Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of 50 chapters

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Mu Sheng had a chat with Qin Lei over the phone and took his offer to go for a trial.

Someone knocked on the door the moment she finished the call.


Mu Sheng opened the door to see Li An standing at her door with his pink hair and dressed in a T-shirt with skulls printed on it.

Mu Sheng looked down and saw Li An holding a bowl with some left in it.

Li An reluctantly held the bowl in front of Mu Sheng with his ears crimson. “I finished it.”

Li An did not finish his sentence, but it was clear what he wanted.

He had finished breakfast, now would she talk to him?

Li An was young to begin with, so his pink hair made him look even younger. Mu Sheng found him cute as he stood there awkwardly.

Mu Sheng turned to walk out of the room. Li An glared at her. “Hey! How could you do that? I already finished my leftovers. How could you continue being so rude?”

“Come over. I will show you how to clear the level,” said Mu Sheng as she headed to Li An’s room.

“Huh? Okay!” Li An hurriedly followed behind her when he realized what she wanted to do.

An hour later, Li An looked at Mu Sheng with his eyes glinting, but he refused to admit how impressed he was.

“So that’s how it’s done. I did the same thing yesterday, but my hands were probably jittery from the coffee I drank. Thanks for reminding me how it is done.”

Mu Sheng looked at the kid and found him hilarious. “I don’t teach people for free.”


“You have to pay me for teaching you.” Mu Sheng wanted to go out but she had no money in her bank account.

“Why are you so petty?” muttered Li An as he rummaged through his backpack. “Doesn’t my brother give you an allowance?”

“Nope.” The original owner of the body was abandoned by the Mu family and tossed to Li Hanchen as an insult by the Li family. Why would Li Hanchen give her money?

“That bad?” Li An was already biased towards Mu Sheng after seeing her mastery of the video game. His older brother was too much.

Li An split his $3,000 into two and gave Mu Sheng $2,000 while he left himself $1,000.

Mu Sheng headed out the door after Li An gave her the money. However, Li An called for her when she got to the door.

Li An split his $1,000 into half once more and generously gave Mu Sheng $500 more. “I have heaps of money. Since you don’t have a dime on you, I will give you $500 more.”

Mu Sheng did not refuse his offer. She took the money and headed out.

After Mu Sheng disappeared out the door, Li An’s face crumpled.

“Sigh! There goes my pair of sports shoes!” Li An felt heartbroken and wanted to cry badly.

The door suddenly opened. Mu Sheng had come back just in time to see Li An’s distorted face.

Li An promptly acted normal. “Are you going to take my remaining $500 as well?”

Mu Sheng glanced at him. “I’m going out. Want to come along?”

Qin Lei was buying her dinner at a hotel tonight. Since the kid was kind enough to give her $2,500, she wanted to bring him along to have a good meal.

“Where are you going? Who do you think I am? Do you think I’m the sort who takes orders?” Li An stubbornly refused to go.

Humph. She took his money and kept ordering him around. No way he was going with her.

Mu Sheng said nothing and turned to head downstairs.

A second later, the pitter-patter of footsteps could be heard behind. “Hey! Wait up!”

Auntie Li was preparing dinner when she raised her head and saw the notorious brat, Li An, following behind Mu Sheng surprisingly.

“Young Madam, are you two going out?”

“Uh huh. You just have to make your own dinner.” Mu Sheng left the house with Li An trailing behind her.

Shortly after they left, a black car pulled up into the yard. A man dressed in a black suit stepped out of the car. It was none other than the Li family’s eldest son and Mu Sheng’s so-called lawful husband, Li Hanchen.

Auntie Li bowed reverently and welcomed him. “Young Master.”

“Uh huh.” Li Hanchen walked into the house. “Where is Li An?”

“Young Master An headed out to dinner with Young Madam.”

Li Hanchen’s eyes lit up slightly when he heard what Auntie Li said. Were Li An and Mu Sheng out for dinner?

