Chapter 39

Chapter 39 of 250 chapters

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Ling Han raised his fists, a fearful aura erupting from him.

Dashing Panther Fist, Yellow Grade high level martial arts technique!

He had been practicing his sword skills these few days, so there was naturally not much progress in regards to his fist techniques. However, this fist technique was retained from his last life, so he would naturally not be unfamiliar with it. Even if it had not reached the point where he had mastered this fist technique, he had still reached the level that would take any other person tens of years of practice to reach.

After all, when it came down to it, the prowess he had once possessed as a martial artist in Heaven Tier didn’t disappear without a trace.

When he used this fist technique, it was as if he transformed into a panther on the hunt–cruel, bloodthirsty and terrifying.

“Peng, peng, peng,” Ling Han had already engaged Cheng Xiao Yuan in a fierce battle of strength.

“Eh, what kind of fist technique is this?”

“The Ling Clan has three ultimate martial arts techniques–one is a sword art, one is a staff technique, and the last one is a palm technique. They don’t have any fist technique.”

“Could it be that this is a Yellow Grade low level martial arts technique?”

“But would a Yellow Grade low level martial arts technique have such great power?”

Everyone was gasping in surprise, all astounded by the strength Ling Han had displayed.

Cheng Xiao Yuan’s heart was filled with incomprehension. He had already used a Yellow Grade high level martial arts technique, but why was he still unable to overwhelm Ling Han? Could it be that a minor character from this insignificant Gray Cloud Town had also managed to obtain a Yellow Grade high level martial arts technique?

Impossible! That’s definitely impossible!

They had only exchanged a few blows, yet the pressure on Cheng Xiao Yuan grew larger and larger. Cold sweat dripped down his forehead.

The reason was, the power behind his opponent’s every punch seemed to be continuously increasing, making it seem as if this guy had just learnt this fist technique, and as he continued to use it more and more, the power behind his attacks too increased further.

Actually, he wasn’t mistaken–it was the truth.

Dashing Panther Fist was a martial arts technique Ling Han had used before reaching Gushing Spring Tier in his last life. He had not used it for a very long time, and now that he had picked it up again, he was naturally out of practice. However, a genius would always be a genius. They had only been battling for a while, and Ling Han had already come into his own, and was slowly displaying the power behind this fist technique.

A Yellow Grade high level martial arts technique theoretically would be able to increase the user’s battle strength by seventy to a hundred percent. However, how much actual power would actually be released depended on the martial artist’s grasp and comprehension of this martial arts technique.

Otherwise, a Yellow Grade high level martial arts technique may not even be able to compare with a Yellow Grade low level martial arts technique.

Cheng Xiao Yuan could release about eighty percent of the power behind Earth Shaking Palm, yet Ling Han could release ninety percent of the power of his own martial arts technique, and the amount of power he released was still increasing.

In this manner, Cheng Xiao Yuan was naturally at a disadvantage, and it was becoming more and more obvious.

This was Ling Han’s ability–and he had only just stepped into Element Gathering Tier. Had he reached the peak of the first layer of Element Gathering Tier, he’d be able to evenly match an opponent in the fifth layer of Element Gathering Tier!


“Who would have thought that the trash from the Ling Clan was actually such a genius!”

“It’s really inconceivable… since he’s such a genius, why had he been so low-key in the past?”

“Let me tell you a secret. When Ling Dong Xing returned to the Ling Clan Residence years ago, he was completely covered in blood, holding an infant in his arms!”

“You mean, Ling Dong Xing had been hunted down by some powerful martial artist, and that’s why he and his son had kept such a low profile? But then, why has Ling Han chosen to erupt now?”

“You ask me…. and whom should I ask?”

Previously, although Ling Han had defeated both Cheng Xiang and his brother within the grounds of Gray Cloud Academy, it made only a vague impression on the minds of most people. After all, there was only a limited number of students who had actually witnessed the scene.

But the situation was completely different now. Ling Han had not only broken through to Element Gathering Tier, but had also displayed a remarkably powerful battle prowess, pushing his image to new heights!

After all, in Gray Cloud Town, those who had actually broken through to the Element Gathering Tier would enter the ranks of the strongest warriors.

Ling Han continued to throw out his fists, and soon, what appeared to be an unknown fist technique became more and more practiced. His moves quickly became stronger and stronger, nearing a complete one hundred percent of power released.

Fist techniques were analogous to sword arts as they could form Fist Qi, which could consecutively solidify into Fist Ray. According to legends, in ancient times, when a star fell from the skies, a powerful warrior stepped forward bravely, and with one fist, shattered the star!

