Chapter 36

Chapter 36 of 50 chapters

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In the Flourishing Age Group’s conference room.

Li Ming sat by the table with the proposal in hand with bandages showing slightly at the cuff.


“I’ve already waited for 30 minutes. Why isn’t your boss here yet?” Li Ming glanced at his watch and appeared annoyed.

The Li clan was an important family in the country, so Li Ming had never had to wait for anyone before.

“One moment please, Young Master Ming.” Qin Kai sat on the other end of the table calmly.

Li Ming wanted to throw his temper, but his father warned him to keep his cool. Since Flourishing Age Group was capable of attaining such success in just two years, the company must have a powerful backer. Before they figured out who it was, they had to treat it with respect.

“Alright then.” Li Ming suppressed his fury and lowered his head to read his documents.

30 more minutes passed and Li Ming was on the verge of blowing up when Qin Kai finally heard Li Hanchen’s voice through his earpiece.

Qin Kai placed the contract in front of Li Ming. “Young Master Ming, the CEO is unable to make it, so I will discuss details of this project with you on his behalf. Please take a look at this document.”

Li Ming read it briefly to confirm everything was in order. “When can I sign?”

“If you have nothing to add, you can sign it now.” Qin Kai gave a professional smile and made it impossible to fathom what was on his mind.

“Okay. I’ll sign it now!” Li Ming was desperate to prove himself to the Li clan, so he signed without hesitation.

A cunning look swept across Qin Kai’s eyes briefly as Li Ming signed the contract.

After some time, Qin Kai pushed through the doors of the CEO’s office and came in with the contract. He bowed reverently to Li Hanchen. “Mr. Li, the fish has taken the bait.”

Li Hanchen’s eyes landed on the contract that Li Ming had just signed as he instinctively rubbed the metal bracelet on his left hand and smiled.

He was not going to let off a single person from the Li clan.


After Mu Sheng left the cafe, she explored the place aimlessly. Even though she was wearing a mask, it was incapable of diminishing her elegance. Everywhere she went, she was the center of attention.

“Sheng? What are you doing here?” A melodious voice of a woman came from behind. Mu Sheng turned to see a pretty woman dressed in just a white dress despite the cold weather.

She quickly went through the memory belonging to the original owner of the body. The woman before her was Lin Fei’er and she used to be her best friend.

“Yes?” The original owner of the body treated Lin Fei’er as her best friend. However, Lin Fei’er was undoubtedly using her to make herself look good in Mu Sheng’s opinion.

Lin Fei’er felt puzzled when Mu Sheng looked at her distantly. She could sense something different about Mu Sheng, but she could not put her finger on it.

Lin Fei’er stepped forward to hold Mu Sheng by the arm, but Mu Sheng glanced at her coldly. Lin Fei’er instinctively stopped trying to hold her hand. Instead, she smiled awkwardly. “Sheng, long time no see. Since we had the luck of bumping into each other here, shall we do dinner tonight?”

Mu Sheng was taller than Lin Fei’er, so she had to look down at Lin Fei’er. Li Fei’er instinctively sensed a chill when she detected her powerful aura.

“I’m worried I’ll lose my appetite looking at you,” said Mu Sheng before turning to leave. Lin Fei’er watched from behind as Mu Sheng left. She frowned and felt puzzled. Why had Mu Sheng spoken to her so curtly?

Was she not Mu Sheng’s best friend? Mu Sheng was always the one begging to eat together. What was the meaning of this?