Chapter 244

Chapter 244 of 250 chapters

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In truth, Ling Han still had many questions that he had yet to ask the Asura Demon Emperor. For example, why were there so many corpses in the sky?

Since the Devil Sky Mystery Realm would open up every once in a while, why had he only just managed to sought out himself and Rong Huan Xuan now? Could it be that in the many years previously, not one single person had managed to make it across the Thunder River?

Ling Han recalled that Demonic Qi. Could it be that anyone who could not resist Demonic Qi would be considered unqualified to be contacted by the Asura Demon Emperor?

He was left far behind by Rong Huan Xuan. It was all right though as long as he did not lose sight of the latter.

After a very long travel, the Demon Birth Sword finally stopped. In front of them, there appeared a gigantic altar. It was circular in shape, and the center stuck out very tall, while the ground around it was completely flat in all directions. They could see that there were many mysterious, unknown characters drawn all over the ground.

In any case, Ling Han was not able to decipher them.

He cast his eyes instead on that central part of the altar that was sticking out. There was a sword laid upon it, which looked completely the same as the spirit that had claimed itself to be the spirit of the Demon Birth Sword.

From the looks of it, it was indeed the spirit of this sword.

There were slivers of black-colored Qi encircling the body of this sword, and it seemed as if they were a demonic dragon that continued to twist proudly around it.

Xiu , from the air, the spirit suddenly entered into the treasured sword, and did not appear again.

“Young man, there is only one fortunate opportunity. I shall gift this fateful opportunity to whoever manages to get the Demon Birth Sword.” The voice of the Asura Demon Emperor was once again heard.

Rong Huan Xuan laughed loudly, leaped out of the copper coffin, and declared, “It naturally belongs to me!” However, it was only a single instant, but all of a sudden, his entire body was covered with the black demonic patterns. He gasped out loudly in fear, and immediately leaped back into the copper coffin.

Ling Han could not help but narrow his eyes. The Demonic Qi in this place was too strong. Rong Huan Xuan had only just appeared, and he was completely encircled by the Demonic Qi. If it was not for the fact that he had the Three Lives Corpse Caskets with him, then it was most likely that that one single instant would be enough time for him to completely lose all independent thought and willpower, and transform completely into a puppet under the control of the Demonic Qi.

Strange. Then why had nothing happened to him at all?

Could it be that because he had refined that sliver of Demonic Qi, and so caused the Demonic Qi in this place to fear him?


The Three Lives Corpse Caskets shook lightly. Upon them, a multitude of patterns lit up and transformed into ancient characters. After that, black-colored Qi emerged from within the coffin, and they looked very faint.

Obviously, they were currently helping Rong Huan Xuan to cast off the Demonic Qi. However, it was far beneath the level of the Black Tower. A single thought from Ling Han was enough to chase out the Demonic Qi, and Small Tower easily managed to subdue the Demonic Qi.

After at least an hour, no more black Qi was released from the coffin. Evidently, the Demonic Qi in Rong Huan Xuan’s body had been completely cast out.

“Ling Han, why did nothing happen to you?!” Rong Huan Xuan called from within his coffin, obviously not daring to reappear.

Ling Han shrugged, and said, “Why should I tell you?”

“Heng!” Rong Huan Xuan also knew that he had spoken nonsense. But he was really curious. Even he had to depend on the Three Lives Corpse Caskets to avoid being invaded by the Demonic Qi. Then what did Ling Han have to depend on?

Ling Han began to circle around the altar, and said, “Indeed, this is the core of an array, and the Demon Birth Sword is indeed the eye of this array. If one draws out the Demon Birth Sword, then even if this array does not lose all effect, it will at least be rendered only half as effective.”

“Young man, I have really understimated you. You actually have such knowledge!” Asura Demon Emperor’s voice was once again heard. “When you draw out this sword, not only will you be able to obtain a Tenth Tier Spirit Tool, you will even be able to get the arm of a god!”

Ling Han did not say anything. After a while, he smiled, then said, “No one would be giving away benefits for free in this word. The reason for a lot of misfortune begins from greed. I do not believe you!”

