Chapter 31

Chapter 31 of 50 chapters

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Mu Sheng’s black ski gear perfectly complemented her flawless complexion and cool eyes. She glided past everyone to put on her ski cap before she headed to the top of the professional ski track.

The audience watched dumbstruck. Mu Sheng was as light as a feather while Ruan Yingying was clearly a lot stiffer in comparison and out of her league.


The professionals were stunned. Since they were experts, they could tell Mu Sheng was a master at skiing.

A brief introduction of the ski track was made before Mu Sheng started to ski in order to keep everyone at the edge of their seats.

The audience looked at the steep slope, obstacles, and the legendary ski jump zone strictly for the pros and felt astonished.

It was poles apart from the recreational ski track Ruan Yingying had used and was a million times harder.

Only professional skiers would have the guts to ski here. What was Mu Sheng trying to do? Everyone could not help feeling puzzled. Was she suicidal or something?

[What’s going on? Don’t tell me Mu Sheng really knows how to ski? I can’t believe it.]

[I’m a pro skier too. Judging from how she started, she is undoubtedly a pro as well.]

[Stop pretending to be a skier. You must be one of Mu Sheng’s fans, right? Ruan Yingying was a pro skier, but she didn’t dare to use that ski track. Who on earth does Mu Sheng think she is?]

The argument in the comments section came to an abrupt halt when Mu Sheng moved.

She jumped and looked like a nimble snow leopard as she glided down the snow.

She overcame the metal bars effortlessly and skied down the slope at top speed.

Mu Sheng skied in a straight line, did flips, grabbed her board, and counter-rotated as the terrain and obstacles changed.

Her moves were a feast for the eye. Everyone was incapable of keeping up with Mu Sheng.

Just as everyone thought it was over, Mu Sheng accelerated. She did four continuous backflips and a 1440 degrees somersault before she landed.

The camera turned to film the hosts and the other guests. Their faces were filled with shock.

The audience was equally dumbstruck.

Although they were not pros, they could see with their own eyes. Mu Sheng’s skiing was sensational, and they felt impressed from the bottom of their hearts.

Everyone watched with their eyes glued to the screen without even posting any comments. The audience remained awestruck for a long time before they snapped out of it.

[What on earth was that? Oh my god!]

[Was that Mu Sheng skiing?! Did she really ski? I’m sure no one will object if I say she is good enough for the Olympics, right?]

[I take back what I said about how awesome Ruan Yingying was. I was a frog in the well. Mu Sheng is like a goddess on the ski track.]

The comments field was in a furor and no one cared about the rest of the show. Everyone kept talking about Mu Sheng’s skiing nonstop. Before the episode was even over, clips of her skiing were already posted online.

Li Hanchen watched the show with barely any expression on his face inside the room. However, he kept rubbing the thin metal bracelet on his left hand.

Mu Sheng felt tired after the show ended, so she yawned and slid under the blanket. “Hanchen, help me turn off the lights and close the door.”