Chapter 235

Chapter 235 of 250 chapters

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Ling Han nodded. From the logbook, it could be understood that behind the large river, formations were set up, and if one wanted to cross, one either needed a profound understanding of formations, or a high tier’s strength that could crush them.

If he wanted to understand this mystery realm, he had to venture into its deepest parts.

If he were in the Element Gathering Tier, Ling Han definitely would not overestimate his abilities and act accordingly; there was no need to throw away his life because of curiosity. However, he had complete confidence now. Even if he couldn’t find out the mystery realm’s secret, at least he would be able to retreat safely.

“Let’s see if I can find some spirit grass,” he said.

The Black Tower’s first layer had the ability to cultivate spirit grasses. He was the alchemy emperor—if he didn’t make use of this, then he would be truly foolish.

The three circled round the mountain. This area was very dangerous, and large enough that people were rarely seen; all that could be seen were the mottled forests. The trees, grasses, and flowers differed greatly in color, resulting in a complex visual effect.

Unexpectedly, Hu Niu once more showed off her capability.

The little girl began to sniff, and she surprisingly brought Ling Han to a ‘Blue Star Grass’. This was a fourth level spirit grass which could be refined into a fourth level Anger Qi Pill. After Spiritual Ocean Tier experts took it, their power could increase by twenty percent or so, a very practical pill.

“Eh, Hu Niu, how did you find it?” Ling Han asked out of curiosity.

“Niu is a foodie!” Hu Niu said, very pleased with herself.

Ling Han couldn’t help but burst into laughter. He wasn’t too surprised by this either, because Hu Niu’s Spirit Base was too surprising—she naturally couldn’t be normal; having a few abilities different from normal people was rather expectedly normal.

Liu Yu Tong was very gloomy. In ‘rivaling for affection’, her performance was actually completely dominated by a five or six year old little girl; she somewhat blushed with shame.

Ling Han carefully dug out the Blue Star Grass. The more mature the Blue Star Grass was, the better the effects of the refined Anger Qi Pill would be. At most, it could even raise one’s power tenfold, though the medicinal effect definitely wasn’t something just anyone could endure—it wasn’t impossible that one’s body would burst open from the violent medicinal effect.

He planted the Blue Star Grass inside the Black Tower; one year could equal a thousand!

Normally speaking, the Blue Star Grass aged fifty years was already good enough. Now, the Blue Star Grass was about thirty years, so it only needed one day to reach fifty years in maturity inside the tower.

Hu Niu swiftly made a further contribution, very quickly finding a Seven String Wood.

Seven String Tree, also known as Cloudy Tree, was a great support item for those who cultivated ice arts. It didn’t need to be made into a pill, but simply refined like a Strange Fire. Seven String Tree’s price differed with maturity, the more mature the better. But normally, it was hard to find one older than one thousand years.

This Seven String Tree was only a little over a hundred years, but it didn’t matter; ‘living’ within the Black Tower for a few months would make it reach a thousand years of age.

However, luck wasn’t always with them. In the following two days, they had no gains, though Hu Niu found another spirit tree; unfortunately, the fruits on it had already been plucked. But Ling Han didn’t care about it, simply transplanting it into the Black Tower.

“There’s someone nearby!” Ling Han suddenly halted.

“Yes! Yes!” Hu Niu, too, nodded in a serious manner.

Ten or so young people came down from the mountain ahead. The oldest was not older than thirty years old, and there were both males and females among them.

“Huh?” Ling Han’s glance swept by, revealing a hint of surprise.

“Ling Han!” a girl within the group called out first and waved at him, walking over quickly.

It was Li Si Chan.

Before, she didn’t make it to the center hall, but they unexpectedly met here.

Seeing Li Si Chan walk over, those youngsters followed. Each and every one had their nostrils pointed to the sky, appearing very haughty.

“Oh, you’re that Ling Han?” a young man in embroidered clothing said indifferently. His tone was calm, but it carried a sense of superiority, as if of someone of high status looking down on someone normal.

“Are there many Ling Hans?” Ling Han said casually.

Shua , a youngster butted in and said, “I heard you can fend against Feng Yan, but I don’t believe it anyways!”

“What kind of thing are you, and what does it have to do with me whether you believe it or not?” Ling Han said indifferently.

The youngster was enraged, and yelled out, “I am Huang family’s Huang Wei Ze. You dare insult me by calling me a thing!?”

“Oh, then I misspoke. So you’re not a thing.” Ling Han nodded, readily changing his words.

“You…” Huang Wei Ze’s eyes opened wide with anger, revealing a murderous aura.

Hu Niu immediately bared her teeth, and her small hands already involuntarily danced around while she revealed her sharp fangs.

“Wei Ze!” The young man in embroidered clothing stopped him, then said with a laugh, “How can you forget your manners in front of two flowers?”

“Brother Cheng Hu is right!” Huang Wei Ze hurriedly retracted his angry expression. He couldn’t lose his manners in front of these two stunning beauties.

“Sister Yu Tong!” The young man in embroidered clothing greeted Liu Yu Tong; the two obviously knew each other.

This guy didn’t give face to Ling Han, so Liu Yu Tong naturally wouldn’t give him face, either. She just turned her delicate face away slightly, pretending not to hear.

Seeing this, these youngsters were in an extremely bad mood. What sort of status and ability did Ling Han have that could make a talented beauty so unswerving! Moreover, if it was only Liu Yu Tong then it wouldn’t matter, but now even Li Si Chan seemed to have already became his. How could the youngsters in the Imperial City accept this?

“I am Li Cheng Hu!” The young man embroidered clothing tried to maintain his bearings and said to Ling Han, “Brother Ling Han’s name has been known to me for a long time. Could we spar for a bit?”

“Li Cheng Hu? Why aren’t you called Li Cheng Long 1 , aren’t your aspirations too low?” Ling Han laughed.

Li Cheng Hu couldn’t help but reveal an indignant expression. The dragon was the Imperial Family’s totem, and if he were called “Cheng Long,” then that would offend the Imperial Family. Several thousand years ago, when Rain Country was first established, it wouldn’t matter much. That was when the nine large families’ forces were about the same, but now, the Qi family had an old monster in the Flower Blossom Tier behind them. With the power of one family, they could firmly suppress the eight large noble families; the latter had to reluctantly take a step back.

“Such a sharp tongue, but what of your ability?” he said coldly.

“Li Cheng Hu, you’re too shameless. Ling Han is only in the first layer of the Element Gathering Tier, and you’re already in the third layer of the Gushing Spring Tier! You have the nerve to ask for a spar?” Li Si Chan immediately yelled out.

“First layer of the Element Gathering Tier?” Li Hu Cheng and the others had a strange expression, because the presence Ling Han gave off was that of someone in the first layer of the Gushing Spring.

The third layer against the first layer was certainly a bit unfair, but both were early stage Gushing Spring Tier, which was in an acceptable range.

Ling Han sighed; why did there always had to be someone who wanted to be owned? He flicked his finger, and said, “I don’t have time to waste on you dregs. Come at me together, otherwise someone might come out unconvinced after I beat one of you. If you lose, then get lost!”

“Impudence!” These youngsters were getting riled up—to think he dared to look down on them like that!