Chapter 15

Chapter 15 of 50 chapters

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Mu Sheng felt that Qin Lei’s skiing skills were average, but it was more than enough for teaching Li An. Mu Sheng nodded. “Thanks, Instructor Qin.”

“No trouble at all.” Qin Lei waved his hand at Mu Sheng.


In a second, Mu Sheng glided away.

“…” Li An was a little surprised. How did his sister-in-law manage to ski so weightlessly?

“Come on over. Let me show you how it’s done,” said Qin Lei as he pulled Li An by his arm. “I will show you the steps. Just follow me.”

“Okay.” Li An glanced to the side and saw Mu Sheng heading towards the professional ski track.

By the time Qin Lei and Li An made it to the bottom of the slope, cries of astonishment could be heard from the professional course. Li An raised his head to watch in shock.

A black silhouette skied down the slope like the wind. She skied smoothly through all the obstacles as though she was walking on flatland. She kept changing her direction and posture as she executed moves repeatedly without stopping for a second.

Li An exclaimed in envy, “That’s so cool!!”

Qin Lei nodded in admiration. “Miss Mu has a very good foundation and has the potential to ski professionally.”

Everyone applauded her as she skied down the slope, but Mu Sheng did not think she was impressive.

In her past life, she adored extreme sports. She liked the feeling of coming close to the limit and could briefly sense the meaning of life when she was close to the extreme.

Skiing down a professional ski track like this was unattainable for most people, but it was like walking on flatland for Mu Sheng, so she found it unmeaningful. Instead, she raised her head to look around the place.

The ski resort was built next to a mountain and only a part of the mountain was developed into a recreational ski course. Most of the mountain remained undeveloped.

Mu Sheng looked at the steep slope around them and felt tempted to have a go. Initially, Qin Lei refused to let her do it when she made the suggestion, but Mu Sheng was insistent, so he could only agree to it.

Qin Lei could not help breaking in a cold sweat as he looked at the steep slope. He secretly keyed in the emergency number for an ambulance on his phone just in case something befell her.

After going up and down the course several times, Li An was now capable of skiing independently. He excitedly wanted to show Mu Sheng what he had achieved, but Mu Sheng was nowhere in sight. “Where is she?”

Behind the ski course, on an undeveloped part of the mountain.

Mu Sheng was standing atop the mountain peak dressed in black. Qin Lei sat in the helicopter worriedly. “Miss Mu, please be careful!”

Mu Sheng nodded. She moved her feet slightly and jumped right onto the mountain peak.

Since the area was undeveloped, there was a lot of snow and it was uneven, unlike a machine-pressed trail. The skier had to move quickly to avoid sinking into the snow.

It posed a grave danger for a skier to get stuck on such a steep incline. After all, no one knew what lay under the snow.

The helicopter followed behind Mu Sheng, but it was incapable of keeping up with her.

The mountain was particularly steep with precipitous cliffs that were almost perpendicular to the ground.

Mu Sheng came skiing down from the mountain top while snow swiftly sunk in wherever her skis went past. Whenever she encountered cliffs, Mu Sheng stepped on boulders to gain speed.

The wind howled by Mu Sheng’s ears as the snow sprayed into the air while she swiftly contemplated the next move she had to make.

Mu Sheng reveled in the adrenaline of going extreme on the sheer snowy mountain.

Although the black silhouette was minuscule with the mountain as her backdrop, she was capable of trampling the mountain beneath her feet and was in sheer control.

A black car happened to pass by and stopped for a long time.