Chapter 16

Chapter 16 of 50 chapters

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Despite how worldly Qin Kai was, he felt worried when he saw the form skiing on the mountain. It was simply too dangerous.

He glanced behind. Li Hanchen suddenly told him to pull up when they got here. Had Mr. Li suddenly developed an interest in skiing?


Li Hanchen had wound the window all the way down from the backseat and was staring at the black silhouette intently.

Mu Sheng skied all the way to the foot of the mountain where the land was much flatter and removed her ski goggles as she skied.

A look of shock appeared on Qin Kai’s face when the woman came closer to the car. She was none other than Mr. Li’s so-called legal wife who had been acting strange recently.

Qin Kai turned but Li Hanchen had already opened the car door.

Mu Sheng’s hands were a little frozen from the cold, so she exhaled on her palms. Just as she was about to find Qin Lei and the helicopter, she raised her head to see Li Hanchen walking over.

“What are you doing here?” Mu Sheng was puzzled. Had he not said he was not coming?

Li Hanchen stood before her. His expression was as cold as the snow around them. “I happened to be here on business. Get in. I will send you up the mountain.”

“Okay.” Since Mu Sheng had already gotten a kick out of skiing today, she took off her skis and got into the car with Li Hanchen.

Qin Kai had turned the heater to the highest temperature. The moment she got into the car, it felt warm and cozy.

Qin Kai glanced at Mu Sheng in shock. Based on their investigation, Mu Sheng had become very different. Now that he had seen her in person, it became even more evident.

He could sense the coldness radiating from Mu Sheng with one look now. It was not something that anyone could mimic.

Qin Kai quietly started the engine.

Mu Sheng patted the snow from her jacket and straightened her hair before someone passed her a bottle of warm water.

Mu Sheng was caught by surprise. Li Hanchen did not look at her. Instead, all she saw was his cool profile.

“Thanks.” Mu Sheng was not shy and took the drink right away. However, her hands were a little frozen, so she handed the drink to Li Hanchen. “Help me open it. My hands are a little stiff.”

Li Hanchen took the drink and opened its cap for her. Mu Sheng took a few sips before she finally felt much warmer.

Qin Kai raised his brow slightly when he heard the conversation behind. Li Hanchen was a compulsively clean man, so he had never seen him sit so close to anyone before.

Also, he had never seen anyone with the guts to order Li Hanchen around so blatantly.

Qin Kai recalled Mu Sheng who had left him such a strong impression. His lips curved upwards slightly. The on-looker knew best.

He had an inkling why Li Hanchen threw a temper out of the blue.

Humans were only emotionless when there was nothing to look forward to.

The moment they did, they would become lively and susceptible.

The helicopter was unable to catch up with Mu Sheng. Qin Lei started out sitting on the helicopter feeling worried before his emotions were replaced by shock and admiration.

If not for his final remnants of reason, Qin Lei might probably jump right off the helicopter, go after Mu Sheng, and take her straight to the national team for training.

Why had no one heard of someone as good as Mu Sheng? If he discovered her sooner, the country would finally make a name for itself in the skiing arena!