This powerful warrior was an elite martial artist that had mastered fist techniques. Moreover, he had not only managed to form Fist Ray, but had also grasped the highest mastery level of fist techniques—Fist Heart! Similarly, the highest mastery level of sword arts was Sword Heart, while for saber arts, it was Saber Heart.

Ling Han did not have such high talent in fist techniques. He had not even managed to form Fist Qi. After all, he was better at sword arts. However, even his current level of fist techniques was more than enough to deal with Cheng Xiao Yuan.

He used Exiting Cloud Step, making it seem as if his figure was floating. Those in Body Refining Tier could only feel the sight in front of their eyes blurring, as if they had seen several images of Ling Han and had completely no way to identify which one was the real one.

“Peng! Peng! Peng!”

He was completely at an advantage. Cheng Xiao Yuan only managed to block a part of his continuous barrage of fists, and some blows had already found their targets on his body. Although no vital parts of his body were hit, Cheng Xiao Yuan still felt pain on a level that almost caused him to tear up.

Ling Han had completely no intention of holding back. This guy had obviously already planned to kill him and thus anger Ling Dong Xing, causing him to lose control in his rage, which in turn would enrage Chen Feng Lie. Thus, they would easily have a ready-made excuse to kill both him and his father.

Since Cheng Xiao Yuan was so malicious, why should he hold himself back?

One fist followed after another, and the speed of his attacks rapidly increased, slowly forming a flash of Fist Qi. With every sweep of a fist, there would definitely appear a splatter of blood on Cheng Xiao Yuan’s body–Fist Qi, like Sword Qi, was incomparably powerful. At the highest mastery level, there was nothing in this world that cannot be shattered with one fist! [1]

“What is that, such a terrifying attack power!”

“That’s true, it’s as if he had fixed an exceptionally amazing sword onto his fist.”

“I know, that’s Fist Qi!”

“What’s Fist Qi?”

“Sword, Saber, Fist, Palm, and so on. One who puts their entire focus on one path would be able to form “Qi”, which greatly increases the power of a martial artist.”

“How is it I’ve never heard about this before?”

“That’s because there are only a very rare few that can actually form ‘Qi’! They have been acclaimed as… the rulers amongst martial artists!”

Everyone was shocked at the power Ling Han had displayed, and with the helpful explanation from a knowledgeable old man, they realized the terrifying strength of Fist Qi. Naturally, they were even more astonished. Could it be that an exceptional genius was going to appear from within the ranks of Gray Cloud Town?

Meanwhile, there was no one more astonished than Liu Yu Tong, because she knew that Ling Han had not only managed to form Fist Qi, but had also formed Sword Qi before this, and actually possessed four flashes of Sword Qi!

What kind of monster was this guy!

Yet, Ling Han took no pride in his achievement. As one who had been a strong warrior of Heaven Tier, being able to form “Qi” was merely within his expectations. The slight difficulty would be when he tries to form “Qi” into “Ray”, and “Heart” would be the actual real challenge.

Killing intent flashed within his eyes, and his fist flew out all of a sudden; the power behind it had instantly increased by several times!

With Chen Feng Lie overseeing things, in a normal situation, it would be very difficult for him to kill Cheng Xiao Yuan as Chen Feng Lie would definitely take action to stop him. Thus, he had to kill Cheng Xiao Yuan in one move.

After such a long battle, he could naturally identify his opponent’s weak point. Additionally, he had not used his full power previously, conserving his strength for this last killing move.

“No!” Cheng Xiao Yuan’s face was filled with terror. The power behind this fist was too much. He had no way of blocking it and coming out alive.


A fist flashed out, and Cheng Xiao Yuan gazed at Ling Han blankly. “Pa,” his legs grew soft and he knelt on the ground as his upper body swayed before he toppled loudly onto the ground.

His heart had exploded, and he was dead.

“How dare you, brat!” Chen Feng Lie suddenly stood, and flames of rage burned strongly within his eyes.

Cheng Xiao Yuan was his disciple only in name, but no matter how it was, he was still a proud member of Stone Wolf Sect. He was not someone the young master of a tiny little clan in Gray Cloud Town could kill.

His killing intent surged out completely. The pride of Stone Wolf Sect could not be tarnished. He wanted to kill Ling Han.

“Old man, if you don’t want to die, then I advise you not to have any wild thoughts,” Ling Han said deeply, as he turned to look at Chen Feng Lie.

Everyone on the scene bore the same thought: Ling Han had gone mad!