Chapter 25

Chapter 25 of 50 chapters

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Li An stood at the villa entrance and waited for them to come back anxiously. He found it unfathomable. Why did he keep failing to win when Mu Sheng made it look so easy?

Li An jumped up to wave when he finally saw the familiar car pull up before Li Hanchen and Mu Sheng got off.


Li An pursed his lips. “Tsk tsk tsk. My brother hasn’t even given me a ride before.”

Mu Sheng waved Li An over when she saw him. “Come over and help with the bags.”

“Sure.” Li An went over obediently.

Since Li An was around to serve as free labor, Li Hanchen did not help with the bags and walked into the villa unhurriedly. Li An stared with his eyes wide and arms full of shopping bags from behind as Mu Sheng and Li Hanchen walked in.

How could they bully him?

After the three of them entered the villa, someone pressed the doorbell.

“Huh?” Li An felt puzzled. Ever since they moved in here, no one visited them. Why had someone suddenly come knocking today?

Auntie Li was not around, so Li An could only put away the shopping bags before he went to open the door.

Li An instantly looked annoyed when he opened the door to see who the visitor was. He immediately tried to shut the door. “Why did you come?”

“Why can’t I come since the Li family gave you the villa?” Li Ming reached his hand out to shove Li An aside. “Tell Mu Sheng to come out.”

“Are you nuts?” Li An hated Li Ming to the core, so he automatically stopped him when he attempted to enter the villa.

Li Ming was a taekwondo blackbelt to begin with. Now that he was furious, he kicked Li An to the side altogether. “Stupid kid! Get out of my way!”

Li An sensed a piercing pain, and it felt as though he had broken his ribs.

Mu Sheng came out when she heard the commotion. She saw Li An’s face contorting from the excruciating pain, so she hurriedly walked over to support him.

“Sis-in-law, I’m fine. Call the cops.” Li An was angry and wanted to cry. Li Ming bullied him all the time while he resided in the Li residence, but he never went overboard since so many eyes were watching. However, they were at the villa now, and there was no one to stop him.

“It’s fine. Come on inside.” Mu Sheng glanced at Li An’s injuries and realized he required medical attention as she helped him inside. Li Hanchen walked out as well and saw the state Li An was in. He frowned as he looked at Li Ming who was standing outside the door.

Li Ming glanced at Li Hanchen in disdain. Li Hanchen was just a pretentious good for nothing that got abandoned by the clan. Just wait till Li Ming became the head of the Li family. He would definitely destroy Li Hanchen when the day came.

“Sheng, you pushed Xiaoxiao down the stairs, right?” Li Ming crossed his arms and demanded loftily, “You are coming to the hospital with me this instant. If it’s blood or organs she needs, you will give them to her. You were the one who endangered her, so if anything happens to her, I won’t let you off.”

Since Mu Sheng had already overheard his conversation with Mu Xiao, he could not be bothered to pretend he loved Mu Sheng even. In any case, he certainly found it distasteful to act affectionately to a ruthless woman like Mu Sheng.

“I tell you…” Before Li Ming could finish his sentence, Mu Sheng walked out again with a thick stick this time.

Mu Sheng struck Li Ming on the ribs decisively before Li Ming even wrapped his mind around what she was up to.

Mu Sheng was a medical prodigy in her past life, so she was well-versed with human anatomy and knew where it would hurt most.

Li Ming was certain that his ribs broke with a snap. He reached his hand to snatch the wooden stick from Mu Sheng, but she struck him with a backhand on his back.

The moment he raised his hand, Mu Sheng struck his ribs. Mu Sheng hit his arm aggressively when he tried to dodge.

Mu Sheng finally threw the stick aside when she hit Li Ming so hard that it split into two. By now, Li Ming was already holding his belly as he knelt on the ground.

Mu Sheng lowered her head slightly with overwhelming coldness in her eyes. “Get lost.”

She had just assaulted Li Ming up for the sake of the original owner of the body. In comparison, she died because of him, so this bit of injury meant nothing.

Li An was still moaning in agony due to the piercing pain from his ribs. The moment he caught sight of how Mu Sheng beat up Li Ming, it slipped Li An’s mind to groan.

He was dumbstruck by the sight.