Chapter 19

Chapter 19 of 50 chapters

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Ever since the preview for “Every Day Is an Inspiration” was released, Yang Tao and everyone at Talent Scout Entertainment finally had the assurance that Mu Sheng had bought what they said and told the production team to remove her scenes.

Talent Scout Entertainment ended up investing more to promote Ruan Yingying as a sporty and expert skier.


Even though skiing was not a mainstream sport, there was a sharp spike in its online interest, so it received a lot of attention.

Shortly after Skier Yang made a post on Weibo, it drew a lot of attention.

[Oh my! Can you ski on slopes as steep as that? She’s amazing. Even the chopper can’t catch up with her. She’s so cool that I want to marry her and make babies with her!]

[This is breathtaking. Who on earth is it? I want to know everything there is to know about her within one minute. Otherwise, I will come back to beat you all up for not telling me.]

[When I see how cool she looks, I think of Ruan Yingying. Do you think it’s her? Ruan Yingying is so incredible.]

Yang Tao sat in the company and hurriedly told the marketing department to do another wave of online promotion for Ruan Yingying when he saw the events that transpired online.

“Take the opportunity to promote Ruan Yingying one more time before we step forward to clarify that it isn’t her tomorrow.” A smug look appeared on Yang Tao’s face. “This is as good as free marketing. Even god is on Yingying’s side.”

Based on Yang Tao’s plans, a lot of people online started to speculate that it was Ruan Yingying.

Now that people had started the ball rolling, all the netizens automatically assumed that this awesome skier was Ruan Yingying, so Ruan Yingying naturally won a bunch of new fans.

Amid the flood of praise for Ruan Yingying, a conspicuous account that went by “Master An Shoots Everyone” appeared on Weibo.

Master An Shoots Everyone: [Are you blind? She is obviously Mu Sheng, okay?]

His comment instantly sparked countless ridicule.

[This is hilarious! HAHA! It’s killing me. Mu Sheng is just a burden to the band. If she can ski, then pigs will fly. Mu Sheng can’t even stand firmly on a board.]

[How could someone like Mu Sheng even have fans? Sure enough, her fans are crazy just like her.]

[Master An Shoots Everyone? One look at this nickname and I know you’re an elementary school student. Are you stupid or something? Are you done memorizing the multiplication table yet?]

Many people visited Li An’s Weibo account and flooded it with insult and slander against Mu Sheng. Ruan Yingying’s fans even complained about the account, so it ended up frozen.

“These blind fools are so infuriating.” After tapping on the application for some time, Li An finally realized he was banned from making comments. He hurled the phone aside. Were they blind? Could they not see that it was his sister-in-law?

Li An did not see Mu Sheng skiing with his own eyes, so it was the first time for him to see it online. He could not believe his eyes when he watched the video.

He could finally appreciate why Qin Lei looked at Mu Sheng like he wanted to take off with her immediately. If Li An were in the same position, he would have done the same thing.

Li An had tossed his phone aside, so he was oblivious of the aftereffects of his online comments.

A topic titled [Mu Sheng’s Skiing] was pushed to become the top subject by Ruan Yingying’s fans who had ulterior motives. The moment Li An read the post, he saw videos of Mu Sheng’s poor coordination when she was dancing. She was poles apart in comparison to the multi-talented Ruan Yingying

Everyone did their utmost to ridicule Mu Sheng’s fans for overestimating themselves and claiming the skier was Mu Sheng.