Chapter 248

Chapter 248 of 250 chapters

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Too weak—his current strength was really too weak. He could barely initiate a tiny shred of martial intent because he had a tiny bit of Heaven Tier’s divine sense.

Ling Han nodded—it would do. At least, this sword was a genuine Tenth Tier artifact, and although only a tiny shred of martial intent could be activated, Shattering Void Tier warriors were still so powerful that even a shred of martial intent was super-kickass already.

Moreover, the stronger he was, the more power of the Demon Birth Sword could he activate. Sooner or later, he’d make this Tenth Tier Spirit Tool regain its glory.

The problem was, his power was too weak—if it was exposed that he possessed a Tenth Tier Spirit Tool, then just how many covetous eyes would it attract?

He secretly decided that he would try not to use the Demon Birth Sword unless he had no other choice.

Now it was time to fight with that Demon Emperor.

Ling Han looked outside through the Black Tower, only to see that Rong Huan Xuan was expectedly still searching for him, looking like he’d go through all tedious means to achieve his goal.

His figure flickered, and he was already in the outside world.

“Huh?” Seeing Ling Han appear soundlessly, Rong Huan Xuan instantly revealed a shocked expression. If Ling Han could appear by his side right now and launch a surprise attack… wouldn’t Ling Han be able win easily?

Ling Han smiled lightly, and said, “Should I call you Rong Huan Xuan, or Asura Demon Emperor?”

Rong Huan Xuan’s soul should’ve been killed off, and now Asura Demon Emperor’s soul possessed this physical body.

“Youngster, this lord originally wanted to possess your body, but never did I think you could run so fast!” Rong Huan Xuan laughed. “Call this lord whatever you want. Wait until this lord rules the world later, this lord will naturally reclaim the title of Asura Demon Emperor.”

Ling Han shook his right hand, and the Demon Birth Sword already appeared in his hand. He brandished his sword in a flower-like pattern and said, “If you die here, there won’t be any later!”

“Hahahaha!” Rong Huan Xuan laughed aloud, and then shook his head. “Perhaps you can destroy this lord’s body, but it doesn’t matter. This lord can still possess another! If this lord was so easily annihilated, then how would this lord have been divided into nine parts and suppressed in various mystery realms?”

“So you didn’t lie about this part, you really got dismembered.” Ling Han laughed.

Rong Huan Xuan’s expression turned cold and he said, “In front of this lord, you dare to behave insolently?”

“What, you want me to call you ‘lord’?” Ling Han laughed.

“Years ago, countless people knelt before this lord, and those infinitely stronger than you weren’t even worth my attention. Who do you think you are?” Rong Huan Xuan said in disdain.

“Alright, alright, a real man doesn’t boast about his past achievements. I am indeed merely someone in the Gushing Spring Tier, but you’re not any better.” Ling Han waved his hand dismissively.

“Detestable brat!” Rong Huan Xuan’s expression became serious. “It just so happens that the owner of this body harbors an extremely deep killing intent towards you, and this lord also wants to kill you, so go die!”

He brazenly unleashed a palm with infinite black light surging from it—it was like it turned into knots of snakes, attacking toward Ling Han.

Ling Han had no fear. Although Asura Demon Emperor escaped confinement, he was still confined to a Gushing Spring Tier warrior’s body, and he was much less threatening; otherwise, Ling Han wouldn’t even appear—even if the sky collapsed, someone else would uphold it.

He swung the Demon Birth Sword and sliced towards Rong Huan Xuan.

“Damn it, you actually wiped away this lord’s consciousness on the sword?” Rong Huan Xuan originally had a cold smile at the corner of his lips, thinking to order the sword’s spirit to activate its power to kill Ling Han directly, but he discovered that the command he sent was like a stone that sunk in the bottom of the sea.

He should’ve been able to realize immediately that his divine sense decreased by a bit, but he was now fused with Rong Huan Xuan’s body—that caused him to grow much less sensitive, and so he only realized the command was useless now

‘This brat is too weird!’

Slowly penetrating the Demon Birth Sword with his power and corroding the spirit within to subdue it took him several millennia; at the same time, this largely weakened the formation’s power, allowing Rong Huan Xuan to take away the Demon Birth Sword.

Who would’ve thought that with just over a day’s effort, Ling Han completely wiped away his divine sense from the Demon Birth Sword.

‘Wait, wrong!’

Since part of his divine sense was fused with the sword’s spirit, causing them to share their life and death, the destruction of his divine sense contained in the sword meant the sword’s spirit also died!

He sighed in relief—if the Tenth Tier Spirit Tool unleashed its power, his current body would truly be unable to defend against it!

As he was a special being which was a soul and had no body to begin with, he wouldn’t be killed together with the body he possessed right now. However, he had been suppressed for several millennia, which definitely hurt his Origin Qi, and furthermore, he had just expended a vast amount of Demonic Qi to stop Ling Han. If he had to possess yet another body, he would definitely suffer serious injuries.

Thus, he wouldn’t want this body to be destroyed.

Ling Han smiled lightly and said, “This sword would be wasted on you.”


Even with Asura Demon Emperor’s temperament, he still had the urge to curse. With his status and identity, when he mentioned being suppressed for several millennia, people would almost be scared to death, and yet this junior actually looked down on him?

“Hmph, you possess a Tenth Tier Spirit Tool, but so what? Its impossible for you to activate its power—just let this lord send you to your grave!” Rong Huan Xuan sneered and opened his mouth to spit out strings of black Qi, which surged and turned into bundles of black spikes.

This wasn’t Asura Demon Emperor’s Demonic Qi, but Rong Huan Xuan’s Corpse Qi!

Ling Han’s expression became serious as he held the Demon Birth Sword in front with the tip pointing slightly downward. Endless sword intent condensed, forming endless vortices in the surrounding.

Rong Huan Xuan’s expression suddenly changed and he said, “What sword technique is this? Huh, this lord remembers seeing it somewhere?”

Mysterious Three Thousand!

Ling Han unleashed his sword and Origin Power surged, turning into an array of light… this was a transformation after reaching the Gushing Spring Tier—Spiritual Qi began to accumulate, turning into a hundred swords made of Origin Power!

The Three Styles of Black Origin could only be cultivated when one reached the Gushing Spring Tier. He had the power of the Gushing Spring Tier, but he couldn’t unleash the full potential of the Three Styles of Black Origin.

Now that he reached the Gushing Spring Tier, at least Mysterious Three Thousand was showing its true loftiness.

“This wave of sword intent… Heaven’s Sword Sect!” Rong Huan Xuan’s eyes suddenly constricted, revealing an obvious sense of fear. However, the attack already reached him, so he could only ward off the blow by flipping both palms, sending out waves of black Qi—though whether it was Corpse Qi or Demonic Qi was a mystery.

Peng, peng, peng, the hundred swords pierced through, beating Rong Huan Xuan into a persimmon as they blazed with sword light.

Rong huan Xuan shielded his head with one hand while his other hand shielded his heart as black-colored Demonic Qi coiled around his hands. Meanwhile, the rest of his body was riddled with thousands of gapping wounds. Blood gushed out violently and white bones were revealed on his arm; however, his head and heart were successfully protected.

“Heaven’s, Sword, Sect!” Rong Huan Xuan said one word at a time, clenching his teeth and appearing extremely furious. Waves of black Qi coiled activated in his body, healing his wounds immediately at a visible level.