Chapter 27

Chapter 27 of 50 chapters

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The door opened after three knocks. Even at home, Li Hanchen was properly dressed. His smart suit made him give off a pure and professional charm.

“I’m hungry,” said Mu Sheng candidly. “Auntie Li called to say that she won’t be working for us anymore.”


Li Hanchen replied, “I will find someone to replace her tomorrow.”

“Then what about tonight?”

“I’ll cook,” said Li Hanchen as he opened the door to head downstairs while Mu Sheng stood outside the door completely stunned.

Li Hanchen did not look like the sort who could cook. Would his cooking be edible? Mu Sheng followed him downstairs.

On the high seas of Continent M, a cruise liner was floating on the water.

Shen Lin was picking up his wine glass when his hand suddenly froze in mid-air when he heard the voices coming from the teleconference. He was so startled that the glass slipped from his hand, and the wine spilled all over his table.

“What’s going on?” Shen Lin’s flirtatious eyes were filled with shock. “Did the boss just say he was going to cook?”

How could the mighty leader of the Intercontinental Alliance cook? None of the big shots out there would buy it if they heard this.

“Erm… it certainly sounded like it. I’m just curious who the woman was.”

Shen Lin’s eyes glinted before he smiled slightly. “I know just the person to ask.”

In a second, Shen Lin called Qin Kai. “Friend, do you miss me now that you have gone home?”

Qin Kai adjusted his spectacles. “Get to the point. You can’t bear the consequences if you hold up Mr. Li’s matters.”

“Tsk.” Shen Lin laughed gently. “You are still as boring as ever. Sigh. Do you know if our boss has a woman by his side? Who is it? Who on earth was capable of making him cook?”

“How did you know it had something to do with a woman?”

“A woman suddenly turned up while I was halfway reporting to the boss. He even went off to cook for her. Tsk tsk tsk.”

“Let me remind you.” Qin Kai smiled gently. “You ought to call her Young Madam.”

The moment Qin Kai finished his sentence, he hung up. Shen Lin was left hanging in suspense and utterly curious.

“Young Madam?” A look of astonishment appeared in Shen Lin’s eyes. Could someone like Li Hanchen who had climbed out from the bowels of hell be capable of loving a woman?

It was terribly odd, so he wanted to get to the bottom of it badly. He wanted to know who was capable of winning Li Hanchen’s heart, considering all the trauma he experienced.

In the villa.

Li An and Mu Sheng sat on the couch in the living room.

“Sis-in-law, how’s his cooking?” Li An could not believe his older brother was going to cook.

“I don’t know either, but I’m not fussy.” Mu Sheng was not particular about eating. She had taken nutrient fluid all her life in the past, so she found everything in this era a delight to eat.

Before long, Li Hanchen walked out with a few dishes. He took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves casually. Although he was giving off a stern aura, the piping hot food before them made him seem a degree kinder. Mu Sheng could not help taking a second look at Li Hanchen.

Li An had already darted over to pick up a piece of meat with his hand and placed it in this mouth. He looked at Li Hanchen in shock. “Big Bro, I can’t believe what a good cook you are!”

Although Li Hanchen’s cooking could not compare to Auntie Li’s, it was way beyond Li An’s expectation.

Li Hanchen glanced across the dishes on the table.

He had not cooked in a long time. The last time he did was eight years ago when he was stuck in a rainforest that was infested with poisonous insects for an entire year.