Chapter 34

Chapter 34 of 50 chapters

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Mu Sheng could smell a delicious scent in the air when she woke up the next day.

“Huh? What is this? It smells great.” Li An walked out of the bedroom with dark eye rings on his face as he yawned. He looked at Mu Sheng and greeted, “Morning.”


The more they walked down the stairs, the more powerful the scent got. A kind-looking middle-aged woman walked out of the kitchen. Her eyes lit up when she saw Mu Sheng, and she smiled genially. “Young Madam and Young Master An, I’m the new help. My name is Auntie Lin.”

“Morning, Auntie Lin.” Li An took a whiff of the air. “Have you made breakfast? It smells delish!”

“Yes, Young Master An.” Auntie Lin smiled as she looked at Li An. “Breakfast is ready. We can start once you come downstairs.”

“Great. I’m famished. What did you make?” Li An was ecstatic to hear that breakfast was ready.

Auntie Lin turned to straighten out the table. She secretly observed Mu Sheng as she turned and seemed particularly happy with Mu Sheng.

Li An took a bite after breakfast was sent over. He instantly opened his eyes wide. “Wow! Where did you manage to find such a master? Her cooking is incredible!”

Li An was blown away by how scrumptious the crab bun was the moment he sampled it.

Mu Sheng tried one too and a satisfied look appeared on her face. Even though she was not a foodie, she could tell that Auntie Lin was an excellent cook. This was the best food she had ever tried ever since she was reborn.

“Practice your piano after you are done eating,” said Li Hanchen in a stern tone suddenly as Li An wolfed the piping hot crab bun down.

“…” Li An suddenly halted and went speechless. No matter how good the crab bun was, he had no appetite to eat anything now. His older brother was so evil.

It was dinner time on Continent M. Shen Lin sampled the food on the table and instantly frowned. “This is horrible. Didn’t I tell you to hire a good chef?”

“Mr. Shen…” His subordinate looked at him sadly. “He is a Michelin chef. All the best chefs on Continent M are here.”

“Then why does it taste so horrible?” Shen Lin spat the food from his mouth. “It feels like I am eating wax. None of them is even one percent as good as Auntie Lin.”

“…” His subordinate did not dare to tell the truth. No one on earth could compare to Auntie Lin when it came to cooking. How could any cook be good enough with her as the bar?

“Sigh. Boss doesn’t care about me anymore now that he has a woman,” tutted Shen Lin. “Qin Kai and Auntie Lin both got sent home. I am the only one left here working my a*s off.”

His subordinate covered his ears quietly and pretended not to hear it. Shen Lin was the only person in the alliance with the balls to speak of Li Hanchen so rudely.

After breakfast, Mu Sheng took her bag and headed out. Li An came running after her. “Sis-in-law, where are you going?”

“I’m going to hang out.” In her past life, Mu Sheng spent 24 hours a day stuck in a laboratory. Now that she had the freedom, she could go anywhere she pleased. Winter was over and springtime was in the air, so Mu Sheng was keen on going out.

“Shall I go with you?” Li An automatically wanted to go with Mu Sheng, but he cringed when he heard Li Hanchen’s footsteps behind him. “But I have piano lessons to attend and I have to work hard, so you go on and have fun. I am going for my lessons now. See you.”

The moment he finished his sentence, Li An darted out the doors.