Chapter 12

Chapter 12 of 50 chapters

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Metropolis University’s forum was only accessible to teachers and students and consisted of all kinds of campus news be it official or gossip.

The hottest post on the forum read: [God! Do we have such a beauty in school? She completely surpasses the campus belle from University A next door!]


The moment the students saw the subject of the post, they felt that the person who wrote it was exaggerating.

Metropolis University and University A were both top universities in the country. University A specialized in arts, so it had a lot of girls and beauties. In comparison, Metropolis University focused on sciences, so there were few girls to begin with, let alone beauties.

Hence, everyone thought someone was trying to be funny when they said there was a girl at Metropolis University who was better looking than University A’s campus belle.

They tapped open the post for a closer look and wanted to scold the writer for lying but ended up swallowing their words.

After all, the pictures that accompanied the post spoke for themselves.

The girl dressed in a black coat was bewitching and radiant. She had a cool aura and was as proud as a snowy white plum blossom.

[Oh god. I don’t think she’s from our school, right? She’s gorgeous!!! Where on earth did this fairy come from? If the original poster tells me where she is, I will spare you. Can I still bump into her if I run over now?]

[She’s such a stunner. This must be how ice queens from novels look like in reality, right? Can you give me the raw image? I want to use it as wallpaper on my phone, please! She is just my type!]

[Erm… Look at this (jpg attachment). I think this is Mu Sheng, the one who smeared the university’s name.]

Someone posted Mu Sheng’s photo in the forum and left everyone speechless.

On the one hand, everyone kept rationalizing that they should not praise someone after she gave the school a bad name.

On the other hand, it was an emotional struggle as everyone was dying to say how gorgeous she was!

In the end, the post became a strange spectacle.

There were over 5,000 comments that were filled with ellipses that aptly described everyone’s conflicted feelings towards Mu Sheng.

After Mu Sheng left the campus, she bought a lot of street snacks outside the school before she went home leisurely.

Before she even arrived at the estate entrance, she spotted Li An standing outside sadly with his black satchel.

“Li An,” shouted Mu Sheng.

Li An briefly paused. He pulled his hood up to cover most of his face and turned around with his head lowered so that only his nose was visible. “Hi.”

Mu Sheng frowned. “Why is your head lowered?”

Li An lowered his head even more. “No reason. Why are you asking so much? You’re so irritating. I’m heading in.”

Li An ran straight into the villa the moment he finished his sentence.

Li Hanchen was sitting in the living room reading the paper. Li An halted when he made eye contact with Li Hanchen and pulled up his hoody a little more before he continued heading upstairs.

“Stop right there.” Li Hanchen’s voice rang from behind.

“Oh no,” muttered Li An to himself. He could not help innately fearing Li Hanchen. Although he wanted to run, his legs were pinned to the ground.

“Big Bro, I have homework to do, so I’m heading upstairs.”

“Turn around.” Li Hanchen put down the paper and uncrossed his legs to place them both on the ground. The soft sound of his leather shoes making contact with the ground left Li An trembling.

He slowly turned as he clutched his bag strap tightly and kept his head lowered without daring to look at Li Hanchen. “Big Bro.”

Li Hanchen stood up and walked up to Li An.