Chapter 73

Chapter 73 of 250 chapters

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There were only a rare few that knew that Ling Han had not yet displayed his full abilities, because he had only used two flashes of Sword Qi while his limit was actually four. And only Ling Han knew that he had not yet stimulated Lone Wolf’s Blood, which would actually upgrade his battle prowess to yet another level.

This was mainly because Ling Han’s will was strong enough, so the influence of the Staff of Destruction on the battle was barely visible. This meant that Baili Teng Yun’s attacks were mostly dependent on his own power, and he was on a lower level than Li Dong Yue, so how could he possibly be a match for Ling Han?

In this fierce battle and clash of the young generation, Ling Han was gradually gaining the upper hand!

“Hey! Hey! Even Jin Wuji hadn’t had such an easy time fighting him, right? Does that mean that Ling Han is even stronger than Jin Wuji?” Someone exclaimed in shock.

“That can’t be… the power behind every one of his attacks is inferior to Jin Wuji’s, so how is it possible that he’s stronger than Jin Wuji?” Someone else immediately retorted.

“But why did Jin Wuji have such a hard time during his battle, yet Ling Han so easily got the upper hand?”


None of them knew about the fact that the Staff of Destruction had the ability to suppress the opponent’s spirit, so of course they did not understand why Ling Han could easily suppress Baili Teng Yun when his attacks were obviously on a weaker level than Jin Wuji’s attacks. They were still perplexed even after much thought.

Meanwhile, Baili Teng Yun had started thinking, ‘The few people before me had obviously done Ling Han a favor. If I don’t do the same, he may resent me! Moreover, I obviously can’t get the first place anyways, so what difference is there between the fourth and fifth place?’

When his thoughts took this turn, he quickly drew his staff back and retreated. He said, “Brother Ling is indeed very powerful. I forfeit!”

Damn, why was there another forfeit again?

The spectators were just starting to get excited from watching the battle. How come this Baili Teng Yun did the same as those before him, giving up just like that? What kind of background did this Ling Han have, causing every opponent of his to do him favors like that?

Ling Han stepped onto the fourth tournament stage, and he only had three opponents left ahead of him.

Although he had expended a bit of energy battling Baili Teng Yun, he could still fight another battle. Ling Han gave a great leap and arrived on the third tournament stage.

“Congratulations to Brother Ling for overcoming all difficulties to make it this far,” Li Dong Yue said to Ling Han before his expression grew serious, and he said, “However, as a sign of my respect for Brother Ling, I will try my best in this battle.”

“Please!” Ling Han drew his sword and displayed a sword move in response.

Li Dong Yue gave a long hiss and prepared to use his Little Tianyuan Hands, charging towards Ling Han in attack.

Although he was bare-handed, after learning this martial arts technique, once he began circulating Origin Power, his hands would be like finely forged iron, as firm as rock. Even sharp blades had no hope of causing injury to his hands–or at least the ordinary iron sword Ling Han was wielding had no hope of injuring his hands.

“Ding, ding, ding, ding,” as the blade and the flesh of hand clashed, clanging noises continuously echoed out, and there were fiery sparks flying about from the point of contact between the hand and the blade.

Li Dong Yue was in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier, so he exceeded both Baili Teng Yun and even Ling Han in prowess. Thus, after exchanging a few blows, Ling Han could actually feel numbness spreading through the hand he wielded his sword in. However, he had already learnt the Body of Dead Tree ability from the Indestructible Heaven Scroll, so this kind of damage did not affect him in the slightest.

Ling Han shook his head. Such a clash of brute force would be non-conclusive unless one of the fighters had a power advantage or both fighters were evenly matched. Even if his body was tough and indomitable due to the Body of Dead Tree skill he had learnt and thus avoided damage from the tremors caused by clashing with Li Dong Yue, it was still absolutely pointless. He used the Shocking Electricity Sword Arts, and his two flashes of Sword Qi continuously danced, instantaneously turning his disadvantageous position back around.

But the name of Li Dong Yue was not famous from his talking big. He had managed to form three flashes of Qi, and as his palms flew in an attack, it was obvious that his power was of a terrifying level. He had lost to Qi Yong Ye and Jin Wuji previously simply because those two were even stronger than he was!

