabouts.

The mystery realm was similar to the size of a country; just how difficult was it to find someone in here?

With Ling Han’s thought, Hu Niu already appeared by his side. After the little girl slept enough, she was bored and alone inside the Black Tower, making a hue and cry to be let out.

He held onto Hu Niu’s hand, and planned to find others to question.

After a while’s walk, there was nobody in the surrounding. Ling Han couldn’t help but be disappointed and muttered, “Where did those guys go?”

“Ling Han, who are you looking for?” Hu Niu asked.

“Yu Tong and that brat Ao Yang Ming,” Ling Han said thoughtlessly.

Hu Niu raised her hand and said, “Niu knows!”

“Niu Niu knows?” Ling Han somewhat doubted.

Hu Niu made a sniffing motion, and said, “Niu can smell it out!”

Ling Han was astonished. Although he knew that beasts had a keen sense of smell, this little girl only grew up with a fierce tiger—could that really have raised her sense of smell? Anyways, he had no idea which was the correct direction, so it couldn’t hurt to listen to the little girl.

“Alright, you lead the way!” he said.

Hu Niu was happy all of a sudden, immediately walking towards a direction.

Ling Han followed, and the two traveled stop-and-go; when they stopped, it was either because Hu Niu was hungry or because she was sniffing out the smell. After two days like this, Hu Niu’s movements slowed and sharpened.

“Almost found her.” So she said.

Ling Han nodded. Hu Niu maintained the preying habit of beasts, and the closer she got to the prey, the more cautious she was. He said, “Niu Niu, go play in the tower first, I’ll play with you after I save Yu Tong.”

“Yes! Yes!” Hu Niu nodded repeatedly, and let Ling Han put her into the Black Tower.

Ling Han carried onward, and in less than a moment, he saw five tents up ahead. He jumped onto a large tree, carefully observing.

After a long time, he saw Ao Yang Ming, Uncle Fu, and the other two attendants come out of the tents separately to start a campfire to cook rations and dried meat. When the savory smell was emitted, Ao Yang Ming walked in front of a tent, and opened it to say something that couldn’t be heard. After a while, Ling Han saw a girl come out. It was Liu Yu Tong.

“Hmm?” Uncle Fu frowned slightly, jumping out fiercely like a large bird and landing under the tree where Ling Han hid.

“Uncle Fu, is something wrong?” Ao Yang Ming asked.

Uncle Fu looked up, but there were just pieces of green leaves, and no shred of peculiarity. He turned his head and said, “This old servant was overly sensitive.” He felt a presence surge that caused him to leap out, yet found no one.

He was confident that within such a short distance, no one in the same tier could escape from his eyes; Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivators couldn’t enter, so he judged he must’ve been overly sensitive.

The old man walked back, slumped down, and looked at Liu Yu Tong. He said in a displeased manner, “Lady Liu, my young master has treated you sincerely, why don’t you know what’s good for you?”

“Uncle Fu!” Ao Yang Ming waved his hands hurriedly to stop Uncle Fu from continuing. He then looked at Liu Yu Tong and smiled as he said, “Uncle Fu’s just worried for me, don’t blame him, Yu Tong!”