Chapter 30

Chapter 30 of 50 chapters

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The hosts introduced the filming location today. It was the largest ski resort in the country.

“Do you like to ski?” There was no sign of Mu Sheng on the screen as the hosts chatted with the three other guests.


“Not really. I’m not very athletic.” Ruan Yingying smiled at the camera shyly.

[Wow! Isn’t she modest? If a provincial-level competitive skier is considered unathletic, then what does that make me?]

[Yingying is always so modest, unlike Mu Sheng. Both Mu Sheng and her fans are equally shameless. Every time she does anything at all, she’s dying to let the whole world know.]

[I can’t wait! I’ve been dying to see Ruan Yingying ski! I’m sure it’s going to be awesome!]

“I heard that Yingying used to ski competitively at the provincial level, so you absolutely have to show us your skiing today.” The host eagerly invited Ruan Yingying to ski.

“Okay. If you insist,” replied Ruan Yingying modestly.

A lot of the viewers posted comments about how much they looked forward to seeing Ruan Yingying ski.

Ruan Yingying stepped forward before she suddenly turned back. “Sheng loves to ski too. Why don’t we do it together?”

The camera turned in the direction Ruan Yingying was looking. Mu Sheng was making a little snowman nearby with her eyes lowered.

Mu Sheng raised her head when she heard Ruan Yingying speak and looked at her with her frosty eyes.

Mu Sheng smiled slightly with confidence. “Sure.”

[I can’t stop thinking about Mu Sheng dancing with such poor coordination previously. How could she possibly ski? I bet she can’t even stand up straight with the skis on.]

[Yingying is so sweet. She must have offered to ski together with Mu Sheng because Mu Sheng didn’t get any shots. She’s way too nice. I love Yingying forever.]

Ruan Yingying had changed into her ski gear. The pure white ski gear and her endearing features made her look particularly charming.

“Then allow me to begin.” Ruan Yingying smiled at the camera before she jumped onto the ski course.

It was clear that she had a good foundation. In comparison to others, Ruan Yingying’s moves were more professional. She waved at the camera with her hair fluttering behind her as she stood on her skis.

Ruan Yingying looked graceful as she coursed down from the top of the ski course to the bottom of the slope.

After she was done skiing, the comment section on the screen was filled with praise.

[Oh my god! That was brilliant! I didn’t expect a feminine girl like her would have such a wild side. Even though she looks sweet, she has so much personality!]

[I am a real pro skier. I can tell she has a good foundation. However, those are very basic moves, so you can do the same in half a day after learning from a professional.]

[Heheh. You’re just envious and pretending to be a pro skier. If Ruan Yingying’s skiing isn’t considered good, don’t tell me Mu Sheng can do better? That’s hilarious.]

Ruan Yingying’s fans broke out into an argument with the professional skier in the comments. Mu Sheng headed towards the professional course next to them.

The production team created a huge question mark on the screen. “What is Mu Sheng trying to do?” The audience felt puzzled as well.

In a second, three huge exclamation marks appeared on the screen and left everyone in a daze. What was going on? Was the production team crazy? Why did they create the exclamation marks?

Everyone watched as a black silhouette glided over swiftly.