Chapter 38

Chapter 38 of 50 chapters

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“You may leave. I will get in touch with you when I need you.” Yang Tao held his breath as he found Gu Qiao’s perfume repulsive.

“Sure. I’ll be waiting for your call.” Gu Qiao laughed gently. However, a look of contempt instantly emerged on her face when she turned.


Even though he acted like a gentleman, he could hardly be considered one. How could he have the cheek to despise her? That was such a joke.

The weather was perfect the next day. Li An went to school first thing in the morning, so only Li Hanchen sat in the living room reading the papers. His well-chiseled features appeared even more striking in the morning light.

Auntie Lin walked over and brought Li Hanchen a glass of warm water. “Why don’t you eat first? I will save Young Madam some breakfast and warm it up when she’s awake.”

“I’m not hungry yet. Just leave the food on the table,” replied Li Hanchen calmly.

“Okay.” A look of concern swept across Auntie Lin’s eyes. Li Hanchen had the habit of waking up early, so she was worried that he would be hungry after going on an empty stomach for so long.

Mu Sheng finally came downstairs after she woke up at 10:00 am. The moment she saw Li Hanchen sitting motionlessly in the living room, she greeted him, “Morning.”

“Hi.” Li Hanchen did not even look up as he continued reading the paper.

Li Hanchen came to the dining table after Mu Sheng took a seat. Auntie Lin glanced at Mu Sheng before she looked at Li Hanchen. It finally dawned on her that Li Hanchen was probably waiting for Mu Sheng to come down for breakfast.

Mu Sheng did not talk much while she ate and Li Hanchen was even quieter. Auntie Lin was pouring Li Hanchen a glass of milk when she hastily told Mu Sheng, “Young Madam, I forgot to cool the eggs with some cold water, so be careful when you peel them.”

“Got it. Thanks.” Mu Sheng took a bite of the crispy cake and found it delectable.

Auntie Lin brought the tray back to the kitchen. After Mu Sheng was done with the crispy cake, she reached for a hard-boiled egg, but a slender hand placed a peeled egg in her bowl.

Mu Sheng raised her head to look at Li Hanchen. He looked so composed that it seemed as though nothing had happened.

“Thanks.” Mu Sheng was not shy since Li Hanchen offered to help.

Auntie Lin beamed brightly when she saw Li Hanchen giving Mu Sheng a peeled egg from a distance. However, he said nothing after placing it in her bowl, so Auntie Lin felt anxious.

Sigh! What was Young Master doing? Why had he not taken the opportunity to talk to Young Madam? This was a perfect chance! However, Li Hanchen said nothing despite her great hope.

Auntie Lin felt incredibly worried. When was he going to win her heart at this speed?

Auntie Lin forgot to conceal herself in her anxiety. Li Hanchen suddenly raised his head to glance at Auntie Lin, so she nervously shrank into the kitchen.

It only dawned on Mu Sheng that it felt a lot warmer on the ground floor today. She looked at Li Hanchen. “Did you install floor heating?”

“Uh huh.” Li Hanchen nodded as his long slender fingers slid across the newspaper. His cufflinks gave him an immaculate and professional aura. “Auntie Lin has rheumatism, so the cold won’t do her any good.”

“I see.” Mu Sheng decided to find the time to perform acupuncture on Auntie Lin. After all, it was torture to suffer from rheumatism and made it hard for her to do any heavy lifting.

Auntie Lin happened to be in the supermarket carrying a 25-kilogram bag of rice as she darted in and out of the vegetable and meat sections without even gasping.

Someone exclaimed in shock, “How can you move so quickly with so much stuff?”

Auntie Lin laughed brightly. “I am very healthy, so I am as strong as a young woman even at my age!”