Chapter 22

Chapter 22 of 50 chapters

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“The Angry Little Lion is challenging you again. Let me see what he’s made of.” Yu Yang sat in front of the computer. He wanted to find out who on earth Angry Little Lion was since he was able to defeat a member of a national team like theirs so badly.

Yu Yang rubbed his hands and readied for a battle with Angry Little Lion. However, he defeated Angry Little Lion with just one move.


After the battle was over, Yu Yang studied Angry Little Lion’s history to see that he had been on a losing streak until his last battle with Lin.

Everyone in the club looked at each other quietly before someone suddenly jumped up and hit Lin on the head. “I keep telling you to practice, but all you do is spend your time hitting on girls! Look what happened to your skills now? Hurry up and go for practice.”

Lin felt something was amiss as his fellow team members pressed him into his seat. He had genuinely done his best. However, he was powerless, and it felt as though he was being overpowered by a true professional. It seemed as though he was completely out of Angry Little Lion’s league.

“I really did my best…” Lin wanted to defend himself, but all he received were harsh glares.

Lin was terrified, so he quietly turned on the computer to practice.

Li An touched his head powerlessly. It was terrible to get finished in a second.

Mu Sheng made these combo attacks look so easy. However, he got finished off in a second when he tried it on his own.

Li An found it so embarrassing that he decided to turn off his computer. “Stupid game. Why should I play if I can’t win on my own?”

For the first time in Li An’s life, he picked his homework over gaming. After all, he felt absolutely defeated playing the game.

Mu Sheng sat in the front passenger seat automatically.

Li Hanchen looked at Mu Sheng as he started the engine. “Where to?”

“Just drop me off at any mall.” Mu Sheng curled up in her seat. “I need to buy some new clothes.”

Since Mu Sheng did not know her way around, she was not picky. Li Hanchen brought her to a deserted mall that seemed rather empty.

Mu Sheng got off the car and eyed the renovation. “Are you sure I can afford to shop there?”

In her past life, there was no doubt she could afford to shop here, but all she had was $11,000 now.

“This mall is closing down. I have inside information since we are business partners.” Li Hanchen looked calm.

“Fine. Then I’ll go in and take a look.”

The government took care of Mu Sheng’s every need in her past life since she was an important tool to them, so there was staff caring for her needs and she was oblivious about a lot of matters. After all, she never had to worry about things like that.

Hence, she bought Li Hanchen’s words when he said she could afford to shop here.

Li Hanchen walked behind Mu Sheng and pulled out his phone to text Qin Kai.

Before long, all the managers working in the mall received a notification from their boss.

“Hi, Miss. The mall is having a clearance sale soon. From next week onwards, everything is going for 10% off. Even though you’re early, I will make an exception and give you the same discount.” The manager walked over to welcome them enthusiastically.

“Then can I try those?” Mu Sheng pointed at the ones she picked earlier.

“Sure thing. One moment, please.”

The manager quickly retrieved the clothes. “The changing room is this way.”

After Mu Sheng had gone into the fitting room, the smile disappeared from the manager’s face. She nervously walked up to Li Hanchen and said reverently, “Hi, Mr. Li.”

“Just pretend I’m not here.”

“Yes, Mr. Li.”

The moment the dressing room curtains opened, everyone turned to look and felt stunned.