Chapter 37

Chapter 37 of 50 chapters

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Li Hanchen and Qin Kai sat in the meeting room at Flourishing Age Group. A teleconference was being held with Shen Lin and the others.

After Shen Lin finished reporting on his work for the alliance, he looked at Li Hanchen miserably. “Boss, when can I come home? I’m so lonely in Continent M.”


Everyone knew what Shen Lin was like and laughed furtively.

“If you don’t like staying in Continent M, I can post you to Continent F. Why don’t you go since they need help over there?” suggested Li Hanchen coldly.

“Erm…” Shen Lin scratched his head. “Continent M is perfectly fine.”

“How is the expansion of business going on for Continent A?” Li Hanchen glanced at the documents before him and asked to hear the report about Continent A.

The person in charge of Continent A broke out in cold sweat. He felt that he was dead meat since things had not gone smoothly for him.

A phone suddenly rang halfway through the meeting.

Everyone was stunned. Who had the guts to bring their phone to the meeting?

Li Hanchen pulled out his phone from his jacket pocket swiftly. “Yes?”

Everyone pricked their ears. Although they could not make out what the party was saying, she was certainly a woman.

Had a woman really called their boss?!

“Okay. Send me your GPS location and I will pick you up,” replied Li Hanchen after the caller said a few things before he hung up the phone.

“The meeting is postponed.” Li Hanchen stood up and left through the door.

The person in charge of Continent A was so relieved that he kept muttering, “Hallelujah.”

In comparison to his delight of escaping unscathed, everyone turned to look at Qin Kai quizzically. “Can you tell us what’s going on?”

Qin Kai adjusted his spectacles. “It is best to stay out of Mr. Li’s personal matters.” He ended the teleconference.

Li Hanchen drove the car and quickly reached Mu Sheng’s GPS location.

Mu Sheng got into the car with a bag of things. “Am I holding you up?”

“Nope.” Li Hanchen started the engine and headed to the villa.

“One minute.” Mu Sheng stopped him. “Do you know where I can find a Chinese medicine shop?”

“Yup,” replied Li Hanchen before changing his direction and taking Mu Sheng to the biggest Chinese medicine store in the capital.

Li Hanchen did not get out of the car. Mu Sheng came back 30 minutes later with a few big bags of Chinese herbs. There was a faint herbal scent when she got into the car.

“Let’s go home. I’m hungry.” Now that Mu Sheng had sampled Auntie Lin’s cooking, she really wanted to eat it.

Li Hanchen could not help pondering when he heard the word “home”.

The moment they entered the villa, Mu Sheng could smell the delicious scent of meat and felt famished.

Li Hanchen opened the car door and helped to carry all of Mu Sheng’s stuff while Mu Sheng walked in slowly.

Auntie Lin was carrying a bowl of piping hot soup. She watched as Mu Sheng walked in with Li Hanchen trailing behind her with bags of stuff. A look of shock swept across Auntie Lin’s face before she looked at Mu Sheng more reverently.

After happily finishing Auntie Lin’s cooking, Mu Sheng took two bags of Chinese herbs and patted Li Hanchen’s shoulder. “Come upstairs with me.”

Li Hanchen put down the newspaper and followed behind Mu Sheng.

Mu Sheng handed Li Hanchen the Chinese herbs when they got upstairs. “This is for you. Soak in this for an hour before bedtime. It’ll help with recovery.”

Li Hanchen lowered his head as he took the medicine from Mu Sheng’s slender and flawless hands and said in surprise, “Are these for me?”

“Uh huh.” Mu Sheng waved her hand nonchalantly. “Soak in this first. I will perform acupuncture on you in an hour. This will help boost the effects of treatment.”

Mu Sheng watched something on the television in her room and went over with her medical kit when it was almost time. Li Hanchen happened to walk out of the bathroom when she opened his door.

Li Hanchen was dressed in a sleeping robe with water dripping from his hair and trickling down his neck. His well-chiseled features had misted over from the steam.

Mu Sheng was chewing toffee when she instinctively swallowed and choked. “Cough cough.”

Li Hanchen walked over and patted Mu Sheng’s back. The scent of men’s shower gel wafted from him and encircled Mu Sheng.

Fortunately, there was barely any toffee left, so it went down Mu Sheng’s throat before long. Mu Sheng straightened her body. “It’s fine. I’m okay now.”

“Uh huh.” Mu Sheng did not know whether she was imagining things, but she had a feeling that Li Hanchen laughed. However, Li Hanchen’s face was still as cold as ever when she looked at him.

“Take a seat. Let me disinfect the needles.”

Li Hanchen sat down on the couch and took off his robe. Mu Sheng raised her head to see Li Hanchen’s perfect body, and her eyes glinted slightly. Mu Sheng pressed a spot three inches down from his chest. “Does it hurt?”

“A little.” Li Hanchen frowned slightly.

