Chapter 14

Chapter 14 of 50 chapters

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Li An ran downstairs excitedly and saw Li Hanchen sitting at the dining table reading the paper.

Li An touched his ear awkwardly. “Big Bro, did you buy me these shoes?”


“Uh huh,” acknowledged Li Hanchen with a cold look on his face like he did not want to talk about it.

Li An wanted to ask if it was okay to get such expensive shoes since they were so broke, but when he saw Li Hanchen’s cool profile, Li An did not dare probe.

Li An could only sit down next to Li Hanchen with delight and gratitude. Although his older brother was strict and stern, he spent an entire month’s allowance on him! His big brother was awesome!

Mu Sheng’s door finally opened when Li Hanchen finished reading the morning paper. Her hair was tied up today, so it brought out her cool aura.

Mu Sheng sat down at the dining table. Li An looked at her with his bright eyes gleaming imperceptibly.

Mu Sheng raised her brow slightly. “Come to the skiing resort in the suburbs with me after breakfast.”

“Okay!” Li An was beside himself with joy. He had always wanted to ski, but there was no one to teach him or the opportunity to go. Now he could finally do it!

After breakfast, Mu Sheng got a call from Qin Lei and told Li An it was time to go.

Li An put on his new shoes and pushed off the couch before he skipped to the door. “Let’s go.”

Two steps later, he turned to glance at Li Hanchen on the couch.

Li Hanchen was dressed in a black coat and reading the paper with his eyes lowered. Despite his threatening cold aura, Li An felt that his old brother looked lonely.

Li An took a few steps back. “Big Bro, do you want to come too?”

Li Hanchen did not even raise his head as he spoke in a deep voice. “I’m not going. Come back early and don’t cause trouble.”

“Okay then.” Since Li Hanchen had made up his mind, Li An did not insist. Instead, he turned to follow behind Mu Sheng.

Shortly after Mu Sheng and Li An left, Li Hanchen left the villa as well.

A young bespectacled man stood in the CEO’s office at Flourishing Age Group.

“Mr. Li.” Qin Kai bowed when Li Hanchen came in.

“Have you handed over your work in Continent M?” Li Hanchen walked up to the desk and sat down.

“Yes, Mr. Li. I’ve handed it all over to Shen Lin.”

“Okay. Give me a quarterly report,” said Li Hanchen as he picked up a document by the side.

Qin Kai reported things methodically.

Li Hanchen suddenly raised his head to glance out the window after some time. It was sunny a moment ago, but it had unknowingly started to snow.

Qin Kai halted mid-way and looked out the window along with Li Hanchen.

“It’s snowing,” said Li Hanchen suddenly.

“Yes, Mr. Li. It’s snowing today,” Qin Kai chimed in. He did not know why Li Hanchen suddenly brought it up.

Li Hanchen looked out the window for a few seconds before he suddenly closed the documents and stood up. “Get the car. We are going to the suburbs.”

“Yes, Mr Li.” Despite how puzzled Qin Kai was, Li Hanchen was his boss, so he simply executed his orders.

Li An was dressed in ski gear and excitedly learned the basics from Mu Sheng in the ski resort.

Mu Sheng only taught Li An the basics. Since he was young and athletic, he picked up the techniques quickly. Before long, he could ski on the recreational course by himself.

Qin Lei skied over too. “Miss Mu, go ahead and ski. I will teach your little brother. It happens to be my strength.”

In his heart, Qin Lei offered to help because he had other reasons to meet Mu Sheng here. He had specially asked Mu Sheng out to see how good Mu Sheng was.

Mu Sheng’s backflips were amazing, but a lot of professionals were capable of doing the same, so he wanted to find out exactly how good she was.