Chapter 40

Chapter 40 of 50 chapters

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Since the person who posted on the forum was from the Physics department, he thoughtfully posted a section of a thesis.

[…the gauge invariance (Laplace transformation method or equations of motion)…]


[Help! I’m allergic to Physics. Someone bring me my ventilator this instant!]

[We only want to know why Mu Sheng is sitting in for a physics lecture and not interested in this shit. God! Physics is the bane of my life. Just looking at this makes me cringe.]

[Isn’t the campus heartthrob in the Physics department? Could Mu Sheng be there to see him? There’s no way she can possibly understand what’s going on in that class.]

The students entered the classroom when the bell rang and were dumbstruck.

Since this lecture was about advanced Physics, most people would not choose to sit in for the class. What was going on today? Why was the class so packed that even the corridor was filled with students and there was not a single seat left?

The lecturer’s footsteps were within earshot. If they did not get in this instant, he would end up scolding them. They straightened their backs and inhaled as they did their utmost to find seats and successfully made space for themselves.

Professor Li was startled by the swarm of people in class when he entered the room. Had the quality of the students of Metropolis University risen so high that so many students from other faculties would swing by to sit in for such advanced topics?

However, the moment Professor Li saw Mu Sheng sitting in the front row, he instantly realized what was going on. He was young once, so he knew it was normal for young men to feel restless over a pretty girl.

Since Professor Li was a genial man, he did not take it to heart. “Okay. Let’s get started with class.”

“Wow. Mu Sheng sure is pretty,” commented a student secretly from behind.

“Pfft? Pretty? She probably came to see Xiao Ziyu. I can barely understand this topic. Do you think Mu Sheng is capable of grasping it?” A look of contempt rose on Zhao Hui’s face. She was one of the rare beauties in the Physics department. “Plenty of people sit in for the sake of Xiao Ziyu.”

Mu Sheng suddenly spoke to Xiao Ziyu as he sat beside her in the front row.

Everyone who was furtively observing Mu Sheng instantly gleaned the truth. Sigh. Sure enough, she came to see Xiao Ziyu. Who on earth was she? Where did she think Metropolis University was?

Xiao Ziyu also thought Mu Sheng was trying to get close to him. Since he was the campus heartthrob, countless girls pretended to bump into him or waited for him to finish classes.

He detested the idea of sitting next to Mu Sheng, but he had no choice.

After all, he was not some unworldly-wise boy. He was the eldest son of the Xiao clan, so he had seen countless girls from elite families. Despite Mu Sheng’s beauty, she was too naïve to think that was enough to gain his attention.

Even though Xiao Ziyu did not like Mu Sheng, he was well brought up, so he shared his things with her when Mu Sheng turned to ask for a piece of paper and pen.

Professor Li’s class was very advanced and consisted of all kinds of theories, calculations, and models, so only a handful of people genuinely grasped what he was teaching.

Also, the moment anyone got distracted during the class, they were unlikely to understand the rest of the lesson.

Xiao Ziyu ignored Mu Sheng and focused on Professor Li’s lecture as he made notes every now and then.

Mu Sheng unexpectedly seemed to be paying attention and even lowered her head to write some things on her paper from time to time.

Xiao Ziyu peered at Mu Sheng’s paper curiously. Even though an entire hour had passed, Mu Sheng had only written four to five numbers.

A look of disdain swept across Xiao Ziyu’s eyes. Mu Sheng ought to act the part. In the past, girls who sat in for his lectures would at least write more notes and were not as patronizing as Mu Sheng.

He could not be bothered wasting his time on her. Instead, he veered his eyes from Mu Sheng’s notes and concentrated on class.

“Okay. Class dismissed.” Professor Li finally announced that class had ended. He looked up to see that 98% of the students in the room had turned pale.

Professor Li chuckled. He did not blame them for this reaction since it was a challenging subject, but he was startled to see how unfazed Mu Sheng looked. The young woman was studying his solution on the blackboard and looked serious.

Professor Li did not harbor any hope that any of his students would be capable of solving the last question. After all, he knew the students’ abilities best. Professor Li could not help wanting to ask if Mu Sheng managed to grasp the subject when he saw how serious she looked.

Before Professor Li walked off the podium, Zhao Hui came walking over. “Prof Li, I didn’t really understand the last two questions. Mine going through them with me again?”

Since there were barely any girls in the Physics department and Zhao Hui had good grades, Professor Li had high hopes for her. “Sure. Come over to my office. I will explain it in detail.”

“Okay!” Zhao Hui nodded. She arrogantly glanced in Mu Sheng’s direction as she followed behind Professor Li.

Sadly, Mu Sheng did not cast an eye on her.

Zhao Hui was filled with contempt when she saw Mu Sheng looking at the solutions on the blackboard pretentiously.

Xiao Ziyu had already packed up his things, but Mu Sheng had yet to get up. A look of annoyance swept across his eyes. “Excuse me, I want to leave.”

Mu Sheng finally finished studying Professor Li’s solution. She veered her eyes and capped the pen before returning it to Xiao Ziyu. “Thanks.”

Mu Sheng picked up her bag and left without turning back. It seemed as though she did not take any notice of Xiao Ziyu at all.

Xiao Ziyu glanced at the pen on the table and went speechless. Had girls come up with new tactics? Was she trying to play hard to get?

Xiao Ziyu slung his backpack over his shoulder, but he suddenly halted before he started walking.

There were five numbers on the piece of paper he gave Mu Sheng earlier. They happened to be the answers to the questions that Professor Li gave them during class.

Xiao Ziyu had managed to come up with the solutions, and Professor Li checked to see that he was the only one who could do it.

Where did Mu Sheng get that answer from? Xiao Ziyu frowned. Had Mu Sheng seen his answer earlier?

“Ziyu, why the daze? Hurry up. The next class is about to begin. Let’s go.” Someone chased Xiao Ziyu, so he left the room with his friend without thinking about how Mu Sheng came up with the answer.