Chapter 11

Chapter 11 of 50 chapters

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The higher management of the Flourishing Age Group detected something was wrong.

After Li Hanchen vetoed eight proposals in a row, they were finally certain that he was in a foul mood.


Oh no, thought everyone in the meeting.

Everyone turned to look at Qin Kai earnestly in the hope that he could do something about it. They did not want to continue pissing Li Hanchen off.

“…” Qin Kai was unconfident he would have better luck. Instead, he was surprised that Li Hanchen would be in a bad mood to begin with.

After working for Li Hanchen for years, he was always emotionless.

Anyone would lose interest in life when they found out they were terminally ill. After all, people only felt emotional because they had something to look forward to.

However, Li Hanchen had nothing to look forward to.

Before Qin Kai uttered a word, Li Hanchen announced that the meeting was over. “Tomorrow, I want to see your revised proposals. Qin Kai, hand over your work in Continent M to Shen Lin and come home.”

“Yes, Mr. Li.”

Li Hanchen picked up the document beside him and continued working on it after the teleconference. However, he started to feel a slight ache running through his body.

Since he was not in the habit of turning on the heater, he failed to notice it during the meeting, and it did not help that the window was open.

Li Hanchen rubbed his forehead as he continued working, but his pen started to tremble in his hand ten minutes later.

Mu Sheng spent the entire day in her cozy room and only went downstairs at noon when she was hungry.

Mu Sheng noticed the door open when she walked by Li Hanchen’s bedroom and saw Li Hanchen lying on the couch clutching his chest with his face ghastly pale.

Mu Sheng instantly knew that Li Hanchen was suffering from a relapse. She hurriedly checked Li Hanchen’s pulse and was shocked. “Hanchen, didn’t I tell you to stay warm? Why are you so cold?”

Li Hanchen pulled his hand away from Mu Sheng. He was in so much pain that the veins on his hands were throbbing. “It’s none of your business.”

“…” Mu Sheng did not know why Li Hanchen was throwing such a temper. Since she had charged him consultation fees, she could not leave him in the lurch.

Mu Sheng pulled Li Hanchen’s arm. “Get up.”

Li Hanchen was in so much pain that he had no energy. He stood up with Mu Sheng’s help and was pulled into her room next door.

The moment she opened the door, warm air came surging towards Li Hanchen.

It felt like fire meeting ice, so the burning pain in Li Hanchen aggravated many times over.

Mu Sheng struck a few acupuncture points on his body before retrieving her silver needles, removing his shirt swiftly, and applying the needles.

Li Hanchen finally stopped trembling as hard after she applied ten needles.

Mu Sheng applied a silver needle to the main acupuncture point at the back of Li Hanchen’s neck. She happened to make eye contact with Li Hanchen when she was done.

Li Hanchen had dashing good looks. He had sharp brows, dark stern eyes, and well-chiseled features. In close proximity, he looked even more striking. His cold proud aura did not diminish the slightest despite how sick he was.

Mu Sheng was momentarily stunned before she veered her eyes. “What did I say about staying warm?”

“I forgot about it.” Li Hanchen closed his eyes and looked exhausted.

Mu Sheng went speechless, and the room became silent once more.

Since he was out in the cold for too long, the treatment took far longer than usual.

Two hours later, Mu Sheng finally removed the silver needles from Li Hanchen. “All done. If you don’t obey my orders, it will only be worse the next time.”

Li Hanchen put on his shirt with his head lowered. His forehead was covered with sweat from the pain. “Thanks.”

After putting away the silver needles, Mu Sheng finally realized it was already past 2:00 pm. She was so focused on performing acupuncture that she did not realize how hungry she was.

Mu Sheng was about to go downstairs for a bite when her phone suddenly rang.

Li Hanchen could plainly see Li Ming’s name on the caller ID. He glanced before he lowered his eyes, and the coldness from his body seemed to increase.

Mu Sheng pressed to answer, and Li Ming’s voice came from over the phone. “Hi, Sheng.”

Mu Sheng was already famished. Now that she heard this irritating man’s voice, she could not help feeling angry and threw her temper at him. “The next time you call, I will tell the police and let everyone know that you have been shamelessly harassing your sister-in-law.”

Li Hanchen looked up slightly and was a little surprised when he heard Mu Sheng say “sister-in-law”.

Mu Sheng slammed the phone when she was done and blacklisted Li Ming. She took a few steps before she turned to look at Li Hanchen. “Aren’t you going to eat? You need the energy to recover.”

“Okay.” Li Hanchen put on his jacket and stood up.

