Chapter 35

Chapter 35 of 50 chapters

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Li An left in a hurry. He was terrified that Li Hanchen might scold him. However, Li Hanchen was not paying any attention to him at all.

Li Hanchen stood before Mu Sheng with his head lowered and could see Mu Sheng’s curly eyelashes. “Where are you going?


“Are you giving me a lift?” In Mu Sheng’s eyes, Li Hanchen was her driver, roommate, and rice bowl.

“Sure.” Hanchen nodded gently.

“I want to go to the film studio.” Mu Sheng told him where she wanted to go. She received an invitation this morning. The original owner of the body made the appointment a month ago.

Despite her stupidity, she was aware that Talent Scout Entertainment was no good for her. She had secretly sent her resume to other talent agencies before, but no one called back. After all, the original owner of the body had a bad reputation in the entertainment industry.

However, she received an email notifying her to go for an interview today. Since she had nothing to do at home, she decided to go to the meeting.

Li Hanchen put on a black coat before he headed out. It had snowed last night, so the courtyard was all white. Li Hanchen left footprints in the snow as he walked.

He had already reached the gate, but Mu Sheng did not follow behind him, so he turned to look.

He has a bold and determined temperament and a calm and collected aura.

The moment Mu Sheng saw Li Hanchen standing by the car dressed in a suit with the coat draped over his shoulders, the words popped up in her head.

Li Hanchen frowned slightly. “Let’s go.”

“Uh huh.” Mu Sheng veered her eyes and followed Li Hanchen’s footsteps to the car.

“Okay. Just drop me off there.” Mu Sheng pointed at a café by the roadside when they arrived in the city.

“What time are you leaving?” asked Li Hanchen calmly with his hand on the steering wheel.

“I appreciate the lift.” Mu Sheng waved her hand. “I can go back on my own. Thanks!”

Even though Li Hanchen said nothing, Mu Sheng could sense the temperature falling in the car.

After Mu Sheng got out of the car, Li Hanchen’s phone rang.

“Mr. Li, the Li Group representative is here to talk about the project. Are you coming over to see him?”

“Uh huh. I’m heading over now.” Li Hanchen veered his eyes from Mu Sheng before he left in the opposite direction.

Inside the café, a man and a woman dressed garishly in red and green sat at a table by the window.

“Tian, will Mu Sheng really come? I saw how well she performed on ‘Every Day Is an Inspiration’. What if their company changed their minds and decided to promote her?” The young woman with a heart-shaped face looked at the man quizzically.

“Tsk.” Jiang Tian leaned against the couch in a frivolous manner. “If she comes, we can talk about signing her. If she doesn’t, I will buy you coffee. Why are you losing it even though your boss isn’t worried?”

“Okay…” Tang Tiantian pursed her lips. She was anxious because Jiang Tian was not a reliable man. That was the reason only two people were working in his talent agency to this date. She reckoned the company was not far from bankruptcy.

“I wonder if Mu Sheng has gone under the knife before.” Jiang Tian narrowed his eyes as he lay on the couch and shook his legs. “I have recently seen so many celebrities who have had plastic surgeries that my eyes are starting to hurt.”

“Erm… Tian.” Tang Tiantian hastily patted Jiang Tian a couple of times.

“Why are you patting me so hard? I spent two hours doing my hair today, okay?” Just as he was about to scold the girl for messing up his hairdo, he abruptly stopped when he saw Tang Tiantian staring in shock.

Jiang Tian looked in the same direction and was stunned.

Oh god! A stunner just walked in!

Jiang Tian could only keep going “oh god” in his head owing to his poor vocabulary.

Jiang Tian hurriedly stood up from the couch and straightened out his hair before he gave a dashing smile. “Miss, have I met you somewhere before? You look like an old friend of mine.”

“…” Tang Tiantian looked at Jiang Tian speechlessly. Her boss’ only fatal flaw was that he always tried to hit on pretty women.

She prodded Jiang Tian’s arm from under the table, but he did not catch her hint and continued smiling at the beautiful woman thinking that he was mesmerizing.

Tang Tiantian had no choice but to pinch Jiang Tian.

“Ow!” Jiang Tian finally snapped out of his daze. He glared at Tang Tiantian. “You stupid girl. I am going to dock your pay.”

“Stop hitting on her. Don’t you think she resembles Mu Sheng a lot?” Tang Tiantian did not feel intimidated by Jiang Tian. After all, he always threatened to dock her pay but never once put it to action.

“Huh?!” Jiang Tian was startled. He scrutinized the beautiful woman in front of him before he checked her electronic resume on his phone.

Heavens. People were usually better looking in person, but Mu Sheng was surprisingly 10 times prettier in person.

Jiang Tian quickly looked at Mu Sheng solemnly. “How do you do, Miss Mu? I am Starlight Entertainment’s GM. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Tang Tiantian quietly covered her face when she saw her boss become serious so quickly. Was he not afraid people might find him weird?

Mu Sheng was surprisingly calm when she met Jiang Tian. She nodded. “Let’s get to business.”

Jiang Tian did not expect Mu Sheng to be so decisive. To put it plainly, their company was an empty shell. This was the first time anyone was interested in hearing their proposal in a long time.

Jiang Tian pulled out a thick proposal and started to talk about the benefits of signing with them. He started with the current prospects and talked about the future of the industry.

Mu Sheng interrupted him just as his words became increasingly outrageous, “How many employees do you have?”

“…” Jiang Tian went quiet briefly before he stuck out two fingers. “Two people.”

“I have only one request. You have to seek my approval before taking any work for me.”

“Huh?!” Jiang Tian was stunned. “Are you really going to work with us?!”

Even Jiang Tian found this odd. After all, he probably would not pick an unknown company like Starlight Entertainment if he were a celebrity.

“Is there a problem?” Mu Sheng seemed calm.

“No, of course not.” Jiang Tian hurriedly waved his hand. “But you still have an active contract with Talent Scout Entertainment, right?”

“It will get terminated.” Mu Sheng stirred her coffee and looked absolutely confident.

“Great!” Even though Mu Sheng was a young woman, she was decisive in nature, so Jiang Tian stopped hesitating as well. He reached his hand out to Mu Sheng. “I look forward to working with you!”

Tang Tiantian was incapable of wrapping her mind around it as Mu Sheng headed out the café. She looked at Jiang Tian. “She is so stunning. Why would she want to sign with us?

“That goes without saying.” Jiang Tian blinked at Tang Tiantian. “Sigh. She can’t help signing with us because of my charm.”