Chapter 33

Chapter 33 of 50 chapters

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It was already almost 11:00 pm when Li An lay prone on the desk doing his homework. His miserable face could be seen under the lamp.

The lights had gone out in the bedroom next door, but Li Hanchen’s eyes remained open in the darkness. He glanced out the window at the dark skies and kept thinking about how Mu Sheng skied earlier.


Her vitality and untamed tenacity were incredibly appealing to someone who had faced mortal danger for years.

Before daybreak, the internet had already gone abuzz with gossip.

Mu Sheng’s skiing videos caused a storm online overnight. Even though Talent Scout Entertainment spent a lot of money to crush the news, it was futile.

The show’s viewership soared sky-high, and Mu Sheng’s scenes had the highest viewership.

[Was that Mu Sheng in the video? Now my previous impression of her has completely changed.]

[She was so cool. Why didn’t I used to think she was pretty?]

[I adore her. Another girl has entered my fickle heart. Tell me. Who is this gorgeous girl?]

Mu Sheng used to have only 100,000 fans on her social media account, but it rose to 1,000,000 overnight thanks to her skiing.

Ruan Yingying’s situation was very awkward in comparison.

After all, news about Ruan Yingying being a provincial-level athlete flooded the internet prior to the airing of the program.

From the looks of it now, Ruan Yingying and Mu Sheng’s skiing skills were poles apart.

[I really want to ask Ruan Yingying. Doesn’t it feel awkward for her? Didn’t she film the show with Mu Sheng? How could she have the cheek to say she was a provincial-level skier?]

[Bugger off. It’s not like Yingying claimed she was good at skiing. You were the ones who kept saying she was a pro. You were idiots to fall for online marketing. How can you blame Yingying for this?]

[I recently saw Mu Sheng skiing on an entertainment program. It was terrible… I really can’t believe it was her last night. Isn’t the technology to edit her face very advanced? Perhaps she used a stunt double? How can we know for sure that it was Mu Sheng since the shot was taken from so far?]

Yang Tao was in a state of nerves at the company but finally calmed down when he saw these online comments.


“Yes?” Li Hu hurriedly ran into the office.

“I recall we hired a martial arts stunt double for Mu Sheng when she filmed a show. Do you still have her contact number?”

Li Hu was caught by surprise. “Uh huh. Why do you want it? Didn’t you fire her because she was unethical?”

Yang Tao had a keen eye and felt that the stunt double was too eager to steal the band’s limelight, so he fired her. From the looks of it now, she was the only person who could salvage Ruan Yingying’s image.

“Stop asking. Just give it to me.”

“Sure. This is her number.” Li Hu hurriedly checked his phone for the stunt double’s phone number.