Chapter 21

Chapter 21 of 50 chapters

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Li Hanchen was a lot calmer by now. He took the glass of water and finished it all in a few gulps.

Mu Sheng wanted to remove the needles, but Li Hanchen retrieved a rubber band from the cabinet beside him. “Tie your hair up.”


“Don’t you think you’re going overboard?” Although Li Hanchen was her rice bowl, Mu Sheng felt he was making too many strange demands.

Li Hanchen picked up his phone and transferred Mu Sheng $1,000. “Your hair is stabbing me.”

Mu Sheng’s eyes lit up when she saw the transfer. “Fine. Since you’re the one paying me, you can call the shots.”

Mu Sheng happily tied her hair up. She continued to remove the needles from Li Hanchen’s body before she massaged him for about 30 minutes to help relax his muscles.

“All done. You can continue working in this room since it’s warm. I’m heading over to Li An’s room.” After Mu Sheng was finally done treating him for the day, she peeled the wrapper off a piece of toffee, placed it into her mouth, and left the room.

The room was warm and cozy. Li Hanchen looked around Mu Sheng’s room.

It was his first time entering Mu Sheng’s room.

Mu Sheng’s room was completely different from his. It felt minimalist and warm. There was also a faint sweet scent that resembled that of Mu Sheng’s.

Li Hanchen studied the room briefly before his phone suddenly rang. It was Qin Kai calling.

“Hi, Mr. Li.”

“Uh huh.”

“The Li family wants to collaborate with Flourishing Age Group. What say you?”

“Let’s work with them.” Coldness swept across Li Hanchen’s eyes. Since they came knocking on their doors, they ought to give them a huge gift.

“Yes, Mr. Li.”

Next door in Li An’s room, Mu Sheng sat in front of the computer with her fingers moving so rapidly on the keyboard that only a shadow could be seen. Li An was dumbfounded by her mastery of the game.

“How can you be that fast?! You’re amazing.” Li An was completely won over by Mu Sheng’s skills. He swore he had never encountered anyone who was as good at playing the game as her. Even his idol, Hero of the Universe, could not compare to his sister-in-law.

“Do you get it now?” Since Mu Sheng promised Li An to help him with video games this weekend, she taught Li An how to clear the level now that she was free.

“Got it! Let me try!”

“Uh huh.” Mu Sheng removed her hands from the keyboard and warmed them up a little since they felt stiff. “Why is your room so cold?”

“We aren’t made of money since the Li family only gives us so little allowance each month.” The moment Li An talked about the Li family, he looked annoyed. “Shall I bring the heater over for you?”

“It’s fine. Why don’t you play? I’m going out,” said Mu Sheng as she stood up.

Li Hanchen happened to walk out of her room when she got to the door.

Li Hanchen glanced at Mu Sheng’s hands which were so cold that they had turned red. “Are you heading out?”

“Uh huh. I’m going out to look around.” Ever since Mu Sheng had transmigrated here, she had yet to see the world outside.

“I’ll give you a lift.” Li Hanchen added, “I’m going out too.”


At AT Club, everyone surrounded the computer at the center of the room and watched as the word “Lose” floated on the monitor before they looked at each other. “Oh god! How can this be? Isn’t the player a recreational one? How could he have defeated Lin? That’s incredible? Was some pro helping him to play the game? Considering these skills, the player must be one of the best on the server!”

“Even if someone was helping him to play, Lin shouldn’t have suffered such overwhelming defeat. Did some professional player open a secondary account to mess around with rookies?”