Chapter 26

Chapter 26 of 50 chapters

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Mu Sheng controlled her strength when she beat up Li Ming to ensure that he would be in great pain yet not enough to die.

Although Li Ming was a complete bastard, he had the Li family’s support. Since Mu Sheng did not have the power to go against them, she was not stupid enough to overdo it.


Li Ming felt as though he had fallen apart and was in great agony as he glanced at Mu Sheng and threatened, “Just you wait!”

Mu Sheng pursed her lips nonchalantly before she turned to shut the door.

Dust flew into Li Ming’s face when the door closed. Li Ming breathed in a lot of dust as he stood motionlessly in great pain.

The mighty crown prince of the Li clan was now reduced to a pathetic homeless dog. He gritted his teeth and yelled, “Damn you, Mu Sheng and Li Hanchen!”

Li An pressed his belly inside with his eyes wide. He looked at Mu Sheng with admiration and worry. “Will he run off to get more help?”

“No, he won’t.” Mu Sheng walked over and struck Li An’s acupuncture points to help relieve his pain before she pulled his arm. “Come over and let me check.”

Li Ming was the crown prince of the Li clan and Li Hanchen was a good for nothing, so Li Ming would never publicize the fact that he got beaten up here. There was no way he would suffer such embarrassment.

“You were lucky.” Mu Sheng examined his injuries. “He didn’t give you any fractures, and all you suffered were some bruises.”

Li An reached his hand out and poked Mu Sheng’s arm. “You looked so cool when you were beating Li Ming up. He was asking for it.”

Mu Sheng raised her brow slightly. She certainly agreed that Li Ming deserved a beating.

Li Hanchen sat on the couch without saying a word the entire time.

Li An glanced at his older brother. Perhaps because they were biological brothers, Li An could sense that he was in a good mood even though he was expressionless.

A slight look of disbelief and sadness emerged on Li An’s face. “Big Bro, I was beaten up so badly. How could you be happy about it?”

Was Li Hanchen really his biological older brother? He was too much!

Mu Sheng glanced at Li Hanchen just like Li An did. Li Hanchen’s face was still utterly cold. How could Li An say Li Hanchen was happy?

Li Hanchen’s eyes landed on Li An calmly. “Do I look happy to you?”

“I know you are! I am your biological little brother, so I know what you are thinking!” Li An was furious. He emphasized the fact that they were brothers. It was one thing if Li Hanchen was strict with Li An, but how could he be happy when he got beaten up?

Li Hanchen glanced at Li An. “Don’t you like to ski? I will buy you a set of ski gear when you recover.”

Li An was instantly delighted. He could not resist smiling so hard that he forgot about his pain.

Yay! Li Hanchen was giving him ski gear! Sure enough, he was his true biological brother and treated him the best!

It was almost evening, but Auntie Li had yet to come home. Li An was so famished that his stomach growled. “Where has Auntie Li gone? I’m so hungry.”

The moment Li An finished his sentence, the phone in the living room rang. Mu Sheng answered it to learn it was Auntie Li calling.

Auntie Li sounded uneasy. “Young Madam, I’m so sorry. I called to tell you that the Li family told me to stop coming and settled my salary for the month.”

Since Auntie Li had worked for them for so long, she was reluctant to leave. However, the Li family was insistent, so she had no choice also.

Mu Sheng and Auntie Li chatted for a while before ending the conversation.

She had survived on the nutrient fluid in her past life and there was staff to take care of her needs, so she did not know what to do about dinner.

Mu Sheng contemplated before she went upstairs to Li Hanchen’s room to knock on the door.