“Since I am examining you, be honest about whether it hurts. Otherwise, it will affect my diagnosis.” A solemn look came from Mu Sheng’s eyes and she sounded serious.

Li Hanchen was caught by surprise. “It hurts a lot.”

“What about here?”

“It hurts a lot too.”

“And here?”

“Uh huh.”


In a matter of minutes, it felt as though Li Hanchen had told Mu Sheng about all the pain he ever suffered in his life.

“Okay. From now on, I will increase the intensity of treatment but it will hurt more, so bear with it.” Mu Sheng took a needle and applied it to the back of Li Hanchen’s neck.

Despite Li Hanchen’s high pain tolerance, he could not help clenching his fists.

Li Hanchen lowered his head and narrowed his eyes as he experienced waves of pain.

Li Hanchen suddenly sensed a cool sensation by his mouth and opened his eyes to see toffee in her flawless fingers.

Mu Sheng raised her brow and gestured for him to eat it.

Li Hanchen opened his mouth to eat it. He did not know whether he was imagining things, but it suddenly felt as though he was no longer in pain as the sweet taste of candy spread across his tongue.

The treatment was longer than previously. In 30 minutes, a layer of sweat had covered Li Hanchen’s body from the pain.

“All done.” Mu Sheng started to remove the needles. The pain in his body started to dissipate and was replaced with relief.

Li Hanchen put on his robe and instinctively pursed his lips. There was still a sweet taste in his mouth.

Li Hanchen watched as Mu Sheng packed up and prepared to leave before he asked, “Do you like candy?”

Mu Sheng raised her brow. “Why? I think it tastes great.”

In her past life, she had only taken nutrient solutions, so she adored the sweet taste of candy.

“Nothing.” Li Hanchen collected his thoughts. “Have an early night.”

Mu Sheng often could not keep up with Li Hanchen’s mind, but she could not be bothered wondering what he was thinking. After she went back to her room, she took a bath before she climbed under her warm blanket. A movie was showing on the television.

Mu Sheng no longer had to think about work every waking moment of her life. In her past life, she timed herself down to the second even when she was using the bathroom. She stretched lazily and sighed. It felt pretty good to be able to do as she pleased.

Meanwhile, Qin Kai suddenly received a text message from Li Hanchen just as he was about to sleep at the other end of the capital.

Qin Kai felt puzzled when he saw the text message telling him to acquire a candy company.

A candy company? Why did Mr. Li suddenly want to buy one?

They were never involved in the food industry, let alone a candy company.

Li Hanchen had his own concerns when it came to business, so Qin Kai did not probe despite his curiosity. He merely thought Li Hanchen had come up with a new business idea and quickly acknowledged him.

The soft glow of the moon covered the villa as its occupants fell into a slumber.

However, the night had just begun in some parts of town.

There was thunderous music playing in the club as youngsters danced to the beat. The smell of alcohol and perfume wafted in the air while the scent of extravagance pulsated through the atmosphere every moment.

“What?” A woman with heavily done smoky makeup was dancing to her heart’s content at the center of the dancefloor, but someone kept walking around in front of her.

“Miss Gu, do you want to make money?” The man came close to her and touched the back of her hand.

“That depends on how much you’re offering?” Gu Qiao batted her eyes at the man.

The man wrote a number on the back of Gu Qiao’s hand and she instantly beamed. “Let’s find someplace to talk.”

The man placed his hand around Gu Qiao’s waist and led her out. The world outside seemed quiet in comparison after they left the thunderous music behind. Gu Qiao slid her fingertips up and down the man’s body gently. “Where to? A hotel or my place?”

“Get into the car,” said the man as he brought Gu Qiao up a car.

“Tsk. You sure know how to have fun,” went Gu Qiao.

The moment she got into the car, she saw a familiar face. Gu Qiao was promptly puzzled. “Aren’t you the talent agent Yang Tao?”

Yang Tao disregarded Gu Qiao’s flirtation and got to the point. “I have a business proposition for you. Would you like to make $200,000?”

“Why don’t you tell me what you have in mind first?” Gu Qiao’s interest was promptly piqued by the $200,000 offer.

Yang Tao told Gu Qiao what he needed her to do.

“That’s it?” Gu Qiao was startled. “Are you paying me $200,000 for a few backflips?”

She was a professional dancer and often worked as a martial arts stunt double, so backflips were as easy as pie for her.

“Are you taking the job?” Gu Qiao’s perfume was so strong that Yang Tao frowned and almost wanted to puke.

“Of course I’ll take the job. You have to pay me a deposit first. What if you suddenly back out on your word or something?”

“What’s your bank account number?” Yang Tao was a decisive man.

After Gu Qiao told Yang Tao her account number, she swiftly received a notification for a $100,000 transfer on her phone. She laughed brightly and even looked at Yang Tao flirtatiously. “Thanks. Don’t worry. I will do as many backflips as you wish. If you want, I can even do them for you in bed.”