Chapter 32

Chapter 32 of 50 chapters

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The government took care of Mu Sheng’s every need in her past life, so she did not find it inappropriate to order Li Hanchen around.

Li Hanchen glanced behind him to see Mu Sheng lying in bed under the blanket with her hair scattered across the pillow. The warm temperature and light made the atmosphere even cozier.


In comparison to the confidence she showed on the ski track on the program, she was completely different.

Li Hanchen turned off the television before he stood up to leave, turned off the light, and closed the door on his way out.

Since the bedroom was nice and warm, Mu Sheng quickly fell into a deep sleep. However, many people were destined to go sleepless tonight.

Yang Tao’s office floor was filled with documents that he hurled in a fit of anger at Talent Scout Entertainment.

“Damn it!” Yang Tao was so furious that the veins on his forehead throbbed. “How dare Mu Sheng lie and pull this stunt on me!”

They had clearly promised to get her shots removed, but it was all lies!

Although there were no clips of Mu Sheng inside the preview, there were more shots of her when the program actually aired.

Even a blind man could tell who was a better skier between Mu Sheng and Ruan Yingying.

Now the pro-athlete image that they had painstakingly built for Ruan Yingying was destroyed.

He could even envision the devastating effects of the program. Ruan Yingying would not only be incapable of going solo, but her reputation would also take a major hit.

“Tao.” His subordinate trembled as he spoke.

“Get lost!” Yang Tao shut the door altogether. The sound of cups breaking could be heard inside his office.

His subordinate pursed his lips and felt Yang Tao deserved it. “Serves him right for being an a*shole. He asked for it.”

At the Mu residence, the lights were on as well. Mu Xiao’s eyes were in disbelief as she watched Mu Sheng ski on the professional track effortlessly.

“How can this be?” Mu Xiao instinctively clutched the woolen blanket on her tightly. “How could she have changed so much? Has she been pretending all these years?”

Mu Xiao frowned even harder just thinking about it. She had spent all her life snatching everything from Mu Sheng to trample the true eldest daughter of the Mu family beneath her feet.

Mu Xiao thought Mu Sheng was incapable of ever making a comeback, but she could not help feeling anxious when she saw the way Mu Sheng skied like a master on the program.

“This can’t go on. I have to figure out what happened.” Mu Xiao picked up her phone and made a call.

Mu Xiao hung up the phone with fury in her eyes after arranging for an investigation to be carried out. Since she was able to make her lose everything, she could not allow Mu Sheng to succeed.


Li Hanchen bumped into Li An outside Mu Sheng’s room. Li An looked excited as he ran over.

“Big Bro, did you see the program Sis-in-law was on? She was so awesome! Her skiing was absolutely incredible! Has she gone to bed yet? I want to ask her how she did it.”

“Have you worked on your vocabulary? Have you finished the three test papers you have? Are you done memorizing today’s lesson?” asked Li Hanchen nonstop. Li An instantly lost all his enthusiasm.

“Big Bro, it’s already so late. Can’t I do them tomorrow?” Li An looked at Li Hanchen imploringly and wanted to get away with it by acting cute.

Sadly, Li Hanchen did not fall for his tactics. Instead, he glanced at Li An coldly. “Go do your homework.”