“Why?” Asura Demon Emperor asked in confusion.

“To make a deal with an evil demon who would freely use Demonic Qi to control others, wouldn’t that be the case of being deceived and still appreciating and thanking him who had deceived you?” Ling Han said calmly. He repressed his own greed.

“Young man, you have misunderstood. I am cultivating Devil Arts, and after I merged with the array, Demonic Qi has naturally filled this world. Moreover, I have already lost my body, so it is impossible for me to still possess any control over the Demonic Qi!” the Malevolent Devil Emperor explained.

Ling Han shrugged, and said, “I think this situation is quite fine. Why don’t we just let that Chaos Origin God continue to be repressed here, and after a few hundred years, I should have about reached the Shattering Void Tier. Then, I’ll just come back and strengthen the array a bit, and ensure that whatever god is eternally unable to make a comeback.”

Asura Demon Emperor was instantly lost for words. After quite a while, he asked, “Are you going to simply allow such a great opportunity to pass you by?”

A Tenth Tier Spirit Tool and the arm of a god. Indeed, these were both powerful items, but Ling Han felt that things had proceeded too smoothly—so smoothly that it seemed like a trap, which gave rise to a powerful feeling of vigilance within him.

“No, this opportunity is mine!” Hong , one of the coffins flew up. Rong Huan Xuan’s yell was still heard from within. “This is my opportunity, and no one can snatch it away from me!”

It was the fact that he had been forced into desperate straits which had allowed him to obtain the inheritance of the Thousand Corpse Sect, and thus gained the ability to make a comeback and eliminate his enemies. Moreover, he had a bright future ahead of him, and could prospectively become one of the few truly powerful elites of this world.

Thus, he was a great believer in chance, and believed even more in his own luck.

This Tenth Tier Spirit Tool and the arm of a god was a gift the heavens had given to him, so he would never allow them to be snatched away by another!

Hong long long , under his command, the copper coffin slid directly over to the altar.

Weng, weng, weng . This altar was instantly activated. This was the core of the whole array, and was also the strongest part of it. One after another, the patterns lit up, and it was as if those characters were suddenly brought to life and appeared in close succession with each other.

A shocking scene appeared. These characters actually formed into various white-colored human shapes, but these humans had no noses, no eyes, and no mouths. There were only brightly lit characters all over bodies.

Hong , these character-men all moved, and struck at the copper coffin.

Ling Han instantly looked astonished. He was absolutely sure that the ability of these character-men was at most only in the Heaven Tier!

How could this be possible!

With a Tenth Tier Spirit Tool as the eye of this array, no matter what, the character-men created by this array should at least have the ability of the Shattering Void Tier, right? Otherwise, they might as well have used ten Ninth Tier Spirit Tools as replacement. Could it be that a Tenth Tier Spirit Tool was unable to compare to ten Ninth Tier Spirit Tools?

Peng, peng, peng . These attacks fell upon the copper coffin and incited the patterns on it to light up as well and release black-colored light. Not only were the attacks of these character-men blocked, they were even bounced back at them, displaying the forceful nature of the copper coffin.

This copper casket was definitely a Tenth Tier treasure. With the shining black light, the character-men needed only be exposed for a short while, and that area of characters would instantly dim. However, it was unlike before when the black light would enlessly spread out and increase the area of damage.

Obviously, against existences of the Ninth Tier, while the copper coffin was still at an advantage, it was not to the level that it was defying all logic.

Though the copper coffin had limited effects, it still continued to advance forwards. However, its speed had slowed down considerably.

Ling Han frowned deeply. If Rong Huan Xuan really drew out the Demon Birth Sword, who knew what might happen? He gave a light humph and his right hand opened, intending to strike out with his Blood Sucking Origin Gold and forcibly pull back the copper coffin.

“Young man, it’s fine if you do not want the fateful opportunity, but you have gone too far to try to stop another from obtaining it!” The voice of Asura Demon Emperor was once again heard, and suddenly, a large piece of black-colored demonic patterns appeared on Ling Han’s hand, making him have no choice but stop his movement.