Chapter 24

Chapter 24 of 50 chapters

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Meanwhile, on a private estate somewhere in the capital.

Despite how high the heater was turned up in the room, the woman sitting in front of the French windows was wrapped in a thick woolen blanket. She was frowning with her eyes misty and looked absolutely frail and powerless.


Mu Xiao clutched her chest and coughed a couple of times when she heard a car pulling up outside.

“Young Mistress Xiao, why don’t you go back to your room and lie down? You really need to rest,” persuaded the maid beside her.

Mu Xiao shook her head. She spoke gently with her voice trembling, “Auntie Gu, do you think my big sister will forgive me? I really didn’t want to take her organs. I want to see her and tell her that Ming is all hers.”

Li Ming was standing at the door with a bouquet of roses. He wanted to give Mu Xiao a surprise but automatically treaded gently when he overheard the conversation inside the house.

“Young Mistress Xiao, you’re too nice. Even though I watched Young Mistress Sheng grow up as well, I have to be honest. How could you defend her after what she did to you? You have been kind since young and keep giving her all the good stuff, but she always steals from you and even almost killed you several times.”

“That’s not true… cough cough.” Mu Xiao coughed hard as tears welled in her eyes. “She is a good person. You have misunderstood her.”

“What’s so good about her? Wasn’t she the one who pushed you down the stairs because she couldn’t stand the sight of seeing Young Master Ming treating you so well? You are covered with bruises and even having a fever all thanks to her.”

“She didn’t mean to…” Mu Xiao coughed as she explained things to the maid, but Li Ming strode in before she finished her sentence.

“Xiaoxiao, was the bitch the one who pushed you down the stairs?!” Li Ming looked furious. “Why did you say you fell on your own?”

“That’s not true, Ming. I fell on my own.” Mu Xiao turned around to act as though she only just noticed Li Ming’s presence. She seemed shocked with her eyes wide and looked helpless and innocent. She shook her head indignantly. “I was careless. The fall had nothing to do with Sheng, so stop blaming her.”

“Tell me!” Li Ming flung the roses to the side as he looked at the maid. “Did Mu Sheng do this to her?!”

The maid glanced at Mu Xiao before she made up her mind to speak. “Young Master Ming, she always told me to stay mum about it, but I really can’t stay quiet any longer. It was one thing to bully her, but this time, she got pushed down the stairs. Young Mistress Sheng was simply too ruthless. She’s really out to kill Young Mistress Xiao!”

“Auntie Gu, don’t say that. Sheng has always been good to me.” Mu Xiao reached her hand out to stop the maid. However, she was so exhausted that the woolen blanket slid to the ground as her thin body swayed weakly and made her look like a frail willow leaf floating in the wind. Li Ming could not help feeling heartbroken by the sight.

Li Ming ran over to hold her up. “Xiaoxiao, get some rest. I will send for the doctor.”

“It’s fine, Ming. I just need some rest. I’ve always had these problems.” Mu Xiao leaned against Li Ming. “Just bring me to my room.”

“Okay.” Li Ming looked at the absolutely frail Mu Xiao and agreed to her every whim.

After Li Ming helped Mu Xiao to the bed and comforted her, he finally left the estate and drove off towards the villa where Mu Sheng was residing.