His Little Tianyuan Hands was also a Yellow Grade high level martial arts technique, so Ling Han did not possess an advantage in terms of the grade of martial arts technique. In terms of power, he was weaker than Li Dong Yue by a single layer of cultivation level, so faced with Li Dong Yue’s full power attacks, Ling Han gradually fell into a disadvantage. [1]

“What’s the matter? Technically, Baili Teng Yun should be stronger than Li Dong Yue, right? Ling Han had an easy time against Baili Teng Yun, but why is he having such a tough time against Li Dong Yue now?”

“Could it be that Baili Teng Yun had not tried his best just now?”

“That’s definitely the case. Otherwise, how would the current situation be possible?”

“I really am curious now. What kind of background does this Ling Han have? Why is it that all his previous opponents had deliberately allowed him to win?”

All of the spectators were puzzled and extremely curious.

Meanwhile, Ling Dong Xing was frowning deeply. His son had defeated Baili Teng Yun, so he should have been like an irresistible force, continuing his advance to obtain the third place. Yet why was he in a disadvantage now against the “weaker” Li Dong Yue?

A hint of a smile appeared on the corners of Ling Han’s lips. Looks like he would have to increase his abilities.

With a wave of his long sword, four flashes of Sword Qi simultaneously appeared!


This time, all spectators choked. All of them were completely struck dumb.

Four flashes of Sword Qi, he actually had four flashes of Sword Qi!

One has to understand that possessing four flashes of Sword Qi could be considered as a minor accomplishment. Such a person would deserve the name of a ruler, signifying that he could be invincible among those of a certain cultivation level!

A seventeen-year-old ruler!

Ling Dong Xing was both astonished and elated. He turned to Liu Yu Tong and asked, “Han’er has managed to form four flashes of Sword Qi, did you already know about this?”

“En!” Liu Yu Tong nodded. In truth, Ling Han had already managed to form four flashes of Sword Qi when he had only been in Body Refining Tier. But this guy had not wanted to reveal his true talent and display his full prowess all this while. Thus, every time he revealed a bit more of his power, it was always enough to give a shock.

“Very good!” Ling Dong Xing heavily slapped his thigh, excitement filling his face. “This stupid brat even kept his old man completely in the dark. See if I won’t teach him a good lesson when we get back!”

Liu Yu Tong hid a smile. She knew that Ling Dong Xing felt only joy now. How could he bear to reprimand Ling Han.

“No wonder his previous opponents had forfeited. This guy has apparently managed to form four flashes of Sword Qi!”

“He could be named a ruler among those of the same cultivation level already!”

“I had never really imagined that such a genius would actually emerge from within our Da Yuan City!”

“That’s true. Among the thirty six cities of Rain Country, the martial arts level of our Da Yuan City has always been below average. But now there actually appeared a genius that has formed four flashes of Sword Qi from within our midst. He is indeed a source of pride for our city!”

When these four flashes of Sword Qi appeared, it generated a shock that spread through the whole area. Even the clash of the titans between the Fourth Prince and Jin Wuji had paled in comparison as more and more people were drawn over, fighting to get a look at the indomitable might of four flashes of Sword Qi.

Li Dong Yue’s face was full of bitterness. He had worked so hard on his cultivation these three years. Originally, he had thought that he would be able to get the first place in the Da Yuan Tournament this time. But he never imagined that his dreams would be shattered by the Fourth Prince, causing him to realize that he had fallen behind those in his age range. And now, in a generation younger than his own, there actually appeared a freak that had successfully formed four flashes of Sword Qi, causing his confidence to suffer a severe blow.

However, he immediately pulled himself together. As long as he managed to enroll into Hu Yang Academy, then his prowess would definitely be able to advance by leaps and bounds, and he’d be able to catch up to the Fourth Prince and Jin Wuji.

‘This person has a close relationship with three Black Grade alchemists. Moreover, he’s also managed to form four flashes of Sword Qi. Why don’t I readily forfeit, and do him a favor?’ Li Dong Yue thought. ‘The others have all done him favors, so if I don’t, it might not look good.’

When he thought this, he immediately retreated, clasped his hands and said, “Brother Ling is indeed a genius to be able to form four flashes of Sword Qi at the mere age of seventeen! I am really deeply impressed by your achievements! There is no need to continue the battle, I forfeit!”


All of the spectators were depressed. This was the first time that they had seen a genius with four flashes of Sword Qi, and you actually won’t fight for a bit longer, letting them enjoy watching to the fullest… why did you forfeit so soon?