Chapter 17

Chapter 17 of 50 chapters

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Although Mu Sheng and Qin Lei were nowhere to be found, the provincial team taught Li An with great enthusiasm, so Li An had a great time skiing with them.

“Not bad, Li An. You are young and very athletically inclined.” Everyone was impressed by what a quick learner Li An was.


Li An touched his head shyly as he chuckled.

Li An raised his head and suddenly saw Mu Sheng getting off a car nearby, so he hurriedly skied towards her.

“Sis-in-law, where have you gone? I have been looking high and low.”

“I went somewhere else. Go pack up. We will leave after I say goodbye to Qin Lei.”

“Sure!” Since Li An already had a lot of fun today and was content, he did not insist on staying longer.

Qin Kai spoke tentatively in the car. “Young Madam is such a good skier, right?”

Li Hanchen went quiet for a moment and said nothing.

Li Hanchen’s nonresponse made Qin Kai’s imagination run wild.

It was more a question of whether Mu Sheng was deemed his wife than if her skiing was any good. Considering Li Hanchen’s commercial achievements, there was no way he did not catch Qin Kai calling her “Young Madam”.

However, Mr. Li unexpectedly stayed quiet! What did that mean? How did Mr. Li feel about it?

After some time, Mu Sheng and Li An came walking over to the car.

“Sis-in-law, are you really going to join the national team?” Li An looked at Mu Sheng with admiration.

Qin Lei looked at Mu Sheng like he had found a treasure. If he did not know better, he would have thought that Qin Lei was a human trafficker from the way he looked at Mu Sheng.

“Uh huh.” Mu Sheng removed her hair tie to let her dark long hair scatter behind her shoulders.

“You’re awesome!” Li An knew how glorious it was to join the national team. He could not wait to brag about having a sister-in-law on the national ski team.

“Tomorrow, can we…” Li An followed Mu Sheng up the car and sensed a familiar oppressive aura coming from the backseat before he finished his sentence.

Li An turned to look at his brother. “Didn’t you say you weren’t coming?”

Li Hanchen glanced at him. “You are going for piano lessons tomorrow.”

Li Hanchen was implying that Li An could forget about skiing.

“…” Li An had a question for his brother. Considering how poor they were, could they survive if he signed him up for piano lessons? More importantly, he did not want to learn piano.

However, Li An was always as docile as a lamb when it came to Li Hanchen, so he said sadly, “Okay.”

“Let’s go.” Qin Kai started the engine at Li Hanchen’s orders.

The faint shampoo scent floated in the air as Mu Sheng straightened her disheveled hair. A few stray stands even fell on Li Hanchen’s shoulder.

The ski resort was a little far from the villa and the car was cozy, so Mu Sheng gradually closed her eyes on their way home.

Li Hanchen was looking out the window at this snow when he suddenly felt a weight on his shoulder. He turned to see Mu Sheng leaning on it.

Her eyes were closed and her eyelashes looked long and curly while her face was as fair as porcelain.

Li Hanchen moved slightly, but it seemed to disturb Mu Sheng’s rest and made her frown, so he stopped moving and let her sleep on his shoulder.

Qin Kai looked into the rearview mirror with the corner of his eyes. He was surprised to see Mu Sheng sleeping on Li Hanchen’s shoulder, so he drove carefully out of fear it might disturb her.