Chapter 39

Chapter 39 of 50 chapters

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Auntie Lin came home carrying bags of stuff without even stopping to gasp. The moment she came in, she saw Li Hanchen sitting on the couch alone. From the looks of it, he was unhappy.

“Young Master, where’s Young Madam?”


Li Hanchen flipped the paper. “She went out.”

“Why didn’t you give her a ride?” Now that Mu Sheng was out, Auntie Lin wanted to take the chance to give Li Hanchen some pointers. “Young Master, you need to be more thoughtful when it comes to women. You really should’ve given her a ride since it’s freezing outside.”

Li Hanchen raised his head to glance at Auntie Lin, and she promptly shut up.

She had forgotten how much Li Hanchen hated it when people told him what to do after seeing him so mild-tempered these past few days.

“Young Master, sorry for being nosy.” Auntie Lin had worked for Li Hanchen for years. She always felt sorry and fearful of Li Hanchen. After all, only a handful of people in the world were unafraid of him.

Li Hanchen was a lot more patient to Auntie Lin since she had taken care of him for years. “Auntie Lin, from now on, you can live here. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me at Continent M all these years.”

Auntie Lin had grown up here. She left her homeland to work abroad for him all these years. Now it was time for her to go back to her roots.

“Young Master.” Auntie Lin’s eyes turned red as tears welled in her eyes. Everyone said Li Hanchen was ruthless, but she knew that he merely concealed his feelings well.

“That’s all. Go on.” Li Hanchen picked the newspaper calmly.

“Uh huh.” Auntie Lin wanted to talk about Mu Sheng a bit more, but she swallowed her words the moment she saw Li Hanchen’s cold profile.

Li Hanchen carved out his empire in just ten years, so he had far more determination and ability than anyone else.

Auntie Lin had nothing to worry about when it came to Mu Sheng. She had no doubt that Li Hanchen knew what to do.


At Metropolis University.

The post that went up on the forum the last time Mu Sheng came to school took a week to die off.

Just as everyone thought it was over, a new post appeared on the forum and swiftly propelled to the homepage as the hottest subject.

[Was this the girl who became a hit in the forum previously? I saw her in the first row when I went to class today. Oh my god. I dropped my scallion cake when I was struck by her beauty and aura. Reporting to you live on an empty stomach!]

It came with a picture of her profile taken from behind.

Mu Sheng’s hair was scattered over her shoulders. She had a sharp nose, curly eyelashes and looked utterly exquisite. Everything about her was breathtakingly beautiful.

[Her personality aside, she sure has good looks. Heavens. The gods must have spent an entire year creating her.]

[Erm… Are you Mu Sheng’s fan? You must have photoshopped the picture, right? Why are you pretending to be some passer-by? There’s no way anyone can be so pretty. This is way too fake.]

[I can attest to seeing her in person as well. She really looks good. She looked even better in person. I swear on my final exam grades!]

Everyone kept arguing in the forum. In the end, people asked for Mu Sheng’s location so that they could go over and see her in person.

[I’m at the Physics block, Room 108. The lecture is about the gauge invariance of the Wavefunction in an electromagnetic field.]

What on earth was he talking about?