Chapter 20

Chapter 20 of 50 chapters

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The commotion online did not affect Mu Sheng at all. She was busy getting ready to treat Li Hanchen.

Li Hanchen automatically took off his shirt without Mu Sheng asking.


“How is the quality of your sleep recently?” Mu Sheng examined Li Hanchen’s pulse. It was far better than the terminal condition he was in when she first got here.

“Pretty good. Much better than before,” replied Li Hanchen candidly. He had no trouble falling asleep now. In the past, no amount of medication could help with his sleep.

“Good. I can operate on you after you recuperate for a while more.”

Li Hanchen not only suffered from poison and blocked meridians.

Someone must have broken his limbs before. His legs had gotten severely fractured as well. Although it was not noticeable now, he must have only taken care of the injuries cursorily, so they were unable to recover fully.

If no operation was done now, his limbs would become deformed in a few years.

“Have you learned Western medicine before?” Li Hanchen looked at Mu Sheng.

“Is there a difference between Western and Chinese medicine? Since they can both be used to save people, they are the same,” said Mu Sheng candidly. In her eyes, she did not categorize medical skills separately. They could both be used as long as they could help patients.

“Okay.” Li Hanchen nodded as he looked at Mu Sheng’s bright eyes. “Since you are my doctor, I will do as you say.”

Mu Sheng performed acupuncture on Li Hanchen’s arm. She was curious about the black bracelet on his left wrist. “What’s that on your wrist?”

Mu Sheng failed to detect the dark mood Li Hanchen was in the moment she mentioned this.

Li Hanchen lowered his eyes and glanced at the thin black bracelet on his left wrist. “It was made from shell cases.”

He melted a total of 21 shell cases that were stuck in his body for the bracelet.

They were removed from his body when he was 15 years old.

After the Li family decided to forsake him, the kidnappers tied him up for target practice.

“I see.” Mu Sheng finally noticed the change in Li Hanchen’s mood, so she stopped probing.

Mu Sheng worked with her hair scattered, so her soft hair touched Li Hanchen’s naked shoulder and chest every now and then while she performed acupuncture. He could even smell the faint scent of her shampoo.

Li Hanchen frowned slightly when her hair swept past his shoulder again. He swallowed and his voice sounded imperceptibly hoarse. “Are you done performing acupuncture?”

“Almost done.” Mu Sheng touched Li Hanchen’s belly and examined the changes in his meridians.

Even though Mu Sheng’s fingers were cold, Li Hanchen felt like they were setting fire on him everywhere they landed. Veins started throbbing on his forehead. “Can you go out first?”

Mu Sheng looked at Li Hanchen quizzically. “What’s wrong?”

Li Hanchen swallowed. He could feel a fire in his belly and felt inexplicably thirsty. “I need to make a call. Can you bring me a glass of water? Thanks.”

“Sure.” Even though Li Hanchen was difficult, she had no choice since she had taken his money and Li Hanchen was now her rice bowl.

Mu Sheng turned to leave the room.

After the sweet scent disappeared, Li Hanchen rubbed his brow. He used to have no desire. What happened to him today?

Mu Sheng knocked on the door and came in with a glass of water about ten minutes later. “It’s time to remove the needles.”