He did not probe further. Instead, he waved his hand and dismissed Auntie Li.

Li Hanchen loosened his tie and was about to head back to his bedroom when his phone beeped.

He held up the phone to see that the monthly allowance from the Li family was here.


It came with a message. “If you dare to utter a word, your allowance will get cut in half next month.”

Li Hanchen deleted the message. He tapped on the phone and dialed a number.

“Mr. Li.” The voice sounded respectful.

“Uh huh.” Li Hanchen turned on the computer before him. “Is it ready?”

The man went quiet before he said, “Yes, Mr. Fu. The lawyer has drafted your will. Young Master An’s trust fund will be activated in a year.”

“Our plans for the Li family will start in three months. Since it is Old Master Li’s 70th birthday, we have to give him a huge gift.”

“Yes, Mr. Fu.” The man obeyed Li Hanchen unquestioningly.

After hanging up the phone call, Li Hanchen reached out for a medicine bottle beside him. He poured out a few tablets and took them before he threw himself into work.

Neon lights had lit up in the bustling city. A cab headed towards the suburbs in the darkness.

Mu Sheng reached out to pat Li An’s cap. “What are you looking at?”

“That was amazing!” Li An’s big round eyes opened wide. He loved skiing too, so he knew Qin Lei was a local skiing legend.

What did he end up seeing tonight over dinner? Qin Lei kept hovering around Mu Sheng and beamed brightly as he invited Mu Sheng to go for national team tryouts!

Mu Sheng smiled. “Do you like skiing?”

Li An nodded hard. “Uh huh!”

“If you sleep by 11:00 pm every night and stay quiet, I will teach you how to ski.” Mu Sheng could not stand hearing noise while she was sleeping.

“Okay,” Li An agreed right away as he looked at Mu Sheng with his eyes gleaming brightly.

Li An suddenly shouted when the cab went by a pharmacy, “Hang on. I need to buy something.”

Li An walked out with two boxes two minutes later. He handed one to Mu Sheng while he hung on to the other. “This is for treating me to dinner. I don’t like taking advantage of others.”

Mu Sheng lowered her head and saw that it was a heat pack to be used under the blankets when she slept at night. “Are you afraid of the cold?”

Li An pursed his lips. “How can I be afraid of the cold at my age? It’s for my brother, so I got you one too.”

Even though they lived in a villa, the Li family might have deliberately not provided any floor heating, so it was as cold as hell in the winter.

Mu Sheng checked the price tag. It was $250 each, so they cost $500 in total. That was all the money Li An had left.

Mu Sheng raised her head to glance at Li An as he stood there expressionlessly. Even though the kid was arrogant and disagreeable, he was kind inside.

The villa was completely quiet when they got home with no one in sight.

Although Li An was good to Li Hanchen, he could not bring himself to give the heat pack to Li Hanchen, so he tossed the heat pack in a prominent spot in the living room. Auntie Li would prepare it for Li Hanchen’s use when she saw it.

Mu Sheng went back to her room and took a nice hot bath.

In her past life, she was accomplished. However, it was a lot of hard work to gain that glory.

In this lifetime, she did not have to study hard or suffer immense pressure.

For the first time in her life, Mu Sheng felt it was not half bad to live here as she soaked in the sweetly scented bath.

After she finished bathing and drying her hair, she checked the time to see that it was already 11:30 pm. Sure enough, not a sound could be heard from Li An’s room next door.

Mu Sheng felt a little thirsty, so she put on her robe and headed downstairs.

Since Mu Sheng was already familiar with the villa, she did not bother to search for the light switches. Instead, she walked to the fridge in the moonlight.

However, Mu Sheng suddenly tripped as she walked. She adjusted her center of gravity and fell towards where she recalled the couch was to minimize the impact of the fall.

She surprisingly did not land on the couch. Instead, she fell on someone.

To be precise, it was a man.