Auntie Li had saved them lunch and just needed to warm it before they could eat.

Despite being famished, Mu Sheng continued to eat gracefully and seemed well-trained.

She hated garlic, but Auntie Li loved using it.

Mu Sheng kept picking out the garlic while she ate.

Li Hanchen glanced at her before he took a pair of chopsticks and removed all the garlic. Since his fingers were long and slender, it looked pleasing to the eye as he did it. “Slow down. No one’s going to fight you for the food.”

Mu Sheng looked at the dish with all its garlic removed and nodded to Li Hanchen. “Thanks!”

Mu Sheng felt that other than being temperamental, Li Hanchen was rather nice. She was determined to cure him just for picking out the garlic for her.

Mu Sheng got changed and left the villa after lunch. Li Hanchen was sitting in the living room reading the paper when he heard her leave. He looked up with a profound look in his eyes.

Mu Sheng headed out the door and went to Metropolis University.

Metropolis University was one of the top universities in the country, and it was everyone’s dream to attend it.

It so happened that Mu Sheng was an undergrad at Metropolis University. Despite her academic success, it ended up adding oil to fire when Mu Sheng was ostracized and boycotted online.

Mu Sheng could only attend the university due to a technical loophole and entered it as a gifted student.

Ever since Sunny’s formation, the company promoted Mu Sheng’s academic success and won her a lot of fans.

Some meddlesome netizens did some investigation and found out that Mu Sheng did not get into the university by merit but a technical loophole. Also, people learned that Mu Sheng did not attend school regularly and was failing every subject.

She was not a straight-A genius that the company claimed but a lousy student.

It was every student’s dream to attend Metropolis University, but someone like Mu Sheng managed to get in through some technicalities. How could the public not be angry and furious with Mu Sheng?

Since Mu Sheng had a bad reputation online in the entertainment industry, she was not well received in the university.

After all, most of the students in the school came from a privileged background, so no one wanted to befriend Mu Sheng since she was only flashy on the outside.

The original owner of the body knew that everyone hated her, so she never showed up at school, and people gradually forgot about her.

At the department of music at Metropolis University, the students were preparing for piano lessons as usual.

Someone walked in through the door when the bell rang.

The students were about to greet the lecturer but promptly swallowed their words.

It was not the lecturer standing at the door, but a stunning girl.

The girl’s dark hair was scattered behind her back. She had flawless features, a small nose, and a slender waist. The black coat she was wearing accentuated her cold aura. Her unsullied eyes looked as pure and bright as the morning dew.

The noisy classroom swiftly fell silent.

The cool beauty walked in and sat in the front row as everyone watched.

“Oh my! What’s going on? When did our faculty have such a stunner? Did she go to the wrong class?”

“Why do I find her so familiar?”

“Bullsh*t. You say this every time you encounter someone hot.”

“I remember now! Isn’t she Mu Sheng? The one who got in through the backdoor and failed every subject for every final exam?”

Everyone hurriedly searched on their phones and was shocked to realize that this ice queen was genuinely the Mu Sheng who was boycotted online.

Why did she finally turn up in school after cutting all her classes? What was going on?

The professor entered the classroom before the students could wrap their minds around it.

The lecturer was surprised to see a new face in class, but he paid no attention. After all, the university did not restrict students from other faculties to sit in for lectures. Students from other faculties sat in all the time, but it was the first time such an attractive student ever turned up.

Mu Sheng had attended a music theory class. She was initially very serious but lost interest mid-way.

She came for this class because she wanted to see if there was any difference between music from this era and hers. After attending the class for a while, she swiftly realized it was the same.

Since she was developed to have a highly advanced brain in her past life, music came easily to her.

The bell finally rang and the class ended. Mu Sheng left the classroom right away.

Everyone gossiped as they watched her leave.

“I thought she finally changed her ways. It turned out she was just pretending to come for classes.”

“She only managed to survive half the lesson before she lost patience. Then again, Mu Sheng was so much prettier in person in comparison to her photos. She was simply indescribably beautiful.”

“I agree. The moment I saw her standing at the door, I already thought of what we should name our kid.”

Everything about this world was new to Mu Sheng. After she left the classroom, she slowly took in the sights on campus as she walked on the pathway.

In her past life, she did not study in a school. Now that she was finally at a university campus, she could not help sighing in envy at the scholarly atmosphere.

Mu Sheng spent about 30 minutes walking to the school gate.

In just 30 minutes, Mu Sheng’s photo had caused a commotion on Metropolis University’s forum.