Chapter 23

Chapter 23 of 50 chapters

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Black suited Mu Sheng a lot. It was able to perfectly complement her flawless complexion, and the cold air radiating from her face left her absolutely mesmerizing.

The jacket she was wearing was cinched at the waist and came with gold embroidery. Even though it was simple, it was vibrant and elegant.


She wore a knee-length beige skirt under the jacket. Her slender legs looked luminous under the lighting.

It was elegant and sexy and made her look like the queen of the night. She looked enticing with every move she made.

“Miss, you look gorgeous in this outfit! Since we are having a sale, this set will only cost…” The manager was awestruck by Mu Sheng’s beauty. However, Li Hanchen interrupted her before she finished her sentence.

“The coat looks good, but not the skirt,” said Li Hanchen calmly as he veered his eyes from Mu Sheng.

Mu Sheng pursed her lips. Why should she care how he felt about the clothes since she was the one out shopping? All that mattered was her preference. She looked at the manager. “How much do they cost?”

“…” The manager was dumbstruck. She glanced at Li Hanchen’s cold profile nervously as she came up with a plan. “They cost $5,800, but the jacket is only $800. The jacket was last season, but the skirt is new.”

Mu Sheng went speechless. She had no choice but to resign herself to the fact that she was broke. “Then I’ll take the jacket.”

“Okay. Please step over here to pay for it,” said the manager as she rang up the skirt for Mu Sheng.

She cut off its old price tag that read $80,000 and replaced it with one for $800. After swiping Mu Sheng’s card, the manager smiled as she said, “Thank you for shopping with us. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“That’s all.” $800 was considered a huge sum to Mu Sheng now. She looked at Li Hanchen who was sitting by the side. “Let’s go.”

Li Hanchen stood up and reached a hand out to Mu Sheng, and she automatically handed him the shopping bag. “Thanks.”

Mu Sheng found Li Hanchen a bit more likable now. Even though he could not be trusted when it came to fashion, he was quite a gentleman.

“Didn’t you say you had something to do?” Mu Sheng looked at Li Hanchen quizzically. Li Hanchen had been with her the entire time while she was looking around in the mall.

“It was canceled.” Since Li Hanchen was a head taller than Mu Sheng, he had to look down slightly when he spoke to her. His eyes were inexplicably bewitching. “The Li family gave me an unimportant position.”

“I see.” Mu Sheng did not probe as she knew Li Hanchen was deeply traumatized by the Li family. Instead, she glanced at him. “Are you still in pain?”

Li Hanchen shook his head. In the past, he was plagued by agony day and night. Ever since Mu Sheng started to perform acupuncture on him, he could go about like a healthy man so long as he stayed warm.

“In that case…” Mu Sheng pointed at a shop. “Is it too much to ask you to give me a treat?”

She was curious about the food outside, but she knew Li Hanchen was a poor man, so she did not plan on fleecing him.

Li Hanchen glanced at the shop by the side. It cost an average of just $30 per customer to eat there. “Sure.”

Mu Sheng bought some streetside food before she continued shopping in the mall a little more.

Mu Sheng found it odd that high-quality garments were surprisingly cheap. She merely assumed that technology of textile production was so advanced in these times that prices got pushed down.

Li Hanchen patiently shopped with Mu Sheng for almost two hours and carried her bags without grumbling the slightest.